I started to lose weight!

We already wrote that in the “Piter” publishing house published the book “the Secret Inna Volovicheva. How I lost 40 pounds.”

The publishing house “Peter” courtesy of “Beautiful and Successful” a couple of interesting excerpts from this book. Today Sympaty.net publishes for you the second excerpt from the book — Chapter “I began to lose weight!”

Chapter 11. I started to lose weight!

City resident I did not stay long. Cowardly Wenceslas in a couple of weeks evicted his “mommy” to the clearing. But all this is mere trifles compared to the main event of the last ten days: I began to lose weight…

16 Feb 2010 Diet

My friends, I seriously sat on a diet. Now I can accurately say, as already there are results. Finally I gathered the strength of will in a fist and began to change the “main man of my life” — the refrigerator. Or rather, I left him… And the results were not long in coming. For the first 10 days I lost 4 lbs. Now every morning for Breakfast I eat oatmeal, cooked in water, without salt, sugar and butter. Porridge you can eat fruits (apples, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, but in any case, do not eat bananas and grapes, as they contain too many carbohydrates). During the day eat vegetables, fish, meat (beef, veal, chicken), seafood (all of this should be boiled). Anything sweet, fried, salty. Bread instead of white — black. After 6 PM don’t eat at all. Night, only eat grapefruits, as they promote fat burning. Recently addicted to fresh grapefruit. For burning fat are also useful, and pineapples, but they are best eaten the day because they contain a lot of sugar. To diet hard. Last night for example, I’ve had huge chunks of flavorful fatty pork with fries on the side. But such food is banned. Suffer.

February 17, 2010 Moving

Cowardly son Venasca “Calvary” cast me out from a city apartment. You see, he was afraid that Joan will change him Nectarios Lieberman, get pregnant and come back to it already with the stomach. To avoid such a situation Wentz persuaded to expel leading to the clearing of Lieberman, and along with me not to interfere. Of course, I was delighted to return to the village collective, but was offended by Wegrzanowski for not warned in advance. And now I’m again at an accelerated pace had to pack. I can’t get over that we have in the “House-2” all life on suitcases.

February 20, 2010 Running

To lose weight thanks to diet — not too effectively. Necessarily need weight training. In the meadow it’s much easier — more room and a gym available. And then Sergei Pynzar finally got wise: I eat less and exercise. On this basis I became friends with the couple Pintara. Anyway, now I secretly from the leading together with Sergei and doskoi Black deserters at night outside the perimeter. We remove the microphones are selected through a gap in the fence and run a few laps around the perimeter. And then at night the three of us squeezing grapefruits and drink fresh.

February 22, 2010 Amazon

I decided that I started to lose weight Inna Volovicheva urgently need a new image. Something like Amazon or Xena, the warrior Princess. I wanted to have long hair, and my friend, the stylist, Irena helped to find the most effective way — she wove my hair afrokosy. The work is painstaking, the process lasted 12 hours, but it was worth it — turned out very nicely. When I appeared at the perimeter with their scythes, I immediately discovered a fan — Basil Smith. In short, my new way worked on “hurrah”.

An excerpt from the book “the Secret Inna Volovicheva. How I lost 40 pounds” ia Volovicheva was officially provided by “Piter”publishing house website www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful

All rights to the book belong to the publishing house “Peter”

The book can be purchased at the publishers website.

I started to lose weight!

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