I want to sleep on the job? Suggest how to overcome drowsiness

Irresistible if you want to sleep at work, while Hiking and even meeting with friends, the women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will help you not only to quickly Wake up, but will give a few tips on how to prevent drowsy condition in the future. When leaned drowsiness, loss of concentration, increased distraction, my eyes glaze and your head does not want to be involved in what is happening around, it is dangerous not only for careers, but even for life, when you, for example, driving.

The causes of sleepiness

If unrestrained sleepy, there are several reasons. Sympaty.net consider the most common of them, as well as ways to combat sleepiness in different occasions.

  • The lack of sleep. We all know that 8 hours of sleep is the norm for an adult. In fact, some people need more time to 9 or even 10 hours. No matter how pathetic to spend so much time to sleep, try to reschedule your sleep to fully sleep.
    It will be an absolute guarantee of lack of sleepiness during the day. This sacrifice in the name of a fulfilling life and better work than in a drowsy state.
  • The lack of vitamins. If during the day I want to sleep, this may be a direct consequence of the lack of certain vitamins in the body. In this case, the problem is solved for several weeks, during which you will spend on drink a complex of vitamins.
  •  The lack of oxygen. This factor significantly affects the condition of cheerfulness. Daily one-hour walk before going to sleep in the fresh air will make up for the lack of oxygen in the cells of the body, and will make the dream strong and meaningful. If you want instant impact, try oxygen cocktails.
  •  An overabundance of sleep. To help keep you energized for a long time, you need to learn how to Wake up early. Paradoxically, the overabundance of sleep, as well as the lack of it can lead to drowsiness during the day. This is important if you have mental work, and are already at work in the morning sleepy.
    Scientists say that the brain is most active in the first half of the day – from 6 am to 11 am. Rearrange your schedule so that the most important work to do during this period of time.
  •  An improper diet. In order to work not sleepy, not enough to Wake up fresh. Most often drowsiness treacherously attacked us in the afternoon. If after a meal you at work uncontrollably sleepy, try to revise your diet.
    For processing heavy foods (meat, carbs) the body requires much more energy than vegetables. Give up a sweet dessert for lunch, except maybe dark chocolate. After the meal, drink a strong Cup of coffee.
  • If time permits, to restore vigor after lunch a good walk in the fresh air for half an hour. As for work, do not leave at this time business requiring high concentration. After lunch, until you “come to yourself” :), it is better to deal with any “mechanical things”.

    If I want to sleep: drowsiness as an escape

    If sleep, diet and health all in order, you should look for the problem in psychological state. Experts believe that sleepiness in many common cases is a way to escape from unresolved problems. As in a dream, one forgets about what was bothering him. In this case, you need to soberly assess the situation and try to solve some very serious problems.

    A healthy body – not sleeping

    The cause of constant sleepiness may also be a reduction in the activity of the thyroid gland, which is unable to produce enough hormones for proper activity of the organism, and, therefore, fight sleepiness. But it is able to diagnose and cure only by the competent doctor.

    Among such medical causes of sleepiness – narcolepsy, sleep apnea, brain injury, side effects of other illnesses or infections.

    Manifestation of sleepiness, the body may signal the occurrence of diseases.

    Drugs you are taking, can also have the side effect of drowsiness. In this case try to replace medications counterparts.

    Quick ways to “reanimation”, if I want to sleep

    • To take a contrast shower, cold water wash or wet her hands up to the forearm
    • Change monotonous work on the active
    • The aromatherapy session. Essential oils that help to cheer up – rosemary, lavender, Jasmine, lemon, grapefruit
    • To remedy the lack of water in the body
    • Take a NAP 15 minutes

    All these tips will help you to understand why at work I want to sleep, and start the fight with constant sleepiness. Remember that the energy and other invigorating means only temporarily solve the problem.

    Enjoy the victory over uninvited Morpheus!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

    I want to sleep on the job? Suggest how to overcome drowsiness

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