Husband flirting on the Internet: how to recognize virtual adultery

Women’s website “” has already talked about a situation where the husband is friends with a woman. And our reader Shenoe asks: “What if my husband got a penfriend? Faced with this?”.

Dear Shenoe! I, the author of this article, faced with this person, so will gladly answer Your question and will try to tell you how to distinguish communication from a situation where the husband is flirting on the Internet!

Why would a married man to text a woman?

My own husband for a very long time (even longer than familiar to me) communicates with a web connection with a girlthat had never seen in reality. Seeing her online, he shouts, “Hurrah, finally Natasha Skype out!”, and the next hour is dedicated to active correspondence. At the end of the session,” the husband usually sends me greetings from my virtual friend and tells the latest news of her life. In the three years that we are married, she also married, gave birth to the child, and the communion became rare, but still friendship is not interrupted…

Why am I telling you all this? I hope the reader believe that your humble servant is not a wife agonoize! ?

So, cases of “honest” virtual friendship between a man a woman come!

Of course, I asked the wife, than it attracts is communication. Can’t be replaced a distant Internet friend, someone close and real one (me, for example)? What the big secret that is the essence of their conversations? My husband smiled slyly: “you, for example! Who, if not woman, tell me about your female problems? And I don’t have to tell – you to me this Arsenal of tricks used!”

How to calm down and stop jealous?

For example, you know that my husband has an Internet girlfriend. How to understand that husband never flirts on the Internet, and just talking about all sorts of different without breaking the adultery either physically or mentally?

Ask your husband to introduce you to this woman.

Well, at least sit there when it is rewritten, and ask to say Hello to a friend from his wife (she’s aware that he’s married, right?). Ask my husband about it – not in a disturbing and zealous tone (“why is she texting you, she’s got her man?”), but calmly and without hysteria. The more and more likely the husband talks about his friend, the more reason for calm.

What is more dangerous: correspondence with a friend, in reality a woman or “Internet stranger”?

If he knows her in real life, there is a risk that virtual soulful conversations will be added to real, and from intimacy one step before treason…

On the other hand, facing the distant beautiful stranger and very exciting to portray a macho – she does not know about the impending beer gut and bald spot peeking! You can put a picture of johnny Depp on the avatar and the status of “not married” — the game is harmless, real encounters will not, what is treason?

In fact, talking about more or less real risk is useless.

If a man is determined to remain faithful, he will save, and the Internet – only technical tool!

How to recognize a “virtual cheating”?

If there is something fishy, my husband won’t tell you anything at all. One terrible day the wife will see an open chat window, and a catastrophe.

If you’ve already got all nervous thoughts on “not flirting my husband in the Internet?” then take and read the correspondence.

The Council may not be the most legitimate. But men also cunning and intelligent creatures, and good questions can give nothing!

And so one of two things: or you will calm down and stop being jealous Internet girlfriend, or know the whole unpleasant truth immediately. In any case better than going cheated!

Virtual friendship as alarm

And maybe this: you adopt the above advice, read the private correspondence of her husband and realize that infidelity itself is not, husband is not flirting on the Internet.

But with her, he is so sincere and honest, they discuss such diverse and complex topics – and when it’s the last time I talked to you?! Why he confessed to a strange woman, not his wife?

And it may be alarm. The couple do not notice, but the usual life displaces conversations about lofty matters… Lunch, dinner, sex before bedtime, wallpapering in a weekend… And with an Internet friend, you can forget about the soup and the Wallpaper, and to discuss a recently read book or prospects of nanotechnology development…

Such a vent from everyday life!

If all is well, no need to panic and yell at her husband: “Why are you with her ranting about nanotechnology, and only sleep with me Yes eating?!”.

Try to go for sincerity first. Tell me what you read, what excites you, what thoughts you attend… Maybe my husband will be amazed that this communication between you at all possible, and gradually the role of a virtual girlfriend in his life will come to naught!

In any case, the problem should be sought first of all in yourself. The husband is not obliged to be faithful to you – make him want to be faithful!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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