“I want to become a volunteer: where to go?”

Volunteers are people who assist on a voluntary and gratuitous basis. If you share this mission and you told yourself “I want to volunteer”, the women’s website sympaty.net will tell you how to do it.

Abroad volunteer movement is very popular, and in volunteer organizations come everyone from schoolchildren to businessmen, from students to people in senior positions. As for our country, volunteering is just starting to gain momentum, but today we can join the ranks of volunteers and starting to do good.

About options practice volunteer abroad our website wrote in this article. And today we’ll talk where and how you can realize your desire, if you want to become a volunteer in Russia.

“Why do I want to become a volunteer?”

To the idea of volunteering sooner or later come to people who feel the need to help another.

You help your mom, sister, friend, the rest of the people close to you and now you would like to volunteer to provide assistance to those who are not lucky in life who is in a difficult situation – seriously ill people, the disabled, the homeless…

Before you decide to become a volunteer, make sure you understand the essence of this work. You should objectively treat all those in need. You cannot help someone and refuse to help another because he is not attracted to you or you think he’s not worthy of your attention.

Helping neighbor, you feel that your life is not that bad. To join the volunteer organization can and should not only when you are in a good mood, but when you came over a heap of problems.

Doing good, you will feel like improving your health, self-esteem rises, and life is filled with new colors.

Caring for seniors in a nursing home, you will learn to appreciate their parents. Helping children in hospices and orphanages, you will understand that your problems at work is nonsense.

How to become a volunteer NEED?

Now sympaty.net prompt, where to start for those who want to volunteer.

A list of organizations that recruit volunteers long enough. Need help orphanages, churches, animal shelters, conservation and other organizations. An extra set of hands does not hurt anywhere.

Another thing, when you already have certain skills.

For example, you have been taking care of my grandmother. You already know the nuances of this difficult class, so your work will be more useful, say, in a nursing home.

Or are you by profession a veterinarian – then it is advisable to use their knowledge in helping animals and in her spare time.

But it also happens that a person thinks about how to become a volunteer, it is in order to distinguish themselves from those events that occur in his life, then you should try yourself in something new.

Remember that free help is never refused, so you will be in any relevant organization in need of volunteers. You can do like physical labor, for example, to clear the city of garbage, and mentally, by teaching children in orphanages.

Want to become a volunteer in Russia: where to go?

If you are seriously thinking about how to be a good volunteer, you’ll appreciate the following websites.

  • vd-spb.ru is an online resource of the public organization, located in St. Petersburg. “Doctors to children” is a volunteer school that will help you to transform your kindness and ability to communicate in real help. You have to communicate with children who live on the street, with troubled families, with the children having deviations in development, and those who are born with HIV infection.
  • homeless.ru — this site will help those who are not limited only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Regional charity organization “Nochlezhka” engaged in a struggle with a reduction of homelessness and improve the quality of life of people living on the street. The homeless have social assistance, protecting their rights and drawing attention of society to this problem.
  • detskiihospis.rf/volonteram.html website children’s hospice. The number of “younger” patients is constantly increasing, therefore, for those who have wondered how to become a volunteer, there is always an assistant position in a center. Hospice training program and implemented training and training of volunteers.
  • spbredcross.org – an independent and nonprofit organization “Red Cross”. If you want to be desired and sought after volunteer, you here. A volunteer of “red cross” can be anyone. Donate, give blood or join a volunteer organization and you give hope to the people who need you.
  • club-volonterov.ru is a club of volunteers and those wishing to become volunteers, which gathered like-minded people, decided to help orphans. Yes, you can’t replace the parents, but will make their lives happier by giving attention and showing that they are not alone.

The Internet is easy to find by keywords and other ‘ organizations you are interested in the activity or located geographically close to you. Using one of the links, you will be able to find a place for the application of their physical, mental and spiritual forces.

You will have the opportunity to help those unable to help themselves. Remember that kindness is a quality that is valued more, but to manifest it easily and pleasantly.

Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

“I want to become a volunteer: where to go?”

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