Inflammation of the eye from the carcass – how to avoid this trouble?

Inflammation of the eye from the carcass outwardly manifested by redness and watering of eyes, irritation, swelling of the eyelids. There is an inflammatory reaction due to direct contact with one or more substances included in the composition of the carcass. Inflammation is nothing like eye protection, which senses any component of the carcass as a threat. That can cause inflammation of eyes from the carcass, what to look for when buying a cosmetic product, what advice found on the forums on how to remove the inflammation of the eye from the carcass — let’s talk today on the women’s website ““.

The composition of the carcass

To prevent allergic reactions, try to choose a mascara with safe ingredients – Hypo-allergenic.

If you decide to purchase a quality product, it is better to give preference to well-known trusted brands, be sure to look for reviews about your chosen mascara on the forums, not on sites specializing in the sale of cosmetic products.

Not buying a proven product and blindly trusting advertising, you will receive a mascara that will roll down lumps, have a dull color, not to give any extra volume and length, and well, if you have no redness.

Each firm who value their reputation, and produces samples (testers), which will help to check whether this mascara you are looking for does not appear if you have an eye infection from mascara?

In the composition of hypoallergenic mascara included safe for sensitive eyes natural ingredients that do not cause redness and inflammation:

  • natural oils
  • wax (Beeswax)
  • water
  • iron oxide (Iron oxide).

Quality ink on the basis of these components, is safe for the eye: besides the fact that it reduces the risk of inflammation and irritation, it also moisturizes the lashes, treating them. So you will have not only beautiful, but also healthy eyelashes.

Great mascara that will not cause inflammation of the eyes, is made from natural ingredients, so it can’t be cheap, also it has a short shelf life, because there are no components that extend its operation, but can cause inflammation:

  • the petroleum products (Petroleum distillates). They cause severe irritation and redness.
  • substance mercury (Thimerosal). The substance of mercury – thimerosal – could cause an allergic reaction.
  • parabens (preservatives) – these will be discussed in more detail.

All of the above components are part of conventional, not a hypoallergenic mascara.

What are parabens?

For those who often suffer from inflammation of the eye from the carcass, advised to buy hypoallergenic mascara: created on the basis of natural components, it does not irritate the eyes and cause them redness. Its composition never, will not include substances like parabens, which are one of the major components of ordinary mascara.

Parabens – a preservative that is often added to many cosmetic products. They are necessary in order to prevent the breeding of harmful substances (bacteria and fungi) that may appear when using makeup, and extend the life of cosmetics.

Under favorable conditions – in the case of the ink such conditions arise upon contact of the brush with the skin and eyelashes dangerous microorganisms can multiply. Parabens in cosmetics act as preservatives – substances that suppress the establishment of these conditions and prevent product spoilage.

That is, if the stock is parabens, environment for bacteria no. As you can see, nothing dangerous preservatives included in the composition of the carcass, no. But under one condition: if there is no reaction of the body – the eyes, prone to inflammation, react most often paraben, perceive it as a dangerous substance, hence the itchy eyes and redness.

You can easily find out whether any of the parabens in the composition of the carcass, examining the packaging: their names end in “paraben”:

  • Propylparaben
  • Methylparaben
  • Benzylparaben
  • Butylparaben and others.

Unfortunately, the product line is not every company (even popular) includes a quality hypoallergenic mascara. Carefully study the composition.

Inflammation of the eye from the carcass: what the experts say?

German experts Association ECOTEST has tested the mascara on the security for the eyes. According to them, strictly forbidden to buy those who have the ink causes inflammation, the products of the following firms:

  • Artdeco and Chanel (although manufacturers indicate that it is suitable for sensitive eyes). Both the first and the second ink are manufactured by famous firms, but have the parabens, which sensitive eyes prone to allergies.

Can only cautiously, buy mascara such companies as:

  • Lancôme
  • L’oréal
  • Max Factor

If you decide to opt for these brands, to determine if it is safe to mascara for your eyes, you can use a simple test: apply it on the skin behind the ear. If after a couple of hours you will have a reaction, then that mascara is not for you.

Considered to be the safest for eyesprone to inflammation, mascara these firms:

  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
  • Lavera
  • Logona
  • H&M Full Lashes

If the first three brands are very expensive, as stated in the reviews, mere mortals will not suffice even on a brush, then the latest brand to affordable and perfect for those who are familiar with the problem of inflammation of the eyes from the carcass.

What the reviews say ordinary people?

  • The carcass of the lumen neither I nor my friends do not cause any irritation. And I enjoyed different. By the way, I note that the oil that take care of eyelashes, heals them, I don’t have inflammation the eye from the carcass of the lumen. Marinochka”
  • “If you are looking for a mascara that does not cause inflammation of the eyes, so Mascara revitalisant (ink-air). My choice was not accidental. I wear lenses, therefore I have strictly. Any contact with the wrong component and inflammation. The packaging States that the mascara without parabens, has keratin. This is exactly what I need. Suggest. Bought in the pharmacy! Eleanor”
  • “I tried and expensive (very!), and cheap. Liked two. One – Mary Kay, the second – Shiseido. In General, in the case of inflammation, then to each his own – there is no universal mascara for sensitive eyes. Here only trial and error to find your mascara. Oksana”
  • “From inexpensive brands I would suggest , Bourgeois, and is ideal for eyes and does not cause redness and allergic reactions to the ink Crescendo. Prior to this discovery, I had an eye infection from mascara. Christie”.

How to avoid eye inflammation from the carcass?

To avoid inflammation of the eyes from the carcass, follow these guidelines:

  • Use mascara for sensitive eyes – hypoallergenic.
  • Give preference to the carcass based on natural oils or water.
  • Make sure that the composition was not of petroleum products, mercury compounds and parabens.
  • To determine which of the components of the carcass you have an Allergy, it is possible in the laboratory, where they conduct the rapid tests.
  • Remember to cause inflammation of the eyes from the carcass may not be the ink, and the means for its removal or the elementary rules of hygiene: never go to bed with painted lashes. Dried mascara flaking, gets to the shell and causes inflammation.
  • How to remove eye infection from mascara?

    To relieve inflammation of the eye mascara will help eye drops (e.g. visine, but it should be remembered that the use of the drug should be no longer than 2 – 3 days), and Allergy medications. Eye drops vasoconstrictor drugs that quickly lead the eye to normal.

    • “I recommend to buy the”Blue drops” (firm Inkos). They consist of natural ingredients that relieve redness and inflammation and have no contraindications. Lara”

    Also remove redness you can use a cold tea compress, cut potatoes. If the inflammation of the eye from the carcass turned into conjunctivitis, the treatment should be agreed with the doctor: he will select scheme.

    Interesting is the fact that women of Ancient Greece were regularly painted eyes. It was believed that they not only emphasize the beauty, but also save the eyes from inflammation and disease. They prepared “ink” made from natural ingredients, and burned cotton cloth, and the ashes that remained was the paint. Probably of inflammation of the eye from the carcass they had, after all, the feature was natural.

    Carefully study the composition, buy testers in specialized stores to determine whether you have a reaction to mascara.

    Take care of eyelashes and eyes, do not forget to change the cosmetics – expired products are often the cause that causes inflammation of the eyes from the carcass. A deliberate approach will help to avoid this trouble.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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