If a man forgets about the holidays

“Hello, female site sympaty.net. My man doesn’t really like holidays, even New year’s and birthdays. Sometimes just forget about them. And about gifts, too. He give them not very fond of. Why? And is it possible with this to do something? Thank you!” Angelina.

Angelina, I must confess something to do with it is to lift a heavy boulder ? But if You’re asking me as a representative of the tribe, I honestly will try at least to indicate the side on which the chances to lift the boulder still more.

Initial cons

Angelina, the first thing to keep in mind this. Initially, the male sex there are some disadvantages, from which, alas, can not escape ? Men sweating on how many percent more girls. Men are more likely to snore during sleep. And they are much less aesthetically pleasing life!

And they (Jesus!) less susceptible to magic of various anniversaries, important dates, even about his own birthday to forget! What to say on birthday wife?

It’s hard to do something because better not torment your own nerves ? But! I’m not saying you need to accept and do nothing. It is not only possible but also need to do everything possible to soothe your own conscience!

Be sly

Yes, sly, but let it be discreetly ? I understand coming holiday where gifts are given on both sides, and You can quietly remind him, for example, that in doubt, a few of the planned gifts best fit him.

If the event involves only gifts, you can just ask any cake or main dish he would like to see on the table that day. Or ask in what dress he wants to see You.

Don’t want to be so direct, to attract to the conspiracy of his mother, sister, brother, or sister-in-law. Even if some of them would call him to ask him for advice (he’s my husband, knows better), what is the gift You now need most.

In short, remind him, there is nothing to be ashamed of. A little warning in advance, but will save yourself from possible disappointment. It is always possible to convince myself that he didn’t remember ?

Be forgiving and patient

Of course, in respect of gifts and holidays from Your side should be all at the highest level! You should be an example for him!

If he what all forget, do not fall into a dull trance, especially, do not swear, do not reproach him. Showcase your feminine generosity. Attack and blame means to force him (against his own will and love for You) again to commit such an embarrassment.

Joke, life’s not ended in the moment when he forgot something to give You. For example, my wife advises in this case to say something like: “don’t worry, gifts are accepted throughout the year.”

Most importantly, he has You, he loves You, but gifts are only a small part of him cares about You. Look at it as a pet that should be accustomed to clean ?

You have a choice: to expel this pet for a long time tormented ? Or You be patience, patience and again patience , you will succeed. And to give gifts and to remember the anniversaries it will become a habit ?

And to Your man, Angelina, were the other men ? example , from me to You talisman:

This morning I woke up and passionately thanked God for what He gave me You!

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If a man forgets about the holidays

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