Husband is an introvert: good or bad for marriage?

If your husband is an introvert, women’s website “” will help to establish a harmonious relationship. To live with such a person is difficult, because all the time it seems that mentally he is elsewhere, but not with you.

He remained silent during a serious conversation, sparingly expresses his feelings, and instead of meeting with friends will prefer to spend the evening at home. How to work with such a closed person, how to reach him and not to harm marriage?

Experts estimate that the number of people with this type of mentality in the society reaches 25-30%, and their number has increased in recent years. This is attributed to the increase in the level of the so-called information noise, which is all the more eager to escape.

We are attacking the social network, an increasing number of social movements and professions related to active communication with other people.

In psychology there is a theory that people become alienated under the influence of external conditions, such as upbringing, social circle, sphere of activity. If the family, where was your husband – the future introvert, was not made to Express their feelings, and in adult life he will experience problems with the demonstration of emotions.

Isolation is not the only characteristic of such people. But it’s not a whim, not snobbery or misanthropy. Introverts don’t need to splash of emotions, but loneliness is their vital need. Just being alone with themselves, they can rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.

The dignity of the husband-the introvert

  • always listen carefully;
  • his decisions are usually correct and sensible advice, since the problem is carefully considered;
  • he’s a good family man, trusted friend;
  • not empty promises, words reinforces the case;
  • introverts firmly attached to decent people;
  • your favorite hardly “go out”, disappear for a few days or get involved in dubious adventure;
  • your “buck” is likely difficult to trigger on an open scandal;
  • his feelings are strong enough, even though he doesn’t show.

It turns out that interacting with my husband-the introvert is difficult only to a pure extrovert. And these people, according to experts, not so much as their complete opposites.

So will tell you what not to do in a relationship to not hurt your “alone”:

  • Do not constantly call him and pester empty talk about nothing, boredom. Talking on the phone cause introverts in real pain, so their calls are usually short and to the point.
  • Gossip and light-hearted chatter, stories about work colleagues and retelling of the story of the film – all this introvert will be extremely annoyed, but deep down inside, and mind, of course, will not give ?
  • No offense to the silence of her husband – closed introvert. It is only “energy saving mode”, in which these people would like to live most of the time.
  • Don’t bother him with questions if he’s upset, but better to give time to calmly stay in his shell and digest the information.
  • Don’t try to change the situation, do not force him partying in crowded places, don’t count on a spontaneous trip to the cinema. If such an event would be a burden to him, he will try to escape as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t ask a lot of questions about the past, especially about his personal life. Introverts are experiencing a much sharper memories, and it can permanently unsettle him.
  • Do not demand from him a Declaration of love and tender words, do not call “callous bully” and not blackmail parting.
  • How to please her husband, a convinced introvert?

    Always listen carefully, because he rarely says that does not matter to him of great importance. People with this warehouse of mentality often remember exactly when and what they said is their trump card in disputes and quarrels.

    Introvert does not consider it necessary to prove their point of view, innocence or innocence. Therefore, he will not tolerate total control, reading of SMS and questions “who was that?”.

    He also does not recognize template type “a woman likes ears” or “you need to be friendly with people.”

    An introvert will prefer a practical gift, although, in General, refers to the gift of indifference.

    Your favorite hard to converge with new people, but in the company of close friends actively and openly? Find an interesting husband-the introvert, the subject, and you yourself will be surprised how difficult it will be to stop his verbal flow. And most important of all, respect his personal space, let him stay in silence and loneliness, especially after a gathering with friends or day at the office.

    Introversive the man not pulled out of the comfort zone, interesting, deep, loyal and even sociable, in General, has much more pros than cons. Many women believe that husband-the introvert – the perfect couple, of course, if you show him a little attention.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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