If a man is not giving you the time

“Help advice on women’s website sympaty.net. With her boyfriend we were Dating 6 years, living together for a year! He was always in the business, I no time at all!!! Ask him to spend time with me at least tonight, just to walk, but it is a machine to do it, with a friend to go somewhere. I see it in the evening (22:00) and in the morning when he sleeps! Today brought me to tears and favour: all right, let’s go! Sees that I’m crying and he’s smiling, almost laughing! What to do with it? Tatiana”.

Tatyana, the situation You have a very unpleasant (and common, unfortunately), especially if you consider that You have been with him 6 years together. And because I will talk to You frankly, as a surgeon ? that we only need to decide if I need surgery or can avoid ?

Analyze it impartially

Unfortunately, there is a considerable percentage of men who, by and large, not interested in anythingexcept his car to chat with same level friends, drink beer.

The woman they, of course, necessary, but practically, as the mistress of the house and sex partner. And talk like a man with a woman (and especially developed above average) uninteresting – just about anything ?

Clearly, at some point this man can be quite a good knight. But time passes, the meeting moved into family life, this life is on track, and now… need for a woman to meet now after 10 PM for half an hour, if not less.

Tatiana, analyze your man. He is interested in books, movies? Psychology? Problems of human relations? He asked, what is death? We have one life or many? What awaits us after? He wants to change something in your life? As he sees the education of their children? What he wants? What fears?

Undoubtedly, there are many other questions, other topics. If there is not interested in anything bad. As I understand it, he is often very busy, not because he has a business that requires a lot of time? The feeling that he’s just more interesting with friends than with You. But you might not be teenagers anymore?

Besides, it is very, very poorly describes the way he smiles, making You a favor, although You are at this moment on the verge of hysteria.

Talk to him

Only talk to him not when You are angry. And not in the moment when you decide something, something want from him. Choose a “neutral” moment. When he is not in a hurry. When not tired or angry.

Let him know as gently as possible that you want to change Your relationship with him. Don’t bother with the ultimatum. This is your request to your loved one. Let him know that you are a couple, it’s natural to spend time together as much as possible.

Tell him you want to feel like his beloved, and for this You need time and attention. Tell that yearn to make any decisions together so that everyone, above all, cared about the partner. Let him know what changes he needs in the same way as You.

If he doesn’t go into the conversation forward, not have tantrums, threats, categorical requirements. Just tell me what so he pushes himself from You. So Your relationship is under threat. He laughs after that? Similar to disrespect. Or You it is not so necessary, or he went so far as to be a problem.


Understand when You have children, the problems will increase tenfold. And there’s a good chance that little will change. Many will lie to You.

Yes, it is very often the case when people eventually just “shack up” together, but they are one spiritually. But You have to decide: satisfied with You like married life? Or do You want another?

If Yes, then change your life, and as quickly as possible. It’s never too late. Besides, You have no children, and no relationship was officially. In short, anything else You have not lost, and the past may be a good experience. Not all was bad.

I am not advocating “divorce”. But if will not help, honest conversations, if You did not “cheer up” something changed in bed, in communication, joint travel, some plans, new hobby if all it will do nothing, is one of two things.

Or You will still feel deprived of attention (get used to it or get used to it another question), but otherwise have a “normal” family life. Either You break up with him, take the risk and change your life.

And to You, Tatiana, ultimately has benefited, from me to You the mascot (though it will tell You Your husband and the father of Your future children):

When I Wake up, my first thought is the swallow flying to You!

The author – Igor Kolosov, the site www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top

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If a man is not giving you the time

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