Increase breast without surgery — 6 proven ways

Want bigger Breasts! Who of us ever say that? Probably only those lucky women who got natural 3 or 4 size. But what can other companies do to bust has become more attractive and seductive? Check out our recommendations. And make sure increase breast without surgery possible!

The size of the breast in women depends on many factors: body composition, weight, diet and even lifestyle. So to correct it only by the comprehensive effect on the body.

The structure of the breast isn’t like any other organ in the female body. Understanding breast anatomy will allow you to understand what will be useful for breast enlargement without surgery and what is not.

The structure of the female breast

Breasts consist of fat, connective, glandular tissue and are heterogeneous in structure. When the feeling of the breast can be note the presence of multiple lobes (there are a total of 15 to 20). Between the lobes are glands and milk ducts, nerve endings and blood vessels.

For the elasticity of the chest meet the skin and Cooper’s ligaments. Last start in the pectoralis major muscle and ends in the subcutaneous layer of the breast. With age and with frequent weight change women Cooper’s ligaments lose their elasticity and the Breasts begin to SAG. The same thing happens in the aging process of the skin of the bust.

The main value for the size of the breast has a volume of adipose tissue. It is located on top of the breast lobes. In women in the period of feeding a child increase in size of milk ducts, and glandular tissue grows. As a result, the Breasts may grow 1-2 sizes.

The natural change in the breast size

Pregnancy and lactation be for women a time when there is a natural increase of the breast. However, in other periods of the chest is not static.

A slight increase is observed in certain phases of the menstrual cycle. A few days before ovulation (around mid cycle) increases the volume of the epithelium of the breast ducts, the density of the bust increases, it flows a greater amount of blood. So the body prepares for possible pregnancy. If it does not happen, the chest returns to its “original state”.

The severity of these natural processes depends on the General hormonal background of women. If it is broken, the breast can nagrubanii and grow almost to the size, causing discomfort and even pain.

The increase of the breast, reviews

One of the most enjoyable ways to increase breast without surgery is sex. Women who are sexually active, the breast grows due to the increase in the number of “female” hormones — estrogen. In addition, heavy petting improve the blood circulation of ladies ‘ bust, contribute to the development of the capillary network and, therefore, add a few millimeters of a treasured volume.

Other methods of breast enlargement:

  • Massage for breast augmentation. It improves blood circulation and tones the skin. Good results are a daily massage with a cold shower and vacuum impact. When performing manipulations with hands, you must use a massage oil or rich cream.
  • Medicines for breast enlargement. Hormone treatment allow you to increase the body’s amount of estrogen, which is responsible for feminine ladies bodies. This method is quite effective, as it gives a quick effect. But to assign it to yourself is impossible. Incorrect dosage can cause a completely opposite result from excess body hair growth of the body to the development of neoplastic processes.
  • Breast augmentation folk remedies. Cabbage, beans, hops, raw dough and some other products for breast augmentation can achieve a certain effect. However, this method is usually fraught with a common set of body weight. On average, each new kilogram of body weight breast gain an additional 20 grams of fat. So for grown-up breast will have to pay the increased tummy and hips.
  • Exercises for breast enlargement. This method can be called controversial, as strength training increases the muscle tone. In the breast-gland muscle tissue very little, therefore, to stimulate its growth with the help of push-UPS or barbell useless. But to increase the elasticity of bust physical exercises are simply necessary. Special complexes provide good tone the pectoralis muscles and the ligaments of Cooper. To help prevent premature sagging of the Breasts.
  • The correct clothing. How to visually enlarge Breasts? Choose a bra “push-up” or lined-petal foam! This is the easiest and affordable way. Its only drawback is the prohibition of daily use. The chest in this bra is unnatural, a good condition that disrupts its circulation. And in the summer heat, the foam will cause discomfort, as it is not breathable. How to visually enlarge Breasts also suggest stylists. Among the main recommendations V-neck, voluminous flounces and ruffles at the bust area.
  • Recommend trainer for home workouts to increase bust. The principle of operation, see the video story.

    • The simulator affects the chest muscles, due to which creates a perfectly toned breast shape.
    • The main difference from analogs — the device gives the load on all groups of muscles of the chest.
    • The simulator is easy to use: you only need to hold hands and make a clenching motion to center and back.

    As you can see, the increase in a breast without operation — the task is doable. For best results, use all appropriate ways. A little patience, and your bust will be the object of your pride!

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