If a guy wants to meet my parents and friends

To introduce your young man with parents and friends at a certain stage of the relationship you want probably the most. How can one evaluate if a man does not want to meet the parents and avoid Dating with your friends?

Original women’s website “ToKnow365.top” offers to understand this situation.

Why men don’t like to meet the parents?

Open secret: it is unlikely that there exist men who sincerely wish to appear before the bright eyes of the parents of his lady. Yes, of course, many men for that inevitable moment wear a “mask” polite joy, but…

Let’s be honest: adequate for a normal man is similar to the rendezvous – a very dubious pleasure.

There are a number of understandable reasons. This does not mean that it is not necessary to introduce the boyfriend to mom and dad – but you should at least try to feel his “skin” and to arrange the meeting with maximum tact.

Why does a man not want to meet your parents?

It’s simple: you show it to the parents and not parents – to him. He becomes the object of assessment, and parents inevitably play the role of evaluators.

Before the guy has a difficult task – to please, to earn your positive feedback about yourself (not the one that your mother will tell him in the eyes of the tea party, and one that I will share with you when the future son-in-law closes the door!).

It is not easy – looking at him as a “thief” who “steals” my mom and dad their baby! That is, any your date apply a “presumption of guilt”. To the future in-law parents are much more high maintenance than just the young men who were not interested in their daughter.

Participation in the “exhibition of one exhibit” — is a good reason why a guy doesn’t want to meet the parents!

But the problem is that… your mom and dad, in fact, he is not interested and not necessary: the man in love with you, not them! Perhaps he would not want to meet the parents at all, and not have anything to do with them – it is unlikely that young guy seems really interesting chat with random older people.

But to prove the ideality of these foreign and uninteresting to people it is necessary: because the guy realizes that they have a big impact on my daughter. That’s not going to like it mother, and she will whisper to his bride: “Daughter, this man is not for you…” — and where is the guarantee that she will not accept his mother’s words to heart?

The reverse situation is generally unrealistic – if your parents don’t like him, and he will tell you about it, it would be “minus one” for him! After all, she might think – “yeah, he didn’t want to meet my parents, and still disliked my family — how can I plan for the future with such a man!?”.

Another point – if the man wanted to meet the parents of the girl, thus he would tacitly give them to understand: “Now I’m responsible for her. I promise to make her happy. If she’s unhappy in some moments, if her life something goes wrong, you’re right my bad”.

A serious statement, isn’t it? And that way the parents perceived the appearance of your horizons men who agreed to meet with relatives. Now guess – who parents will look askance, if your life will happen some problem? Yeah, that’s right – the role of “scapegoat” is already defined!

Even if a man loves you and really wants to make you happy, some sort of third party liability for you and your relationship, it is unlikely to appeal to them.

And another thing. In 99% of cases the parents of girls consider driven to explore the knights daughters and future sons-in-law. Men understand it. But if the man has not yet made a firm decision to marry, it is a huge problem!

A prolonged period of Dating, parents will be regarded as “frivolous attitude”. The postponement of the proposal and the engagement is almost like cheating! Unwillingness to make the relationship official – treason against their daughter…

Of course, all these parental thoughts will be reflected in the attitude, and the corresponding evaluation will instill the girl her parents. In the end, a girl and a crowd of her relatives, waiting for the appearance on the scene of a treasured box with a ring. And if the man still wants to think or to stop altogether for “civil marriage”??

Why your man doesn’t want to meet friends and girlfriends?

Reluctance to have fun with your friends (and to friends) can also have their explanations.

  • First, the reason we have said the man is not particularly pleasant to be the object of evaluation, especially if we are talking about Ostrozky the company of girlfriends.
  • Secondly, they can be really boring, he has no plans to spend time with your “women’s Council” and considers your friendships, your personal.
  • What’s the pros, if the man didn’t want to meet friends?

    He values your privacy and respects your right to rest himself in the company of other people. He’s not trying to control you, everywhere accompanying and imposing their own society even at gatherings-bachelorette parties.

    If you do not have some very important reasons for you to acquaint him with your friendly environment, the website sympaty.net advises to relax and not to impose on the beloved ones discover that he is not committed.

    How and when to introduce a male with your parents and friends?

  • The first rule, the most important and basic – if the man wants to get acquainted with friends and family, it is not necessary to insist on these Dating. Just wait until he has “matured”. Believe me, too early came into the game third parties are unlikely to improve your relationship and hurt you can – like a piece of cake!
  • The second rule – always invite the man to her parents and friends when she understand the seriousness of his intentions. Even if he is willing to go to drink to your mother on our second date – until you realize that your relationship is stable and serious, to arrange such a rendezvous is not necessary. At least, ruin the reputation and earn the opinion of myself as frivolous and naive person, who sees “the man of a lifetime” in each new date. Even parents are unlikely to be happy a long series bystrosokhnuschie your fans!
  • And the third important rule – tell relatives not to make a “judgment” from the interrogation. Questions-taboos – what work and how much they earn, who his parents and relatives, what plans he has for your relationship. Optimally, if the first date will take place in the discussion of the weather and mom’s cherry pie. Everything that a man wants to talk about himself, he will tell on his own initiative.
  • And even after meeting his parents the man himself will determine whether he wants to maintain contact with your relatives, and if so, to what extent. It is his right to communicate or not to communicate with certain people, and if you become to persuade him “come on the weekends to mom, huh?” — it’s not counted as a plus!

    Also do not persuade a man, if he doesn’t want to meet with friends. Either accept this situation and extract from it the pros or think about the breakup the wrong with you man!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    If a guy wants to meet my parents and friends

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