Hypoallergenic diet for kids: how to make correctly

The website “ToKnow365.top” knows what the problem could be food allergies — especially if we are talking about the baby. Unfortunately, the last time a similar phenomenon is not uncommon, and therefore the only way in most cases is a hypoallergenic diet for children.

As a rule, it involves the preparation of a special menu, from which are excluded all products can cause allergies.

Hypoallergenic diet for children: unwanted products

If the baby is suffering from atopic dermatitis, then change it daily food doctors recommend in three stages:

  • First and foremost, we should get rid of foods harmful and dangerous. These include chewing gum, carbonated water, chips, pastry, sausages, frankfurters, smoked meat products and most unnatural purchase yogurt. These products contain preservatives, flavorings and other chemical additives can cause the signs of dermatitis even in an adult, not to mention the child’s body.
  • If excluding all the above products, you the visible result is not reached, it’s time to proceed to the second stage. This time the group of unwanted includes those products, which in themselves are quite strong allergens and the rejection of which lack in nutrients the child will not cause. These foods include mushrooms, nuts, seafood, citrus, honey, eggs and various exotic fruits.
  • At the third stage hypoallergenic diet for children with atopic dermatitis involves the exclusion of foods such as buckwheat, rice, cow milk, chicken meat, beets, bananas, corn. You should also at this stage to forget about sugar. Though in itself it is allergies and not the cause, but can trigger it more active development.
  • If, after the exclusion of certain foods in the child’s condition began to show improvement, it is too early to relax. First you need to find out what product has caused an allergic reaction. To do this, again to start to enter products of the latter two groups in the diet, but only slowly — one every three days. This time is sufficient to follow the reaction of the organism on one or another food.

    The basic rules of hypoallergenic diet

    When planning a diet pay attention not only to what products are allowed or prohibited for use, but also what kind of processing they undergo. For example, the site sympaty.net advises to heed the following advice:

    • Possible subject all products to a heat treatment. Of course, we are not talking about frying. Meals Allergy-free diet for children should only be boiled, stewed or steamed.
    • If you cook meat, first the broth must be drained. It is especially important to adhere to this rule, if you are interested in hypoallergenic diet for children.
    • Before cooking any large pre-soak them in water. The soaking time shall be not less than two hours.

    To avoid mistakes in preparation of relevant products, it is better to see the common recipes with hypoallergenic diet for children.

    Menu with hypoallergenic diet

    If you make a hypoallergenic diet for kids menu, you should consider so that the child eventually was able to get from food everything necessary for its proper growth and development nutrients. In other words, if you exclude one product, then it must be replaced by another similar in nutritional value.

    It is extremely important to the diet of the baby equally present in whole grains, vegetables, lean meat, river fish, dairy products.

    For the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, it is important times a day to give him some kind of entree. In the intervals between meals are allowed snacks of fruits or yogurt.

    If you deal with allergies is still not possible, the drafting menu should already trust the doctor.

    Thus, although atopic dermatitis in children and is a rather unpleasant problem to deal with him is still possible. It is sufficient only to correctly approach the preparation of the menu of the child — and the trouble will be to deal once and for all.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

    Hypoallergenic diet for kids: how to make correctly

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