Inhaler-nebulizer: which one is better to choose?

Before my youngest daughter went to the garden, I had a General idea of what a “nebulizer”, considering it “a more modern inhaler”. But to understand what a nebulizer is better, and if he needed us, I decided once every week or two stay in the garden ended my hospital and pediatrician in the district hospital at the reception said a sentence: “You have a home nebulizer to buy, but it’s so expensive…”.

What does it mean for parents dear, if the health of the child it is not a pity? Only would have helped.

And I began learning about modern “miracle device”, which in the season of colds “becomes a desktop device for the whole family” — feedback about the inhalers-nebulizers often contain this phrase.

What I figured out, I want to share with the readers of women’s website ““.

Also I will share with you meaningful feedback about the inhalers, the nebulizers for children and for the whole family, so you can decide whether if this device is and how necessary its purchase.

Personally I decided that the nebulizer in my house to be.

A bit of theory

Inhalation for respiratory diseases is a great and affordable way to deliver the necessary medication directly to where you want — in the respiratory system.

  • If breathing steam, that is steam inhalation. For example, inhalation of steam coming from the pan, and cover you with a blanket. Personally, I remember this method of treatment since childhood! Especially remember the episode when the mom complained to the doctor that she (that is, I) oru under that blanket is not his voice, and the doctor said that this is good as deeper inhales the vapor. Also steam inhalation can be carried out using a simple inhaler type “Daisy”.
  • If breathing aerosol (mist), this nebulizer (wet) inhalation.

This kind of inhalation is actually perfect and more effective:

  • First, there is no risk of burning, hot steam, especially in the case of a small child.
  • Secondly, and probably not second, but first, the inhalation nebulizer is much more effective steam. Will discuss this further.

As the nebulizer into an aerosol therapeutic agents?

Unlike steam inhalation, nebulizers liquid medicinal substances into very small particles which easily penetrate the lungs and are deposited on the walls mucous membranes. By the way, the first component of the word “nebulizer” (nebula) — translated as mist.

  • The transformation of medicine into an aerosol can occur with ultrasonic vibrations – ultrasonic nebulizers;
  • Particles can be formed under the pressure of air on the cure – compressor nebulizers;
  • You can also convert the drug into an aerosol by means of ultrasound and air – mesh nebulizers.

For those who are looking for what best buy nebulizer for the house, answer the compressor, but it is perfect – mesh, but it is very expensive.

  • The disadvantages of ultrasound is that you can’t use certain groups of drugs (antibiotics and hormones) which are destroyed by ultrasound. Besides, ultrasonic nebulizers-inhalers (references proof) is very fragile.
  • The lack of compression nebulizers is that they are noisy (kids can be scared), a little bulky. The rest of you pros: management is simple, it can be different drugs, consumption of which is minimal (treatment is much cheaper than cure syrups, tablets).

About the effectiveness of moist inhalation nebulizer

Medicines from a nebulizer is absorbed better as directly into the desired area, act faster — relief comes almost immediately.

  • Diffused mist or vapor perfectly moisturize the mucous membranes, and the patient becomes much easier to cough, to get rid of a cold.
  • Without medical advice you can carry out the most simple, but very effective inhalation nebulizer with saline or mineralok.
  • Drugs can be dosed for children and adults.
  • Is the minimum consumption of the drug.

That’s what they say in the reviews about nebulizers-inhalers:

  • After 1 time use nebulizer child was able to cough up mucus and cough after 3 days has passed at all. Sasha
  • As soon as the season of colds, inhaler-nebulizer microlife (inhalers reviews about this company only positive) occupies a place of honor on the table. Breathing mineral water Borjomi. Or as the husband says, “Borgosesia”. Maria
  • And I’m in the season of breed sores saline and the interferon 1 to 1 and also breathe. But in this case, if you see that the first signs. Honestly, began to hurt much less. And if you are ill, the common cold takes 3 to 4 days. Elena

When inhaled nebulizer concentration of drugs is lower than in the treatment of other types of therapy. It’s better than to take syrups or pills. For example, compressor nebulizer, you can use various groups of drugs. We will not give specific names of drugs, as treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.

Just list the principal drugs that can be used in compression nebulizers:

  • Cough (mucolytics)
  • From nasal congestion
  • Immunostimulatory
  • Bronchodilators
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics

Important! Unlike steam inhalers, nebulizers do not add herbal decoctions and oils. Don’t forget that the particles which are formed in the nebulizers, are very small and get deeply into the respiratory organs. And essential oils are dangerous when ingested inside the body and can cause a burn.

Also do not dilute the drugs distilled water – it contains salts and will suck salt from the body.

For those who like to be treated with the help of the Internet, reminds, without internal consultation of the doctor can only do inhalation with saline or mineral water, interferon is not more than 4 times a day and not to exceed the volume of the chamber, which is filled with the drug. The specific drug and the dose needs to pick up the doctor.

In addition, the nebulizer does not cure all diseases. Very often, the inexperience of the nebulizer begins to treat angina and spread the infection that causes the disease throughout the body, causing complications. Then in the reviews they write that the nebulizer has caused complications, lowering the infection down.


Here are some testimonials about what a children’s nebulizer is better:

  • After my son started having allergic rash syrup with dyes and friends told us that the inhalation nebulizer can do the same Mucosolvan, only specially designed for inhalation, we bought the inhaler-nebulizer OMRON, which reviews found on the Internet. This is a find! No irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Medication directly to the bronchi gets. We are very happy. Lera

The size of the particles in the aerosol that produces the inhaler is an important parameter.

So, with steam inhalation (for example, over a basin), the formation of very large particles. They help in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and for treatment of diseases of the lower respiratory tract, they are not effective. In most compression nebulizers are billed automatically on the average particle size. In more serious models have a 2 – 3 mode particles.

Why is this parameter important?

  • Once in the respiratory system, the particles start to settle on mucous membranes. If they are large, that are deposited in the upper respiratory tract. This mode is effective for common cold, for example.
  • Medium-sized particles fall in the middle of the road. This mode is effective for laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis.
  • The small particles sink even lower into the alveoli, because can help to cure even complex disease (e.g., pneumonia).
    Therefore, choosing the best inhaler-nebulizer, try to choose a model where it is possible to adjust the size of the particles (firm OMRON, Microlife).

Also note the attachments. Though can be purchased separately nozzle, but it is better to take a complete set, where there are adult and children’s mask console for the nose (nozzle with two holes), nozzle-tube for the mouth.

  • I tried to breathe through the mask and through the console to the nose. So, for the runny nose the mask is not as effective as respirators. So choose with all attachments. I have Laica NE = 200. No complaints. Anya
  • Chose the best nebulizer for children BD 5008 Longevita in the children’s design and began to treat the child. First 2 minutes breathing Rest (be careful, not in syrup, and in a special fluid) saline solution nozzle through the mouth, then 2 minutes of Interferon with saline attachment for the spout. The noise didn’t scare her. It was quick and fun. Better than to swallow the medication. Olya
  • We have a nebulizer DOLPHIN for children. But he fits an adult. The main thing that has attachments. In the first days of the disease are breathing mineral water, interferon (liquid) or saline. The main purpose of inhalation moisten. I often dripping spout Aqua Maris, now moisturize the nose with inhalation. Very satisfied. Much cheaper and more efficient. Vic.
  • The first nebulizer we bought in a hurry. Said that it is very necessary to our baby when he is 7 month fell ill with bronchitis. The pharmacy told my husband that the ultrasonic is very quiet and kids don’t get scared. My husband bought ultrasonic OMRON Micro A-I-R U22, suggesting that ultrasound is a more modern device than the compressor. Boy were we disappointed! Only slightly sloping, shed the medicine. Uncomfortable to use. In addition, he has a more narrow application range than the compressor. Price – very expensive! Now broke even on a good compressor nebulizer for a child the same company Omron C-28 and very happy. Eugene


Thus, to buy a good nebulizer, and I will be guided by the following parameters:

  • It will be a compressor of the drug.
  • Included should be the console for the nose, tube to the mouth, 2 masks (children and adult).
  • It is advisable to have at least 2 modes, which will be governed by the particle size. Then you can treat the cold, and our endless “laryngitis – tracheitis”.
  • One more thing: it is desirable that the tube and the nozzle was made of silicone. Some reviews about nebulizers there are complaints that technical feel the smell of the tubes, if they are made of PVC (but this criterion is not mandatory).
  • About the company. Reviews about compression nebulizers-inhalers of different firms to a greater extent positive. Negative reviews about compressor nebulizers-inhalers almost never occur. Lead the sale of the company OMRON and Microlife. Most likely, this will be my choice.

  • The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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