If the ex-husband — roommate

“Hello, female site sympaty.net. Question the man. My name is Diana. I have a problem. Next to us unexpectedly settled the ex-girlfriend of my husband – he met her before me. Help Board. I began to notice that he has her attention, sometimes even flirting, and she, in General, resistance does not. So I don’t know what to do. Don’t want to spoil our relationship with him by a careless act. But to leave things as they are, I can’t. Suddenly something threatens our relationship? Thank you.”

Diana, the situation smacks of the melodramatic Thriller ?, I’m not good at anticipating plot moves ?

But seriously, every man inside can be your “undercurrents”, and so they just do not detect. On the other hand, as a man, to whom the situation is understandable, can you give some ideas, and hopefully some of it will be useful to You.

Analyze what was before neighbor

I think You need to analyze Your relationship with him, regardless of any neighbors, all his exes and other pretty girls ?

Have You had any concerns? You thought that You have it – a faithful husband? How do until this proceeded family life? If there was no smoke, no fire, I would venture to suggest that before You worry.

But on the other hand, even if You could not swear to her friends in his faithfulness (sorry for this intricate circulation), this is not a reason to panic. Don’t forget the most important: he married You, not Your current neighbor ?

How dangerous is it?

I confess: for sure nobody will tell You. A lot depends on how and why they broke up one day. All happens in life.

But if they split up to blame bad luck, to destroy the strong love, if You and your husband got married for love, I am sure, the situation is quite under control.

Don’t forget: men are lazy, as to change their family situation. Harder, if it was the opposite: Your ex next to you, and You flirt. And so, I guess not until something terrible will happen.

Although the betrayal of her husband this situation is not perfect, but it depends of conscience and activity in this respect Your husband. Here, excuse, not necessarily his ex to be a neighbor. Maybe a nearby town to save.

But do not let the bad ? Better let them be in sight, it is like additional difficulties ?

How to be?

What are You to do if his behavior makes You feel uncomfortable? Probably to talk. To choose the right moment, let it be in a good mood, and in any case not annoyed.

Tell him that You really want to … he wasn’t “kind enough” with his ex. Just say this without coquetry, without obvious discontent. And what trifles? Admit that you’re jealous. This does not detract from Your dignity and should help. At least you’ll see his reaction. What if his reaction to Your words will reveal something Your eyes?

Well, of course, look at myself. Maybe you should add in your behavior sexy? More to look for a home, not just when on the street go out?

Do not think that I offer a premature “desperate struggle” for a new stage of owning husband, but to draw conclusions and to take action in this regard will be useful. In an extreme case, refresh the household routine, and before you know it, and the husband stops to “give favors” to his ex.

As it turned out, from me to You talisman:

If life is a river, before I met You I’ve never fallen into it completely, I just slid, like a moth over most of its surface!

The author – Igor Kolosov, the site www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top

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If the ex-husband — roommate

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