I’m 27 — and the face is still acne. What to do?

“Good afternoon, I am 27 years old, but still face acne. Whatever was done to no avail, face still covered in acne. This will not get better personal life, as his face shy. thank you in advance for your reply. Svetlana”.

Dear Svetlana! Female site sympaty.net passed Your question along to Marina Yudina, a dermatologist with extensive experience, and that’s what she said

Svetlana! Thank you for Your question! Indeed, the problem of the treatment of acne concerned as teenagers and adults.

In some patients, acne has only a short time, others it can take a severe and rather protracted or occur in later years.

In such cases, in our medical center, we offer patients additional testing , and often the joint supervision of the dermatologist and the gynecologist, endocrinologist, in some cases, gastroenterologist and other specialists. This allows you to identify comorbidities or provoking acne condition (for example, hyperandrogenism, or an imbalance of hormones, including sex) and to considerably improve the forecast.

This integrated approach to the treatment of acne as moderate (comedones, papules, pustules) and severe (acne conglobata) allows us to achieve the best results of treatment, the effectiveness of the treatment combined with the rapid onset of effect and duration of its retention. The risk of developing acne in this case is minimized.

Currently, there are various new ways of acne treatment, which we use in our clinic, such as the modern analogues of vitamin A, including systemic and local forms, different physical and beauty treatments , etc., the selection of which, however, is carried out individually depending on the severity and prevalence of lesions.

More detailed information on procedures and methods of acne treatment You can get on consultation of the doctor – dermatologist.

Marina Yudina,
Dermatologist , European Medical Center,
member of the International society of dermatovenerologists
phone: +7 (495) 933 66 55.

I’m 27 — and the face is still acne. What to do?

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