Husband does love letters on the website. What to do?

“ help! I recently learned that my husband does love correspondence with a woman whom he met on some website. And I don’t know how I react to this?

To open and put it before the fact that he stopped writing? She lives far away, in another city, but I did not notice that the husband somewhere long left. On the other hand, is distance a hindrance? And who knows, maybe this is not an isolated case?” Alla.

In fact, the correspondence in the Internet – not the same as real meeting.

Although I admit, and it can cause even the care of her husband’s family. Something like spark, which can ignite the flame. Another issue is that this should not prevent the wife, because until the case has gone on the Network, the game is “on its field.”

The advantage of the wife

Many people long to correspond, to believe that he met almost the love of my life, but a real meeting quickly disappointed. Do not argue, it does not always happen, but often enough.


Will not say exactly, but I believe that the words on the screen faceless, and reading them adds something of themselves, from their own desires and needs.

In addition, the writing rarely conveys in the lines themselves to be true. Rather, it is some latent desire for the ideal, which is not and never will be in reality.

Therefore, women who find themselves in a similar situation, as Alla better in a panic not to fall in. Maybe some pampering husband. Due to a lack of sharpness in the relationship with his wife. Just desire to relax, to breath of” fresh romance.

What is your husband?

Any woman knows her husband surely better than the one who maintains a correspondence with him. So, you need to analyze your man and the current situation. Because a lot depends on what kind of person he is.

He is bold and always ready for change in your life? Or he is quite lazy, that’s just to change it up? Maybe he is very serious and just would not spend time on some letters?

In any case, some measures should be taken, but it is also necessary to keep in mind that even if the man’s wife, not the fact that he had a relationship with passion by correspondence.

Your tactics

The reason for the correspondence in the Internet, surely that man is something missing in the relationship with his wife. I do not take individual cases as an exception. And because in any case we do not need any ultimatums, don’t need a man to push.

Suddenly he closes, but will continue to do what he was accused? Or is he going to come to other level, not virtual?

At first it is better to operate covertly. To use its advantage over the ‘ net-lady. Only, for God’s sake, fluidity! A sharp change in the counter!

That is, if a woman met a husband shot a mule ? , no need to rush to his knees and remove your shoes. For starters, hit him over the head with a soft pillow ? next time do without the blow ? and so on.

We must return to the manthat probably was previously in a relationship with his wife, and what he now seeks, consciously or unconsciously, in correspondence with another woman. This one may be enough. As it will make a woman depends on what kind of person her husband is and how she thinks she’s ready for him to do.

Of course, it is possible openness. If the husband is a very thoughtful, serious, not committing just a single movement, you might want to talk to him, to confess in love and without pressure to ask him to stop the correspondence.

The author – Igor Kolosov, site

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