Interior design Studio apartment: how to make it stylish and cozy

Today, designers in one voice say about the fashion for Studio apartments. Behind those terrible times, when the already small apartment was nothing but a cluster of walls and doors. Now we strive to create the most spacious and comfortable home. And even if funds do not allow you to purchase a loft apartment, you can have a cozy home with proper interior design studios. Some useful tips on how to do this, you will be given a website for Beautiful and Successful

Basic rules

The apartment is ideal for accommodation of one or two people. The main idea is to form a single living space, harmoniously divided into functional areas.

And the main difficulty lies in the fact that the error of the designer will transform the Studio into one big and stupid room.

Therefore, developing the interior design of his apartment-Studio, answer the following questions:

  • what area you will take for a particular area (kitchen area, space for guests, work area or bedroom area)?
  • in what ways are you going to separate the zones, so they are not merged into one?

Methods of zoning Studio apartments

In order to visually zonirovat space Studio apartment, you can use a number of simple techniques.

Reception 1

The height difference of the floor and ceiling. If the interior design of your Studio apartment initially involves the high ceilings, the bedroom area can organize a small podium. This will allow not only to separate your private space, inaccessible to guests, but also solve the problem of storage with drawers.

The same option – speaker wall ceiling with lighting, for example, in the working area. In addition, the manipulation of the ceiling eliminate the complexity of a technical nature. In ceiling constructions, it is possible to hide wires, ducts, air conditioners, vent pipes, etc.

Reception 2

The application of various finishing materials in each zone. As an option – carpeted in the living area and ceramic in the kitchen area. Try to border strip between the two zones was smooth and not too contrasting color.

Strive to make textile items and accessories looked holistically at the overall interior of the apartment Studio and not conspicuous incoherent bright spots here and there.

Reception 3

Use light sources of different intensity, to create visual border areas and to highlight them depending on their functional purpose. Where will be your working place, the light can be made more intense than where you plan to relax.

You can easily vary the interior design in the apartment-Studio, using lights and sconces in different shapes, sizes and colors. If space allows, you can make a faux fireplace with candles, which in itself will be the original source of warm and cozy light.

Taking 4

Make furniture “Islands” (the bar, stand-alone sofa or dining group), or use other accessories (shelves, columns, screens) to zone the space without cluttering it. Well, if you will, and a sofa for guests and a private bed, but if space does not allow, can be limited to one only couch.

Additional elements for interior design of Studio apartments

The interior design of your Studio should be attention to detail. You need to emphasize the dignity of his apartment, and not aggravate its disadvantages.

Here are some universal tips from women’s website

  • Use mirrors to expand the space. Known design techniques! ?
  • Perhaps you should not heavy curtain Windows and blackout curtains to make the apartment was light and airy.
  • Equip apartment, good appliances, so it does not work for outsiders noise (silent fridge, powerful range hood in the kitchen to eliminate food odor, not a ticking wall clock, etc.).
  • The spacious room sounds louder and you receive an echo effect, so make sure there is good soundproofing so not to disturb the neighbors.
  • Do not clutter up the apartment, because it is all in the mind. Think about functional storage and make sure that you do not get in the way. The interior design is properly arranged Studio apartment implies the free movement of residents in the space.
  • If you wish to make the apartment more and more convenient to use the square of the loggia, by combining it with the main room. In this area you can organize your workspace or guest bar with panoramic views.
  • The apartment is good because it gives you a terrific scope for imagination and inspiration! Therefore, very often such apartments appeal to people of creative professions, who manage to make the Studio more and Studio.

    Try to create a truly unique interior design that differentiate your apartment from others!

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