“I’m afraid boss.”

You are a sociable person, a people person, easy find contact with other people and never feel fear before intercourse, but once you cross the threshold of the office where you work, how everything is changing. If this describes you, then today’s article on Sympaty.net it is dedicated to you.

Why? Yes, because the reason of becoming successful in all respects, women in the office trembling lamb can be only one: fear the chief.

And that’s the reason why you are afraid and how to overcome panic and fear head – read women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Where did the fear “grow legs”?

Fear, like any phenomena, there is always a reason to understand them, you can get rid of this oppressive feeling.

Low self esteem and lack of confidence

Low self-esteem – the main reason that you are afraid of your boss. In the absence of self-confidence any “nuance” at work seems a tragedy on a cosmic scale, for which there is a coming dismissal. And then the imagination immediately begins to paint a gloomy picture of unemployment, lack of money, etc.

You know, the growth of self-confidence is not conducive, but nourishes your fear of the boss.

Fear of disapproval or fear of the perfectionist

Perfectionists – people who always and in everything strive to be first, they look for someone else’s praise, but the criticism they perceive quite painful. Own shortcomings, they carry with great difficulty, and if their “mistakes” indicates a chain of command, and is discouraged. Often such people are afraid not so much superior, how much their failure in a particular subject, but to point to it, as a rule, only those who are on the career ladder is a step up.

How to curb the disturbing live perfectionism read in this article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Psychological pressure

There are chiefs, who “put pressure” on subordinates, and the reason for this may be not timely delivered the report and drank the Cup of tea. But here we are talking about the peculiarities of the personality, change who you are.

How not to be afraid of the chief in this case? Change your attitude to the current situation: for example, when the chief once again will yell for no reason, not tremble, and imagine him a clown who amused the audience, and himself, laugh at him.

The fear of a beginner

This fear is always present with a new employee, it arises from ignorance of how the head responds to a particular working situation.

It’s simple: ask your colleagues who are already working in the company, should you be afraid of his new boss, and they tell about you all of its ins and outs.

Not so bad… the boss, as he is painted

The realization that the head is the same person as you should help you overcome your fear.

Understand Director he was appointed not because he is an extraterrestrial deity, but because of the experience it a little more, or he just managed to find the right approach to senior management. And, most of all, he is behaving because, in his view, all the bosses behave similarly.

And he is a regular person who was once just like you, was afraid of his boss. So while chatting with him, imagine talking to a colleague, this will give you confidence, and with time the fear will disappear.

And the chief should not be afraid because he himself is the boss, he’s just an employee like you. Why do you fear him?

Fear the chief: what to do?

In order to stop flinching every time you envy his boss, Sympaty.net offers you some tips that will help you with this.

  • To work on improving self-esteem, psychology books to help you.
  • As hard to increase their professional level. Do you work at the proper level, and soon will not notice as cease to be afraid of the chief.
  • To represent independence. No matter how strong or tremors in your knees, in front of the boss always stay confident. The chief, seeing on your face confidence and independence, and as such you will perceive, and talk to you would be equal. Over time, the confidence you are going to portray it, and to feel and to radiate, and forget about his fear.
  • Dignity at all times, not to curry favor with the boss.
  • Find the strength to convincingly argue boss when he, in your opinion, is wrong. It takes considerable willpower, but you will soon cease to fear the chief.
  • Don’t need all the attacks from the authorities to take into your account. Often, these attacks are not dictated by a bad attitude to you personally, but its internal problems.
  • Be sure to show quality work, not to gloss over its role in performing a particular job. Well, if you praise in front of the chief.
  • Write a letter to the chief, in which is expressed all that you think about it. Psychologists say that this method is effective in dealing with this kind of fear.
  • Learn to control your state, this may help in special breathing and meditation techniques. Having mastered them, you will be less afraid, and eventually the head at all will cease to cause you fear.
  • To sleep. Fears largely overcome those people who have little or bad sleep.
  • Well, the most radical piece of advice that may be useful to those whose head believes that you are entitled to insult their subordinates in the Civil code there is article on moral damages – review it carefully.

For whatever reason you’re afraid of your boss, you must learn to deal with this fear, otherwise over time it can turn into a phobia and essentially ruin your life. You may even need to change jobs or to go to a psychologist.

The main thing – not to drive itself into a corner, and always look for a way out of the situation.

The author –Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

“I’m afraid boss.”

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