“I’m tired baby! What to do?”

I think many of those who were not yet parents know the situation – somebody’s child or in a public place runs like clockwork, screaming, all pulls… I Think is bothering everybody but the parents, who have become accustomed to the cries of his child and manage to keep Buddhist smile on his lips and perceive children’s behavior for granted! But… it is not necessary to idealize every mother will say that she had the situation when she’s tired from the baby. Only, in contrast to other people of other people, parents have not only to restrain but also to the child his irritation and fatigue not to vent – nothing sensible about it! And what to do if you are tired to sit with the child – tell the site “ToKnow365.top“.

Fatigue on your child: should you blame yourself?

When a baby is born, and all a mother’s love goes out to him – the mother, despite the fatigue from the hassle and lack of sleep, maybe for a long time myself to admit how tired the child.

Seems as much a sin: here it, native, small, require constant care – and in the head no-no and will slip a crazy idea, at least for a couple of hours to forget about the diapers and do a little shopping or enjoy a Cup of coffee without hearing a screaming baby! And once the woman uttered itself: what stores, what kind of coffee do they are worth at least one smile crumbs? No!

And the young mother continues, “marathon”, knocking, if only in his own eyes look good, proper and loving mother!

And moms of older kids, not requiring constant maternal presence and care, often do so zatsiklivaytes his mind on the childthat you think any foreign interests in the “big” world – almost a crime in front of the baby!

Who does not know of moms who all crook extended maternity leave or decide not to work at all, I don’t want to send their children to kindergarten, etc ?..

Fatigue from a monotonous life, however, is accumulated, and poured on the baby’s mother is constantly “on edge”, and she begins to wait from the child that he would “compensate” her victims… And he, unfortunately, does not meet expectations – naughty, noisy, not enough good student, tries to talk back to parents, etc.

And so the mother cast the blame on the child – “I’m for you… and you don’t even…”…

How to learn to relax?

How to prevent it? Time to understand that it is not necessary to accuse themselves of fatigue from maternal duties — a vacation from the baby needs!

Moreover, it is necessary to understand that the mother is tired of sitting with the baby, the baby itself is not to blame! Children are often noisy, require a lot of attention and patience – but it is normal and everything must be ready for that, having decided to become a mother!

You should also figure out whether you’re tired of the child? Or a problem in home monotonous lifestyle, lack of time for yourself and some interests outside the house, boredom, unrealized desires?.. The more a woman strives for the ideal caring mother, the greater all these factors…

In General, the rest of the baby needs! How to provide yourself to it, if you are tired to sit with the child?

  • Even baby you for a couple of hours to leave with dad or grandma! Take it as a rule at least once a week to leave the house without the baby and do what you want to do shopping, to see friends, to walk around the city, etc. At the same time – if the race to the shops, it is not a child, if reading books on a Park bench – that’s not Spock, etc.! Get away to these two or three hours from BABYLAND General!
  • The child’s mother is important in life! But you cannot fill them all his life! Be sure to find time for some classes, not directly related to the child (even in the walls of the house, in front of the child). Trust me, children feel keenly everything, and for baby a much better life example is a versatile, ambitious, passionate about something mom than a “hen”, anything, except Mamta and home life, not interested…
  • Communicate and be friends with childless! When friends mom (especially with children of a similar age), then all the talk again about motherhood, kids… Nothing wrong with that, but no switch. And when you get tired sit with the child and meet with a childless friend, who, even out of courtesy can not really keep the conversation about formula and diapers, then it’s one thing for an evening to “escape from everyday life”!
  • Don’t try to be the perfect mother and allow the child. It is impossible – there will always be something missed, negadanno, nedovospitannye, etc. do Not try to pretend always the kid that you’re in a good mood, it is not necessary to perform all the whims, etc. the Child should know that he has no privileges over other, older people – he is also not happy, if he irritates users! And if you waste it on a calm exterior, internally tired child even more…

What if the tired child and he’s annoying?

Yes, moms, it is not necessary to draw the lips and say, “I’m not tired baby! Your child annoying.” – you believe only the young childless person! ? And actually…

As my friend said, a mother of two kids — sometimes you want to have a pen for kidsto take a break from them!

Every mom knows the situation in which I want to lie down and cover your head with a pillow when you have exhausted all means of shushing chilopoda creatures — especially if it happens in front of strangers!.. According to another one of my friends “parents strain themselves, for others and strain to strain because the other strain!”.

What to do in order not to waste the nerve cells for it is quite natural for kids to desire vybivatsya and vykrichatsya?

  • Feel free of charge to speak to the children of their emotions and feelings. Not to abuse the “sit down and shut up now!!!”, but, for example – “You so want to scream right now? And I so want to be quiet and stay in silence…”. Sometimes it works, a mother’s mood can be transmitted even quite a small child!
  • Leave the child alone and not to react to his whims (if that is indeed the whims, not actual needs!). Kids love to “play to the audience”. As in the famous joke: “why did you stop crying?.. And I was crying, and aunt Mary!..”. In General, the aforementioned “the pen” (in the form of a trapped child, for example), sometimes really nothing antipodagriceski doesn’t hold!
  • Ask the child to do something – what it is. Draw a picture, read a story…
  • Hold the baby, pet him, start telling him something in a low calm voice – so the child can calm down and go to the phases of vzbudorazhen in the peaceful state!

Get tired of a child sometimes even the most wonderful parents – and that’s okay!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

“I’m tired baby! What to do?”

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