Husband drinks beer every day: what to do

“My husband every night drinking beer 1-2 bottles. Sometimes can drink 100 grams of vodka. Says that’s how he relaxes after work. I worry, suddenly is already alcohol dependence, and next will be worse? How to react?” Xenia.

Ksenia, female site will tell you today, what do you do if the husband drinks beer every day!

How strange it may sound, but millions of men in the evenings after work, relax with a bottle of beer! It is normal for them, and there is nothing wrong, if you drink something stronger every 1-2 weeks!

Xenia, if you live with your husband the first year, analyze the amount of alcohol consumed daily. If the dose of alcohol is not increased, and the husband is behaving appropriately, not aggressive, and not trying to get drunk with your husband is all right.

The consequence of the love of beer – beer drinking

Xenia, I want you to warn: the consumption of beer often and in large quantities is developing a beer alcoholism. From daily beer consumption increases blood pressure, kills brain cells, which further leads to dementia.

After a few years this habit of her husband to drink a bottle of beer in the evenings will affect health. The consumption of beer in large quantities affects the potency, reduced immunity, there is a so-called “beer belly” ?

Beer alcoholism – it’s the same usual alcoholism, the alcoholic is only developing the disease longer, and long remained unnoticed. And when the disease is already formed, the alcohol not allowing yourself to give up alcohol. But most importantly, the patient himself denies his addiction and believes that he is able to quit drinking as soon as it wants to.

Because you are not the first day together, compare what he was like before and how it has changed now? Whether changing his behaviour before and after drinking? And how he reacts to your talk about his daily beer consumption?

Before you change the husband, change itself

If the husband drinks beer every day, and you’re wary, before you do anything, set a goal. Instead of “I don’t want my husband drank beer every day” should be “I want my husband in the evenings….” — need a substitute for myself. You need a certain result, not all the time to get rid of something? ?

If the husband is so relaxed, so that he can enjoy without beer. It can be a walk in the evening, a massage, bath, delicious dinner, cozy family atmosphere, pleasant conversation. Change your attitude to her husband, possibly for the last time, it was not enough comfort in the family.

Ksenia, at first glance, this repetition of the already heard somewhere advice, but do you? Does your husband like a Man, the head of the family? If he sees you as a Woman? Tender and sometimes weak? Feels that he is needed and loved?

Is to draw conclusions, if the husband did not drink, but now he was drinking beer every day…

What to do?

To determine how far the dependence on beer, try to argue, can husband without beer at least a month, and how will it feel? If a month without beer it would be hard given that there is reason to think…

Tell her husband about the consequences of beer alcoholism. Tell me what upsets you his daily beer consumption. And look at his reaction. A pleasure to him to realize himself an alcoholic? Even a beer.

If he likes beer, offer him the same amount every day to buy for you, like cakes (you might be, the sweet love ? ), or may give the money in cash. By the end of the month will accumulate a decent amount of pleasure you can spend on yourself, at the same time showing my husband how much he spends on beer.

In General, Xenia, solve the problem peacefully. If daily consumption of husband beer while not particularly annoying, if he controls himself, leave him alone. The main thing that the husband was aware of the effects of beer dependence. Your job, as a wife is to warn.

However, if there is a clear beer drinking, if the husband gets drunk and becomes aggressive, and so from day to day, you need to see a specialist.

Good luck!

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