Intuition in love: how to manifest and how to listen

It is no secret that women, unlike rational men, living feelings and emotions. But why is it that even we, a kind of super-sensitive radar, manage to miss “the” only and beloved for a lifetime, choosing the evil, inconsiderate and bystroprokhodaschee?

Why do we sometimes difficult to find and recognize your soul mate? What prevents us to distinguish it from the crowd and understand that “This is IT!”? How to learn to feel love, to hear themselves and make the right decisions? About intuition in love and how to make the relationship joyful, bright and full of harmony, tells a female site

Intuition and love

Very often, starting a new relationship, we are in the heat of passion, feelings and emotions do not notice obvious things. Whether the rose-colored glasses of love are preventing you to consider us part, if the rush does not allow to get to know the person, or banal laziness will not let think this over and weigh, but we choose obviously did not!

But, if you look/listen/sniff ? closely, you will notice a bunch of signs/signals which when properly processed can point you in the right path and the right person.

Why is it important to listen to your intuition in love and relationships?

  • First, at the first stage, explore (and sometimes just a glimpse) it helps to make correct representation about the person (like you, if handsome, sexy Lee, good, etc.) and give it a completely objective evaluation.
  • Second, it tells how, when and with what to approach the man, so he probably noticed, singled out and appreciated.
  • Thirdly, on a purely intuitive level, we barely exchanging with a person a few words can accurately identify his passions and inclinations, and then decide how povygodnee to approach them in order to realize the benefit of themselves ?
  • Fourth, it helps us as deeply in love or married, to understand controversial issues and positively affect the outcome of a difficult situation (not a secret that many of us, even in marriage, concerned with the question: “and is it true I chose the companion?”, “and is this the man?”, “and if I love him?”, “and if I can spend the rest of my life?”).
  • Fifthly, it was Her Majesty Intuition gives us signalswhen we meet her soul mate. It pushes us in the right direction (and sometimes openly pokes his nose ? ), it tells us who can make us happy (no, not the athletic built brunette, and not even that mysterious green-eyed stranger, but this is clumsy, but terribly charismatic Joker who had the audacity to entertain Lenka, not us ? ).

Simply put, intuition (if it is to hear and make the right conclusions) can provide us with invaluable help, prompting one we need and, most importantly, why ? (first saw her future husband, I realized that it was from him I want to give birth to a son, although I was only 16! and he did not like me apparently).

And we need to do is just to learn the hints this wise lady, so that she could get through to our hearts, brains and everything else ?

Can you imagine how will save time and nerves this extraordinary skill?! How many failed relationships can be avoided, how many tears can not be shed, how many nerve cells you can save? Simply following your feelings. Just listening to your intuition.

Of course, there are times when fate literally pushes the two lovers face to face, so much so that they have no choice, as immediately to get married and have a bunch of cute kids (such a clear love at first sight “happened” with my friend ? ).

But, alas, so occurs not always. Most of the time we need at least a couple of times to knock heads together, then poke your nose a couple of times (to be sure) to test the feelings of the Crimea, Rome and copper pipes that we finally learned that the person who is next – the same.

And just had to stop to listen to yourself and understand!

Signals and intuitive feelings will be discussed below.

Types of intuitive feelings and what they can tell us
Secret signals

The human body has a unique ability (not one) to serve us secret signals. Another thing is that many are taking it attempts to attract our attention for an accident, and not a direct manifestation of sympathy or, on the contrary, dislikes. So notorious herds shivers running through the skin, we often (not always right) accept the kind of puppy enthusiasm and love, and tense shoulders or stood on end the hairs on the back of my head for some reason does prefer to ignore or write off the bad weather.

But following its animal instinct, being able to distinguish between signals, we can avoid at least a bad experience, and as a maximum – divorce, tears and frustration. Just listening to your body’s responses – often vivid as a flash but instant like a thought. You met the stranger’s gaze and felt an unpleasant chill in the lower back? Or in your throat stood kom in conversation with the old man? Maybe a conversation about nothing with new friends excited you Pushcha heart to heart conversation with a former lover?

Learn to read your body’s language, learn to recognize his secret signals, because they are a completely new kind of information, information that will allow you to instantly recognize bad lovers, to avoid destructive relationships and to build a normal trusting, warm and correct (even if the new friend not your type, but somehow being with him, fun and free).

Deja vu

Have you felt ever that “it” has already happened with you before? Did you conversing with new acquaintances, understand that you dealt with him before? Or to know exactly what is around the corner, although you first go down this street.

I think deja vu has happened to every of us. True, many instead of spending it pass, believing something useless and the least strange (well, some benefit from what I’ve seen this before?).

But in the context of romantic relationships, deja vu may play a decisive role in confirming the soundness and the relevance of your experience and thoughts, or, on the contrary, pointing out errors and the futility of certain actions.

Accidents are not accidental

You remembered about a friend who I haven’t seen for ages and, lo and behold, I meet her the very next day, which goes hand in hand with a pretty brunette brother? You sing a song, and she immediately begins to sound on the radio? You miss the train and accidentally (accidentally?!) bump into old friend who was in love with at school?

Do not pass by such coincidences! Because nothing just happens. Especially in matters of the heart ? Find signs wherever is possible, search for the meaning that they carry – whether you place the foot in time, whether a person? Maybe a line from a song (“Run, bahiyyih”), which you repeat in your head, trying to guide you in the right direction (to escape from it it is necessary quickly and into the arms of the brunette!). And maybe the fate of “late” and you pushed with the same love?

Visions, or “I know”!

You remember about a favorite, and he immediately sends you cute SMS. You just drawn to visit her mother, but yesterday talked to her on the phone and are confident that all is well. But on arrival find her sneezing and swallowing antiproton pills.

It’s simple: you (your body and brain) – is a kind of intuitive receiver, working out distances and tuned to the thoughts and feelings of people around you (children, husband, parents).

Develop your ability to see and feel beyond the existing reality, think consciously to your body (yoga and meditation), and the signs become more distinct and obvious. Especially if a specific person — your a hundred percent (I’m the husband meant ? ). And who knows, maybe today you will see yourself, but 10 years after ?

Toe-to-toe, or intuitive empathy

It’s like you are determined to wave the other person – just by looking at the face of a stranger, you without any reason suddenly want to laugh and dance.

To feel others is certainly difficult (not all people are kind and open), and valuable (you wore only one conversation with a person, imagine what would happen if you regularly meet). So try not to take emotions and moods of other people.

And finally

No doubt, we all possess a kind of inner instinct and insight, but the fact remains — not all of us trust the inner voice and treat it with respect. But those clues that gives us intuition by signs/signals/visions – the most loyal, the ways that she tells us is the most direct and leading to happiness.

Just learn to trust your intuition in love, relationships and life, and she opens before you an infinite number of new possibilities. Of course, you dont get direct instructions: “Choose Nicholas”, “Mitya – not the person who will make you happy!” or “don’t walk away from Andrew!”, but she will tell you how and in what direction you need to move ?

Author – Yulia Maximenko, website – Beautiful and Successful


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