If molokochay for weight loss?

On various women’s forums and blogs, you can often find mysterious name of the drink for the discharge of the day – “molokochay” and the website “ToKnow365.top” decided to find out how useful and effective molokochay for weight loss.

What is molokochay?

It is easy to guess that the word is derived from the names of two well-known and familiar drink: milk and tea.

Ie in fact molokochay is tea with milk and, therefore, nothing new in the idea of making this drug not. Many people remember this drink from childhood, some drank tea with milk when I was breast-fed baby, because it is believed that this drink increases lactation.

The tradition of drinking milk tea exists since ancient times in many Nations.

With this drink, and attracts those wishing to find harmony: simple to prepare, inexpensive, but still promises impressive results!

Molokochay for weight loss:.

Single recipe for making this drink is no.

However, the original ingredients remain the same: it is half to two liters of regular milk, preferably not too fatty, and 3-4 teaspoons of loose leaf tea. Most prefer to cook molokochay for weight loss, using green tea, but it is not forbidden to brew and black tea with addition of berries, fruit or herbs.

And here are the methods of brewing:

  • Bring to a boil milk, add tea and allow to steep for a quarter of an hour, then strain the infusion.
  • Brewing tea in 200 ml water in the usual way and then mix it with cold or warm milk.
  • In 100 ml of boiling water brew 1 teaspoon of tea, after 5 minutes in the tea infusion, pour 100-150 ml of milk.
  • Tea boil for a quarter of an hour in boiling water, then let stand for another 15 minutes and then feed him the milk.

However, in order to have the procedure brought the maximum benefit to the body, sympaty.net recommends to try here’s a slightly improved recipe Morococha for weight loss:

  • Mix in equal proportions (a pinch) of dried ground ginger, dried Basil, ground black and white pepper, add a small amount of crushed nutmeg, a few “studs” cloves and a little cardamom seeds.
  • All together, grind in a coffee grinder, do not too zealous.
  • Take 2 parts milk and 1 part water. Separately heat the milk.
  • Boil water, then add the spice mixture and bring to boil again.
  • Then put in the broth, a spoonful of the tea and stir in the milk. Bring to boil again and strain. Healthy drink is ready!
  • For taste you can add brown sugar or honey.
  • Molokochay for weight loss: results

    It is believed that to lose weight on molokochae easily. Indeed, in comparison with other discharges, a day when you drink about 2 liters of milk, it is quite “rich”, so the feeling of hunger arises.

    It is believed that, in addition to weight loss, during such unloading is still cleansing the liver, gastrointestinal tract, normalize metabolic processes, and thus improves the skin condition.

    1 day you can lose up to 2 pounds, using molokochay for weight loss reviews wearer various resources confirm this:

    • Six months 1 time a week to arrange fasting days on molokochae and not eating dinner after 6pm. During this time, 12 kilos gone and never to return! Babochka
    • Molokochay is my favorite version of the fasting day! Lost, however, not so much – only 0.5 kg, but gain back only about 100 g Infinitif55
    • Love the slimming molokochae: my health is excellent, dropping to 2-3 kg per day, the weight quickly returns, but somewhere in the 300-400 grams less. Am unloading every Wednesday, while drinking plenty of pure water (about 2 liters) and take vitamins with a high content of calcium. Lasto4ka

    Nutritionists opinion about molokochae

    However, nutritionists believe that unloading on molokochae the situation is not so rosy, according to some proponents of this method. So before to prepare molokochay for weight loss, it is good to know about possible disadvantages of its use.

    Unfortunately, the useful properties and tea, and milk when joining them together is much reduced.

    In particular, the following occurs:

    • Flavonoids, contained in tea, interacting with milk proteins, if consumed frequently Morococha significantly reduce vascular tone. This can be avoided by replacing regular milk with soy.
    • Tannins, which are part of the tea do not allow to absorb calcium in milk. The result is a risk of formation of sand and stones in the kidneys.
    • When used Morococha is a significant loss of body fluids.
    • If you make molokochay for weight loss too tight, it can lead to overstimulation of the nervous system.
    • Slimming on molokochae, you are depriving the body of carbohydrates during the period of such discharge and, therefore, possible headaches, fatigue, decreased background mood. To reduce these unpleasant phenomena to a minimum, it is necessary to add in a Cup of motokochan a teaspoon of honey.
    • Molokochay does not help with the fat, it only removes water from the body, and thereby is weight loss.

    In addition, absolute contraindications for unloading on molokochae are:

    • intolerance to milk sugar (lactose);
    • Allergy to dairy protein;
    • diseases of the liver, kidneys and gall bladder in the acute stage;
    • pregnancy.

    However, healthy people as 1 fasting day a week or less this method to use is not forbidden.

    Most importantly, remember: to lose weight on molokochae can be no more than one day a week! It is impossible to make a “molokotina” diet with a duration of 3, 5 or more days.

    The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site – ToKnow365.top

    If molokochay for weight loss?

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