“I’m afraid to give birth to a second” how to overcome fear of the second birth?

“Hello. My name is Tanya, I’m 24, and not long ago, I gave birth to a cute daughter. Time goes on, and my husband starts talking about wanting a second child in 2-3 years. I only smile in response, but do not tell him that I’m afraid to give birth to a second, although very want.

The fact that my first pregnancy was not very easy both physically and psychologically. I gained 26 kg, before pregnancy I was 48 at growth of 155 sm: could not control the feeling of hunger. I had stretch marks, have changed the shape of the breast. The last months could not sleep, tormented by leg cramps, was sick my intervertebral hernia, was lowered hemoglobin, problems with the placenta, etc. the Contractions I had 13.5 hours, put stimulation, cut the crotch and finally I gave birth. Because of these memories I’m afraid to give birth a second time. I’m afraid that again, the pregnancy will be difficult, and already know what a delivery. How to overcome fears from previous birth? Would be very happy if the women’s website “ToKnow365.top published an article about it. Thanks in advance”.

Negative scenario: how to avoid repetition?

Planning of pregnancy, the preparation for it is the stages are no less important than the pregnancy itself. First and foremost, this concerns not financial stability and housing is going (although that’s important too), and the health of the future parents.

And if the man in this case could “disappear” only by the fact that for several months before conception will refuse bad habits and to take folic acid, the woman must undergo a full medical examination and cure all existing diseases.

Even a slight health problem, which usually gives her no trouble, can poison life for a long nine months of pregnancy, and will subsequently serve as the reason that the woman will be afraid of the second birth.

Remember, certainly for the first pregnancy you were not so responsible, as required, and you have had some health problems, the elimination of which you have not paid enough attention. That is, you missed an important stage of preparation for pregnancy.

But now you know their weaknesses and know what to do.

So, the first step towards getting rid of fear of re-birth will be as follows:

  • consult with your doctor about your existing health problems;
  • for a complete examination to identify possible diseases or to confirm their absence;
  • to address the identified problems or to achieve stable remission;
  • a few months prior to conception to start to accept vitamins (must be prescribed by a doctor based on the health status and individual characteristics of your body).

The fear of a second birth: should we be afraid?

In order to stop being afraid, you need to know more about the subject of their fears, in this case about how to proceed with the second birth. To be afraid of them in advance makes no sense.

Moreover, as shown by obstetric practice, the second birth is often different from the first, starting with pregnancy and ending with the advent of the child into the light.

  • Pregnancy

If the period after the first birth was without complications, and up to the moment of conception following a year and a half or two years, a woman’s body time to recover, and afraid to give birth to a second child there is no reason. If you still fear a repeat of the same problems as during the first pregnancy, plan a second child with her husband, but also with the doctor.

  • Birth

Doctors-obstetricians argue that second and subsequent generations in most cases not as painful as the first. This is because on average 2.5-3 hours reduces the period of contractions, and he just gives the woman the greatest torment. And the body already knows what to expect. After the first childbirth the tissue of the birth canal more elastic, and the fruit easier and faster as it goes.

Second births: reviews

Numerous women forums where moms share their impressions of past births (first, second, third, etc.), do not give prescriptions of how to overcome fear of the second birth. But Sympaty.net early reviews for the second birth the most positive and indicate that second and subsequent generations often do not like the first: not so painful and are much faster.

  • The first child gave birth nearly three days, so the second time was scared crazy. When the first battle, suffered, so I was sure that the pain is yet to come. In fact, it turned out that it was all the pain. Birthed much easier and faster than the first. Now my only regret is that the whole pregnancy went and screwed themselves instead of enjoy the anticipation. Dana.
  • The second birth was afraid, have wanted to the last. But it turned out that the second time it went much faster and easier, it wouldn’t hurt so much. Probably because the body remembers everything. The senior was in labor for almost 2 days, and with the youngest for three hours coped. Masha.
  • The first birth was 18 hours of constant painful contractions and thought, will not stand. And the second for a few hours now, and it hurts almost was not. Xenia.
  • Heavy I had the second pregnancy: endless morning sickness, severe preeclampsia, but I was able to overcome the fear of a second birth. Was still on maternity leave with the first, and therefore always went to the antenatal clinic there for every treatment, plus the correct diet regime and a relaxed lifestyle. When the second child was born, I was so happy! No pregnant problems can’t compare with the happiness of being a mother of two kids. Most importantly – find a good doctor, because now you know what is to be feared. World.
  • The first pregnancy was very difficult, the fear of a second birth was very strong. Because the second decided to go more thoroughly: tested for hormones, infections and blood biochemistry. My husband was successfully treated for infection, and then got pregnant. The second pregnancy went well, just wonderful. Alina.

Birth of beauty is not a hindrance

Another important factor of fear, because of which women are afraid to give birth to a second, are irreversible, according to them, changes in appearance. Believe me, stretching is not the same as you would like, breast shape, the extra weight is not a sentence to your beauty.

  • First, a pregnant woman is beautiful by itself.
  • Secondly, how can you equate child and a figure, even perfect? The shape does not hug you tightly, the figure will not smile at you with his toothless mouth, the shape does not call you his beloved mother, the figure will not bring you as much happiness as your child.
  • Thirdly, the fear of pournami because of the second birth has no right to exist. The fault can always be corrected, and as soon as you get your strength back after the second birth, get yourself in order. The woman in 4-5 months after birth, can afford to moderate exercise. The assertion that pregnant and breastfeeding mom needs to eat for two, is just a myth. Food should be healthy and balanced, and is a direct path to weight loss. And to restore breast shape after childbirth, to remove the belly and flanks with exercise, it would wish.

And perhaps the main way to get rid of the fear of a second birth, that your child. After all, you already know what a joy it is to be a mother the most wonderful baby in the world. And to be the mother of two such little ones a thousand times better!

Sympaty.net wish you to overcome your fears and become even happier!

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

“I’m afraid to give birth to a second” how to overcome fear of the second birth?

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