Interrupted intercourse – is it possible to get pregnant whether or not to use?

One of the methods of contraception, which is widely used by many couples to prevent conception, is interrupted intercourse. Can you get pregnant using this method of protection, will talk today on the women’s website ““.

The advantages of the interrupted sexual intercourse (PPA)

Method of protection “in a handkerchief” — he was called our grandmother, was the most popular in their youth, he remains so to this day. Despite the fact that you can get pregnant at the interrupted act and it happens very often, according to men and women, PAP has a positive side.

  • First, this method of protection does not require any costs for preliminary preparation, for example, that which is needed if you use barrier methods or spermicides (candles, ointments, vaginal tablets).
  • Secondly, hormonal drugs, though a reliable method, but it requires conscious selection, as well as the Navy. You need to take the tests, pass the required examinations. In addition, birth control pills need to purchase every month, which requires the cost and time to take. When interrupted intercourse everything is much simpler: no attachments, the schedule of the reception is missing.
  • Thirdly, according to many men, and women, they get more pleasure from withdrawal than from the use of “rubber product number 2” – so in the former USSR were called condoms.
  • Fourth, some people trust the interrupted act more than other methods. Explain this “visibility,” which they can control themselves, and not to trust some hormone tablets, which quickly. Okay, one more pills, which are taken internally, but protects against pregnancy a “miracle patch” that is glued to the body and not washed off with water? It is generally difficult to understand!
  • And finally, according to some women and men (but not doctors!), this method is safer compared to other. For example, with the vaginal ring (cap) that can fall out, or spermicides, which do not have time to dissolve! And what can we say about condoms that are torn or slide, or hormonal pills? Although we should not forget that genital infections does not protect the interrupted act.

Is it possible to get pregnant, relying on this method? Will discuss this further.

The reliability of this method of protection

Despite the fact that this method of contraception is not a robust – it protects against pregnancy only 50-70 %, in contrast to hormonal pills, which provide nearly 100% protection, simplicity and availability make it popular among the people. Note, however, that in this lies its danger.

The probability of getting pregnant when interrupted intercourse is quite high, although this method provides for an exception of hit of spermatozoons in a vagina – dick male is removed before ejaculation.

Sperm gets anywhere, only not in the vagina. Thus, the sperm do not have access to the egg and fertilization cannot happen.

The main responsibility in this method of contraception is on the man who should in time to feel the approach of orgasm and to prevent conception using to prevent pregnancy the interrupted act. Is it possible to get pregnant in this case, because the entry of sperm into the vagina theoretically excluded?

Interrupted intercourse: can you get pregnant from preseminal fluid?

Even though many men fully trust my ability to keep everything under control and years of practice coitus interruptus, you can get pregnant even if you are confident in the experience your partner.

We should not forget about the allocation of penile protsentnogo secret – of predanost. Colorless substance serves as a natural lubricant and stands out before ejaculation happens. The main objective preseminal liquid – to create favorable conditions in the vagina for the passage and survival of sperm.

Many studies have shown that in predsieni revealed no sperm and getting preseminal fluid in the vagina does not cause pregnancy. But it is not predecorated that stands out in repeated intercourse.

You should be especially attentive to those who decided to have sex again, and before it had already been coitus interruptus. You can get pregnant due to the fact that predsezonnoy of fluid released after a recent ejaculation, contains sperm cellsthat get into the urinary ducts.

In this case, the safety of the interrupted act is much reduced, if not take the necessary measures to empty the bladder and is good to clear the head of your cock, otherwise you can become pregnant at the interrupted act and the probability of this is high.

Interrupted intercourse with a casual partner

Partners who regularly practice interrupted intercourse, there is some consistency in actions. Man, it is important to remove the penis when you feel approaching ejaculation ejaculation. The sperm do not have to get not only inside, but on the vulva.

The woman at this point needs to move away a little from the partner to the side – it will help when interrupted intercourse.

It is possible to get pregnant with a casual partner, when there is no coherence.

For example, a man will start to remove the penis, and the woman nails him in the throes of orgasm to yourself, etc. Therefore, relying on the interrupted act as method of protection with a casual partner, it is better to specify in advance all the nuances.

It is always important to remember when re-intercourse, when the risk of getting pregnant when interrupted intercourse increases.

Interrupted intercourse, and planning for future pregnancy

Despite the fact that modern contraception offers a wide selection of more reliable contraceptives, the most popular continues to be interrupted act. Is it possible to get pregnant without any problems if you systematically practiced this method of protection before she decided to have a baby? Does this method of contraception in the conception of a child in the future?

According to doctors, those couples, who for years practiced this method of contraception is threatened by infertility. Physicians explain it to that the frequent interruption of the act was the weakening of the blood vessels of the penis, violation of circulation, which leads to impotence and reducing the number of “fastest sperm”.

So says a scientific point of view, but, as practice shows, partners who chose this way of protection in the future and conceive a child without problems.

But the problems with potency and early ejaculation do indeed have a place.

The shortcomings of the interrupted sexual intercourse

This method can further provoke the development of changes in the prostate gland and the seminal colliculus. When the interrupted act of sexual muscles begin to not work as intensively as occurs in the act without stopping. The natural act of ejaculation occurs illegally on a reflex level, when a man is in a state of euphoria, Supreme bliss, that is relaxed.

When the interrupted act, we can observe the following situation: at the peak of pleasure a man needs to concentrate in order to “not miss an important moment.”

Occurs a change of sexual arousal sudden braking, which might not be safe for health: of here earlier ejaculation, impotence and psychological problems.

The situation is no better with women. According to studies, 50% of them are not receiving full sexual satisfaction in the interrupted act. “Can I get pregnant?”, “Not in me!” “Do you have time “not there”?” — such questions emerge in the mind of women, not allowing them to relax and get pleasure from sex.

So, interrupted intercourse practised for many centuries and probably will be for a long time.

It is convenient, affordable, and easy. If you are his supporters, do not forget about the dangers of interrupted intercourse.

Is it possible to get pregnant, choosing a major for protection? Of course, Yes.

To accept Postinor, which will help to prevent pregnancy if the sperm got inside against your wishes, we wrote earlier on the website Take care of yourself and use only methods credible.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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