Increased hairiness in women

“Hello! I care about this problem: I have increased hairiness, ie I have a mustache (just like men), and too quickly grow back eyebrows, and the vegetation on other parts of the body. I have a disease “feminine” is hypogonadism. But I’m unable to do something in addition to medication (I did so pass, but it does not help)??? Please help! Thanks in advance! Mary.”

Especially for you, Mary, as well as for all women suffering increased hairiness, female site gives valuable advice to combat this unpleasant in all respects “disease”.

Increased hairiness in women: causes

First we will talk about the causes of unwanted vegetation on the body and face in women.

In Your case, Maria, it is — hypogonadism – syndrome polietiologichesky, accompanied by a decrease/lack of functions of sexual glands and the violation of the synthesis of hormones (sex).

In other words – is a pathology of the ovaries (congenital or acquired) in which the latter lose their ability to produce hormone. To compensate for this deficiency, the body begins to produced hormones of the pituitary gonadotropins. As a result, in the blood accumulates a large amount of gonadotropins, and the concentration of estrogen (female sex hormones), in contrast, falls.

From here:

  • The menstrual cycle
  • Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation),
  • Atrophy of the mammary glands and genital organs,
  • Moderate obesity,
  • Excessive hair growth on the face and body,
  • Depressive disorders.

By itself, increased hairiness in women is not dangerous for health and life factor, but it may also occur as a consequence of serious disease (ie as in Your case, Mary) and even tumors!

In medicine there are such high definition “hairy” in women:

1. Hirsutism — excessive hair growth over upper lip, cheeks, chin, ears, chest, back, inner and outer areas of the thighs, around the nipples, lower abdomen. Usually due to increased production of androgens (male sex hormones). But there are other reasons:

  • Cushing’s syndrome;
  • polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • congenital adrenal hyperplasia;
  • a prolactinoma;
  • hypertens ovaries;
  • tumors (tumors of the adrenal glands and the ovaries);
  • hereditary hirsutism (family);
  • taking certain medicines.

2. Hypertrichosis — excessive growth of vellus (fine hair covering almost all of the body) and terminal (thick, pigmented and long) hair in a normal, i.e. intended by nature (including age and nationality).

So, ladies, before you start getting rid of excess hair, be sure to consult appropriate specialists (endocrinologist, gynecologist, cosmetologist, neurologist). Only a comprehensive examination will help you establish the root cause of increased “hairy” and proceed to the correct treatment. Do not risk your health, do not delay going to the doctor! After all, you have yourself one ? — the most beloved and most expensive (I hope you understand what I mean!).

And another (this applies to You, Mary, in the first place): do not expect instant results and completely get rid of unwanted hair. Typically, therapy takes a long time (half a year or more) and does not give an absolute guarantee. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, please be patient and tune in to long-term treatment. And even if new hair growth is just slowed down – it will be a great result ?

Well, and how to get rid of them now we will describe below.

Increased hairiness in women: what and how to remove

Before to tell about the methods of removal of excess hair, I want to talk about something that is NOT recommended in any case. Otherwise you will cause your face and body irreparable harm.

Hanged hairiness in women: what NOT to do

  • Do not remove hair by mechanical means (pulling with tweezers, nail care, shaving) — it can lead to skin lesions (damaged hair follicles) and trigger even more intense growth (after a short time the hair grows back again, and more hard, thick and dark).
  • Not resort to the help of bleaching (ointments containing mercury, paraffin mask) and otshelushivatsya means (options) for the facethey irritate the skin, causing the blood flow to it, thereby promoting hair growth.
  • Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight, without special need do not expose the face of exposure to a quartz lamp or UHF.
  • Apply nourishing creamsthat contain hormones and biostimulants on the lower third of the face (upper lip and chin) – they increase hair growth, nourish the skin and hair follicles.

Hanged hairiness in women: what you CAN do

There are a number of effective tools, designed to deal with excessive “hairiness” in women. Among them:

1. Vystraivanii excess hair with scissors. The easiest and safest method, disadvantages : short duration of effect and costs over time.

2. Galvanic electrolysis is the most reliable and effective method of dealing with increased “hairy” women (hair follicles are destroyed by exposure to weak electric current). The duration and cost of treatment depends on the quantity and “quality” (growth rate) of hair.

Disadvantages: high cost, pain and repeated repetition.

3. Some success (quick and effective) in the treatment of excessive hair growth can be achieved with the help of laser epilation and photoepilation.

Disadvantages: high cost, the possibility of complications such as burns, scarring and ingrown hair.

4. Waxing – provides a sufficiently lasting effect, the new hairs grow more slowly, gradually becoming thinner and softer. The procedure is preferably carried out in a beauty salon and only after specialist advice.

For waxing at home you will need a special wax (sold in pharmacies in the form of plates or tablets). The wax must be heated to a temperature of 37-38°With, then apply warm to the place with excessive vegetation layer in 2-3 mm, after curing the jerk to remove from the skin.

Disadvantages: short-lived effect, pain, the possibility of irritation on particularly sensitive skin.

5. Sugar waxing, or sugaring – the principle is the same as waxing. For its implementation you will need:

  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • Citric acid (pinch).

The resulting mixture should be melted on the fire, then apply on requiring the attention of the areas of the face and body. Once the sugar hardens, it is necessary to remove with your fingers.

Drawback: the possibility to repeat the procedure only after the hair grows back by 5 mm.

6. The use of special lotions and creams that slow hair growth.

7. Bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide — allows you to not only discolor your hair, but also make them eventually more brittle. To 30-50 grams of hydrogen peroxide, add 1 teaspoon of ammonia and dilute this solution of soap powder or shaving cream. The resulting mixture is applied on the hairy area of the skin, after drying rinse with warm water, powder.

With a slight owolosenie often enough to lubricate the skin 10 – 15 % solution of hydrogen peroxide. Repeated and regular use of such procedures will allow to achieve a gradual thinning and lightening of hair.

Hanged hairiness in women: folk medicine

Traditional medicine to deal with excessive “hairiness” in women suggests her recipes are simple and time-tested ?

Note: deciding on the treatment of “grandma” methods, be sure to consult with your doctor!

Recipes against increased hairiness in women:

  • To lubricate the skin and hair juice of green walnut (pre-cut).
  • Ashobtained after burning of a walnut, RUB in a tablespoon of water and apply the excess hair growth.
  • Walnut walls (10-15 pieces) pour a glass of vodka, insist in the sun (2 weeks), drain. The infusion should drink (1 tablespoon) each day.
  • Lubricate the problem areas with the juice of milkweed (2-3 times a day for 2 weeks).
  • Grass dope with the roots (150 grams), pour a liter of hot water, simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. Dampen a cloth in the cooled and pieranna broth, applied to the required places, to hold until dry. The procedure to do it every day (3-4 times). The broth can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.
  • Mix:
    • 100 ml juice of green walnut.
    • 10-15 grams of tar.

    Pot with a mixture of leave in a dark place for 3 weeks (tightly closed cap). The mixture was applied on the skin 2-3 times a day.

    And finally

    We wish You, Mary, for effective treatment, quick recovery, good health and beauty. I hope that soon the problem of “increased hairiness in women” will be forgotten by You as the most terrible dream ?

    Good luck!

    Author – Yulia Maximenko, website – Beautiful and Successful

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