If the husband dictates what You wear

“Good day, sympaty.net. I want to ask Igor. My husband loves me, but, nevertheless, there is one serious problem. I love to wear something sexy: short skirts, dress, blouses with a deep neckline. I feel like a Woman, desired and loved.But my husband forbids me to wear, gets angry, we fight, and I have to make concessions. But I’m kind of upset.

And I love him, never cheated and did not give reason to be jealous. Why is he behaving like this? It’s the possessive instinct? And is it possible to change it? Can you recommend something. Thank You, Kira”.

This is really a serious problem, Kira. And its not so easy to solve. But if Your self-expression through clothing is very important for You, to fight for freedom is still necessary. Another thing that must be achieved not to the detriment of Your relationship with him. How to achieve this? One hundred percent is no solution, but something you can try to do.

What is the problem?

For starters, You must understand the problem. Think about why Your husband was so nervous, if You’re short skirt? Right – so You’d rather WATCH OTHER MEN! And it’s not like a considerable number of men.

Why? It would seem that their egos should be happy that they have such an attractive wife. But this is not it. You can find an explanation only in the fact that deep down a man is not sure, not sure about Your feelings for him.

He is afraid that someone will take his place, and how can it happen? First, his wife will pay attention, then it will do the rest. Clearly, this ridiculous self-defense, but to explain it to him very difficult.

No, it is not necessarily a weak man, a loser or someone who is a little attract women. Here there are no rules. This man could be anyone. Just something once it caught, did something, and now he subconsciously does not trust even one who does not give reason.

Reasonable tactics

What can I do? First of all, patience. It is difficult to change and, moreover, impossible to do in no time. Fluidity, as if You lull.

First, often tell him about their love, say compliments and just point out its advantages in the behavior, character or sex. Convince him that You have it – the only one, and no one will ever take its place. Will not take because it does not pull it in Your eyes.

Give him something that once took away his confidence!

In parallel, occasionally ask him to do you a favor: be allowed to dress as You wished. Do not forget to say something outright You will never wear without it. It is not even discussed. Let this be Your sacrifice.

Before that, be especially gentle, let him know that you dress for him, not for yourself. Just to please his eyes. And, if he gives a nod on the street don’t look at other men often look at it.

Well, what to do if he is the one You have? Does not work to change something, try again and again. Or sacrifice themselves. Because he loves You, You’ve got a lot of good in the relationship except that the indicated problem. No one is going smoothly!

In the end, talk to him frankly. Tell me that just like to dress seductive, but it has nothing to do with the seduction of strange men. Look him in the eye and ask: does he mean that You love him?

I admit: this does not guarantee solutions to Your problem. But I think some other ways are more effective, simply does not exist.

So, if you feel that you lose, do it with dignity, do not destroy what is.

The author – Igor Kolosov, the site www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top

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If the husband dictates what You wear

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