Husband is shy to show feelings

“Good day, female site Why men are shy to show their feelings? For example, I know that my husband loves me very much, but he so rarely says it! Is this normal? And is it possible with this to do something?” Anna.

Anna, it’s good that You don’t bother, depends or no love from displays of affection. A man may speak all the time about love to You, but in reality this love will not. So better reverse option: likes, but rarely talks about it. Why is it so? That’s my opinion.

Tab from childhood

Actually not all men are restrained in expression of feelings. I think this is one of the common misconceptionsthat in our lives, unfortunately, in abundance. Enough among men, and those who are not holding back emotionally.

But admit it: most men behave around Your husband. On the one hand there is something criminal ? or unnatural. I would venture to say that it’s even normal.

But the origins of this, most likely, in childhood. How parents react, if a boy cries? Often say that it is necessary to stop, to endure, because you’re a boy.

The girl the other girls will never tease that she is, saying how the boy is not crying. But the boy, his peers, seeing the tears, ridicule, teasing the girl.

In the future this stereotype follows them throughout their lives. That they represent the bulk of collisions with this life, and there may be some tears, and with them and other “extra” emotions ?

And agree, so the best man will be “weak” on the manifestation of feelings, rather than emotions will go off-scale. I think most women would prefer the first option. As they say, is the lesser of two evils.

Be indulgent

Anna may, You are very necessary for the recognition of her husband’s feelings. This is quite understandable. But you have to be indulgent to such “minus” husband. Just remember – he loves You, and it’s already so much!

However, this does not mean that You do not need to do to achieve their needs. But of course You need to be precise, even cautious and certainly not straightforward.

Perhaps, it is necessary to choose a suitable moment when You will have a wonderful mood, serenity or a moment of Supreme consent ? And casually tell him You like it when he says he loves You.

If he does not respond, even to ask, but the voice was not the requirements, but only tenderness and devotion. To ask he frequently confessed to You in love. But it should not look like a very important request. Rather as a slight, but pleasant trifles.

So – ask. Why be ashamed? He’s Your husband he loves You, and You he did not ask for my Kingdom ? Any negative consequences will be. Can only be a positive ?

And that turned out the last option, I Get this:

The more you love someone, the less sense their separation from him: it seems that it is the same as you, and You – what it is!

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