Infertility: causes and treatment

Infertility is a diagnosis which is put to the couples who are unable to conceive a child for a long time. Basically it is about years of family life without protection.

Infertility can be congenital or acquired. Innate diagnosis to those who have different malformation of the disease. Acquired occurs after various diseases associated with the reproductive system. Women and men there are various causes for the appearance of congenital infertility. The following are the main ones.

The reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant:

  • The incompatibility of sex hormones of the partners, called immunological. In this case, the female body does not accept male sperm.
  • Disturbances in the menstrual cycle of a woman. In order to more accurately trace the process of maturation and release of an egg, you need to have menstrual cycle normally.
    Irregularities in the formation of egg cells (follicles). In one of my ovaries was normal, is formed of several follicles. Using ultrasound the disease can be traced.
  • Delayed maturation of the ovary called polycystic disease, accompanied by formation of follicular cysts. This is easily detected with ultrasound. But with timely treatment to a specialist such disease is treatable. It is important to monitor the menstrual cycle, which is disturbed by polycystic.
  • Inflammation of the ovaries, which is characterized by the inability of the dominant follicle to break the shell to exit. In this case, the shell is much thickened.
  • Violation of the fallopian tubes where the ovum awaits fertilization by a sperm. In violation of the patency of tubes fertilization difficult. To determine such disease is hysterosalpingography. With the help of x-ray traces the movement of contrast through the pipes.
  • The breaking of the shell of the cervix. This occurs due to the reduction of mucus, which hinders the passage of sperm through fallopian tubes to reach the egg. When there is insufficient secretion of such substances, the sperm just cannot take place, and in some cases killed due to the special chemical composition of mucus. This issue occurs when various sexual diseases. For example, if erosion of the cervix. The treatment or removing this disease is a problem with the quality of the mucous membrane removed.
  • Pathology of the uterus, with its various vices and defects. It can be tumor diseases, such as cysts or inflammation. It is also possible for benign tumors – uterine fibroids, polyps or fibroids.

Thus, in women, some of them are internal factors that affect infertility. Men – in addition to the internal influence and external.

The reasons why a man can’t conceive a child:

  • Low quality of sperm in men. The ability to conceive decreases with the decrease of their activity, agility and enough. If the sperm are weak, they move in a circle and can’t reach the egg for fertilization. But it is treatable.
  • The complete absence of sperm.
  • Fever, which is unacceptable for normal functioning of sperm cells. Because the temperature to produce sperm should be a few degrees less than body temperature.
  • The rarity of sexual contacts, which greatly reduces the chances to meet the sperm and egg.
  • Bad habits that cause vasoconstriction. Basically, it’s Smoking. As a result, the testis receives less blood, which is unacceptable for their normal functioning.

Each of the above causes is treatable. There are a lot of methods.

To resolve infertility is often recommended to take such measures:

  • Treatment of various inflammations. In this case it is necessary to consult doctor and not to self-medicate. After diagnosis, both or one of the partners assigned to the treatment. Depending on the disease, prescribe a course of antibiotics, hormones or drugs.
  • The right mental attitudeaffecting the nervous system women. As a result, if tested daily, pessimistic emotions, the treatment and the possibility of pregnancy will not give good results. It is important not to get upset, always thinking about the good and doing things you love.
  • Maintaining such a lifestyle that promotes health. Very often women with excess weight are unable to become pregnant, and after weight loss they succeed. Because healthy foods, fresh air and absence of bad habits contribute to a more rapid conception of the child.
  • Treatment with bee poison, which was used for a long time. Is injected into the body it is like a bee sting, and with the help of injections. Such procedures are made only with the help of a specialist, such as poison is a strong allergen and can cause unpleasant consequences.
  • Medical intervention in the process of fertilisation — there are IVF clinic. The first is the injection of sperm into the uterus, and if they are ineffective, it is in vitro fertilization in specialized conditions with the subsequent transfer into the uterus.
  • Infertility treatment does not only enhance your personal health, but also give the opportunity to create new life. For many, this is a very important step that sometimes you can’t do yourself. It is recommended to contact the experts who will be happy to help and advise the best action to solve the problem.

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