If you have dandruff: what to do?

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” we’re going to talk about this infectious disease as seborrhea. Perhaps you have not heard about it, but dandruff, which is considered the most common manifestation of seborrhea, is familiar to every third of us. In any case, so says the statistics. So, you have dandruff – what to do? To answer this question, consider the reasons that cause this problem.

Why do I get dandruff?

Speaking in very simple terms, dandruff is a scalp that peeled, deadness, but not anymore.

Dandruff we all have, because the cells on the scalp all people are updated every 3 – 4 weeks: obsolete, old and disappear, and in their place the formation of new is a natural change in the human body.

If there is a violation of these processes and regeneration is accelerated (lasts 21 – 28 days and 7 — 10), dead cells have no time to backslide and get off in clumps — that is dandruff. That is, the dandruff is accumulated so that the skin heads, who simply do not have time to fall away, as they produced too much.

The next logical question that interests those who are looking for what to do with dandruff on the head — what could cause a failure in updating the scalp?

In the Internet you can find a huge number of reasons that explain why the dandruff on the head and what to do with this problem. In fact, it can be boiled down to two:

  • The first reason – a failure in the sebaceous glands of the scalp;
  • The second reason is the multiplication of the fungus that causes the infection;

But the factors causing these changes, there may be several. Will focus on more detailed characterization of the main causes of dandruff.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of dandruff on the head: how to treat?

Sebaceous glands are next to each thread. They secrete sebum, due to which the surface of the head is covered with a protective thin layer of fat, which hold moisture. Also, sebum helps to fall away dead skin cells. This happens in the case that the sebaceous glands normal. Then dry scales (dandruff).

Under certain circumstances, the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands is disturbed – sebum can be released either a lot or a little. Besides, changing his density.

This files most often leads to a change in the level of the male hormone testosterone in the blood. This hormone not only increases sebum production, which does not allow to fall away dead skin cells, but also makes it thick cells stick together and peel layers.

Testosterone is in the blood and in men and women. Its number increases during adolescence and in women during menopause, an average of 45 – maybe if the dandruff have appeared in this age, the reason lies in hormonal changes. Once the testosterone level returns to normal, the dandruff will disappear.

Therefore, if the head severe dandruff what to do in the first place? Right, to check hormone status is to donate blood on hormones.

If you normalize hormonal levels is not possible, for example, during menopause, we recommend that you use special shampoos for treatment of dandruff, which are more efficient for getting rid of dandruff, which was the result of damage to the skin by a fungus (more on this reason later), and apply keratolytic. They make less dense sebum, thereby allow bonding of keratinized and help them to fall away.

This can be the shampoos with salicylic acid, the drug That or tar soap. If you have a cause of dandruff is related only to the blockage of the sebaceous glands, it will be enough to get rid of dandruff this type.

Many of the reviews say that after applying the cream, shampoo or ointment SULSENA dandruff is instantly – literally on the second day. In this case, we can safely say that dandruff was caused only by the fact that sebum became really thick and him the drug “helped” to soften.

Also many recommend to add salicylic acid in the regular shampoo or wash your hair with lye soap. This composition is also favorable for getting rid of dandruff this species.

Infectious fungus – the cause of dandruff: what to do?

You can find a lot of negative reviews about salicylic acid, tar and Daughters in fighting dandruff – it is said that after their application, dandruff is not. If you have the same problem and after applying these preparations, dandruff is not passed, then most likely, the reason for dandruff on your head infection by the fungus: what to do in this case? This is the second reason that causes dandruff.

This problem is more serious in comparison with the first, but fixable. In this case, the drugs based on some of keratolitic will not help.

You need a special comprehensive treatment, the main task of which is to help not only otkluchitsa cells, but also to kill the infection – the fungus that causes dandruff.

Infection with fungus is a more common cause of dandruff that is partially formed from the first.

Thickened sebum and dead skin cells create an ideal environment for reproduction of the fungus. The products of his breeding – mycelium, cause hair loss, which is accompanied by itching and redness of the skin. So often head dandruff itching, it appears infected wounds – inflammation.

If the fungus has dandruff on his head, what to do? Of course, his need to destroy – to kill.

With this purpose, issue a special therapeutic antifungal drugs: lotions, solutions, shampoos. In its composition they contain active substance that destroys infectious fungi, and substances that make less thick sebum. That is, if the shampoos that help to clean the dandruff in the first case only by softening sebum, the second pasting is not only dead cells but also kill the fungus and the products of its life.

How to establish the cause of dandruff?

Just want to note that to establish why there were a lot of dandruff on the head and what to do with it, it is better to trust the dermatologist or cosmetologist that will help to determine the type of dandruff. Ideally, this is videodiagnostika.

Under high magnification the specialist examines the scalp picture image thus projected on the screen, and it becomes clear what type of dandruff what to do and how to treat it, depending on the type. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to be diagnosed even for the trivial reason that such equipment is only in specialized institutions.

To determine the type of dandruff at home, you can go by exception.

  • It is not recommended to buy medicated dandruff shampoos in the drugstore. If you do not have a fungus that caused the infection of the skin and dandruff, why do you need to treat the scalp?
  • Suppose you have dandruff only appeared due to the deterioration of the sebaceous ducts. The easiest way to confirm or deny it — to start using drugs only keratolytics (salicylic acid, SULSENA). They helped? Hence, in order to get rid of dandruff, you had to improve the condition of the sebaceous ducts. Most likely, the problem lay in a hormonal imbalance or improper care of the hair, not the shampoo, frequent use of the dryer head, the impact on the scalp chemical agents (hair coloring, perming). Further, it is sufficient to eliminate the factors causing the appearance of dandruff, so she came to you again: get tested for hormone levels, replace the shampoo, to adjust the power. Dandruff “loves” the sweet, fatty and starchy foods, and also hot, but do not perceive fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts. So be sure to watch your meals.
  • If you drugs with keratolytically did not help, then at best you need to consult a dermatologist — he will pick up shampoo (Nizoral, Keto Plus, Parkhotel, Serosal, Pepper), anti-dandruff. You can also begin to treat dandruff by dandruff shampoo.
  • Well help in the hair masks for dry and oily scalps, homemade.
  • Before you start testing them for yourself, you need to determine the form of seborrhea.

    Dry and fatty dandruff: what to do?

    There are two forms of dandruff – dry and oily. In order to determine what it is you need to examine its appearance.

    • Dry dandruff is accompanied by dryness of the hair, split ends, itchy scalp. Very dry dandruff often appears after exposure of the scalp to external stimuli with hair dye, chemical stimuli. Those who are worried and don’t know what to do with dry dandruff on the head, sympaty.net soothe to get rid of it easier than fat. The main symptoms are in worst case 3 weeks (if, for example, ruined skin chemical paint), to best after 1-2 times of using products with salicylic acid.
    • Oily dandruff is easily recognized by the yellowish fatty crusts that you can tear off from the scalp layer. If dry dandruff falls apart, the fat keeps the layers of different sizes. To cure this form of seborrhea is more difficult – you need a special medicated shampoo, which should kill the fungus that hit the skin – the main cause of oily dandruff.

    Thus, before to start something to do with bad dandruff, you need to determine the cause. One need antifungal shampoos, other – drugs to normalize the work of sebaceous glands, the third – to check the level of hormones, and some need to learn how to care for your hair, choose a shampoo and not to expose hair to the influence of external harmful factors.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    If you have dandruff: what to do?

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