“I want to, but can’t break up with a guy: what should I do?”

The website sympaty.net continues to answer questions from readers! Today we will try to give advice: what to do when this moment arrives: “I Want to break up with a guy, but… can’t break up with a guy!!!”

What prevents to leave?

  • “I live with a young man for the second year, and in all that time he worked on the strength of 3 months – and all on my neck. I am quite unable to live independently, want to quit, but are afraid of something… With it, I started to live immediately after her divorce from her first husband was not so hot…Want to leave, but I’ve been having thoughts — where the furniture is, where the animals — he will not leave, will not support… even Though they all say – run, he is taking advantage of you. He lived up to it with a girl, and it also contained. So what to do?”

In General, from the question of the main clear – you want to break up with a guy and have all the arguments in favor of the fact that this is the right decision. You don’t wear “rose-colored glasses” not protecting her “Prince” in front of friends and acquaintances, and objectively understand that three years is not the running man is a Alphonse sitting on your neck.

We already wrote about a situation where the husband does not work – maybe you’ll find there tips similar to your problem. However, guy is still not married, and you now simpler and easier to decide your future than a married woman who wanted to start the procedure of divorce and division of property!

Another observation – the issue wasn’t mentioned your feelings to this person: you don’t write that you love him, value the relationship, etc. That is most likely about love in this case we are not talking only about the well-established habit.

Children you (or your total from a previous marriage), as I understand it, there is another advantage in simplifying the separation.

So your problem of “can’t break up with a guy” is not in doubt about the appropriateness of disconnection and separation, and the anxieties of life-the building – furniture, Pets, etc. And it’s the little things, the website sympaty.net will tell you what and how to do if the main decision you yourself have taken!

How and where to go if you want to break up with a guy?

As far as I understand it, you live with him (on his turf, in his apartment), but he is not with you in your accommodation, or you have something removed. And keeps you together (and in fact – for your money) purchased the property, which is a pity to throw, but difficult to transport somewhere else.

Plus for you in this situation – you are not married, divorce does not threaten you, so you can do to turn on her heels and go flying gait!

Where to go if you want to break up with a guy? If you earned and paid for two, instead of maintenance man-gigolo surely can rent an apartment or a room for yourself (unless the option to return to their parents, for example). As for things — gruzotaksi to help, if you really value the furniture and want to keep it.

If it’s somehow impossible to take out all the big things – you do realize that it is not necessary for inanimate stuff to continue to spend your life (and money!) unloved person?..

And in that case, if the guy you lived for three years under one roof, why will discourage you to pick you bought things on your side of the law. A couple living together, the civil marriage (if it is a fact that can be confirmed by witnesses, etc.), is equal to the officially painted to spouses and common-law wife is entitled to demand in court the same as “official” — this applies to property rights.

In extreme cases – can, and to hell with it, with furniture, will start life with a clean slate – the important thing is that you’re healthy, beautiful and full of energy!!

Animals think too, not a catastrophic problem, usually you can still find loyal Pets landlords. Or at least ask someone from friends to adopt a pet even for the first time, until you find a permanent dwelling place and can’t take pet.

And even if you have to leave the animals former, then I fully admit that it’s not so bad as you think, and he is very much able to feed yourself and the animal! But, while next to him you, of all nursing and all earns, it is not profitable to show you that he’s not so helpless – because then you think, and cease to do it all myself!

There are cases when after a breakup with a woman (or in some unavoidable circumstances, when no blagodetel next not was) the man, who seemed only able to lie on the couch, tolerably well, began to lead his farm, care for Pets, and even earn!

So, no need to say “I can’t break up with a guy: if it really is your conscious decision, plus you do not financially depend on him – the opportunity to build a life without this person just weight!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

“I want to, but can’t break up with a guy: what should I do?”

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