Husband is selfish: is it possible to re?

Women’s website “” offers to talk about this issue, as the husband is selfish, who always puts personal interests above the needs of other people, including family.

Such a man allow himself to read the paper while you cook dinner and simultaneously doing homework with a child, forget that on Friday you were planning a meeting with friends, and get the car, and he will eat the last orange, not suggesting anyone.

Whether selfishness rehabilitation, whether you need it to do, and in what ways?

Set a goal

Psychology says that selfishness is grafted to man from childhood, as a rule, in families where one of the long-awaited, beloved and patronized the child. To re-educate the adult person is almost impossible, but you can create such conditions under which he will be forced to change.

The important thing is to understand why you need it.

Assume that before the wedding you failed to see that your future husband is lazy and selfish, but you still love and want to keep the family together. But many women strive to re-educate the spouses, only to do whatever they want.

In this case it is necessary to understand more thoroughly who is really selfish ?

Failed tactics

If you ask friends what to do if the husband is selfish, then surely they will recommend you to”mirror” the behavior of the husband, to act in similar situations as he. At first glance, this is true and should work, to show his wife that he acts selfish, but warns you against such actions.

In the end, you risk to have more quarrels and selfish one in the family anymore.

Incorrect tactics should include “detailed conversation”.

Imagine: “Honey, I really want to talk to you. You’re selfish”. Hardly a constructive conversation will move beyond this phrase. Similarly, it is not necessary to set an ultimatum and threatened divorce, although it is believed that selfish very scared of being alone.

But in this case, it may be better to leave? Why, then, we’re all ringing that bell?

Husband is selfish: how to deal with it?

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time is generated in the man “adulthood” and the habit of self-reliance.

Away will hyperopic and the control in everything!

If you look at couples, where the spouse makes selfish decisions, you will notice thing in common: custody and control of the women. Most often this causes problems.

For example, while in the family no children, the wife thus implements its maternal instinct, and the man gladly returned to the time when it was cared for mom.

So as to re-husband, the selfish will not work quickly, gradually preporuka man the things he can do himself – finding the second sock, making coffee, washing his underwear.

Stop being responsible for what did he work before going out, or woke up in time to not be late for work. In addition, he poruci the decisions you previously took for the two of you, for example, organising joint leisure or choosing a summer camp for a child.

Remember that all this must be done gently, without violence and recriminations.

“I love people”

Selfish extremely focused on the answer to the question, what if my husband is selfish, is this: to convey that there are other people.

Try to motivate him for the selfless help. Bring along unwanted clothes to Red cross, help the lonely grandmother with the housework, take time off for volunteer work.

The main condition is that such action must be regular. Often pay attention to her husband for their sacrifice, or selfless acts of friends or other people.

Self-love to help

Ego grows directly in proportion to the praise and rave reviews of others, without this selfish is extremely difficult to do. From this point start to praise her husband only for the really important achievements and doing the right thing.

Sometimes you can use this feature in order to succeed. “Honey, imagine how will be the envy of your friends when they find out that we went to Paris.”

Is it possible to fix husband, selfish?

It is possible if to change itself! Any marriage counselor will tell you that positive change in the relationship enough to change only one person. The second will change automatically.

Learn to defend their interests, do what you want, constantly work on self-esteem. A healthy selfishness on your part will not prevent but only will help align your interests within the same family.

So, the husband is selfish – it is not a sentence to your marriage. The main thing – that in all your actions you were guided by love, respect and a desire to improve relations. With this intention, you definitely will succeed!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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