If microbleeding eyebrows?

Today the site “ToKnow365.top” will tell you about the technique of permanent makeup eyebrows, which quickly became fashionable and is offered in many salons. This technique – microbleeding eyebrows.

How do microbleeding eyebrows?

The essence of microbleeding similar to the principle of tattooing in the upper layers of the skin with a sharp instrument-“stick” is introduced a special dye, which stays there for a long time.

However, there is a difference: if classic tattooing is micro-injections (i.e., dye is injected point), microbleeding is waver-thin cut the top layer of skin, like microscopic scratches, which is filled with paint.

The subtlety and depth of these “scratches” are so small that to blood vessels is lacking (if performed correctly, the procedure should be completely bloodless). Master cosmetologist, well-skilled, has the ability to draw individual hairs (thinner natural!) and to make a light feather.

Before you go to a salon for the procedure, it is advisable to grow your own eyebrows (not plucked and not to remove in other ways within two weeks).

How is the procedure: eyebrow applied anesthetic gel, master cosmetic pencil draw the outline of the eyebrows. Then the tool with a disposable needle is inserted the pigment of the shade that suits the natural color of eyebrows and hair. It takes about half an hour.

The result is visible immediately, and with the right level of skill of the cosmetician your new eyebrows will be very good – no swelling, unnatural colors, and other oddities.

Care of the eyebrows after microbleeding

When you made microbleeding eyebrows after procedure few days, avoid hot showers, use scrubs, lotions, to do Facials and apply makeup on the eyebrows.

On eyebrows formed something like films – it is impossible to tear! A few days after was made microbleeding eyebrows, the healing will happen by itself, and the film will disappear.

There are cases of failed microbleeding – a few days later the contours are blurred, sometimes the color changes, and tissue to heal scars. This is the result of the poor performance of inexperienced masters. If so, then do an early deletion of microbleeding and then carry out procedures on healing and skin restoration.

Microbleeding eyebrows.

You should not do this procedure if you have done the tattoo and the pigment has not yet left, if there are any lesions on the skin in this area, or if you have individual intolerance to the pigment.

How long does microbleeding eyebrows?

For about a year. If after a year, when the colors are pale, you want to use this procedure you have correction (“Doris” eyebrows for the lines that were painted originally).

If microbleeding eyebrows?

But, despite the apparent simplicity and glamour of this procedure, it is an ongoing debate – even among cosmetologists and masters provisto. The fact that here the result is very dependent on the skills of the master, his experience with the human skin and artistic taste. After all, supplies for microbleeding not so expensive, to introduce this service can afford almost every salon – Yes, that specialists with sufficient professional level, have passed quality training microbleeding, a little.

You will need to find a “pearl “of his” masters, which will not spoil your eyebrows: to do this, read the reviews about the salons and estheticians in your town, look at the work vending masters (there should be many, and eyebrow clients desirable immediately after the procedure, and after some time).

Less risk when microbleeding people with a more dense structure of the skin – and it is the representatives of the Asian type of appearance. The Europeans and the Slavs with “loose” skin is more susceptible to a bad outcome.

But if you find a good master who can trust you will get the most beautiful eyebrows that just can “draw” in the technique of permanent makeup today: with fine hairs, delicate shading and without an ugly, long-healed of the effects of the procedure!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

If microbleeding eyebrows?

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