Irritated stomach: how to eat?

A feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, loss of appetite, stomach pain, unpleasant belching — all these symptoms are not always signs of chronic gastritis.

So often makes itself felt irritated stomach – a disorder arising in the background of dysfunction of the digestive organ with excessive production of gastric juice. This disorder has its own causes and effects, that offers to talk to women’s website ““.

Irritable stomach: causes

Stomach pain arise as a result of muscle spasm, which may be caused by the following factors:

  • Violations of the rules of power. This syndrome is most familiar to people who love the protein-carbohydrate foods and systematically pay attention to it. Heaviness in the abdomen, bloating and pain are sensations often faced by students, Amateurs to eat dry.
  • Addiction to spicy dishes, generously seasoned with various spices. This food stimulates the production of gastric juice, and regular use of the stomach lining begins to suffer due to the aggressive hydrochloric acid.
  • Love very hot food. Some impatient person can’t wait until the dish has cooled, consume it immediately after preparation. In the result, burn mucous membranes of the digestive tract.
  • Earn irritation of the gastric mucosa at risk and fans of ice cream. Cold dishes irritate just as hot.
  • Use of pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, as the doctors themselves say that the majority of drugs has a negative impact on the digestive organs.
  • Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks – the worst enemies of the stomach. Their use can cause a number of disorders of the body, including irritation of its mucosa.
  • Coffee. Excessive coffee is one of the most common causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and other digestive organs.
  • Stress. At the time of shock digestive organs are compressed from a spasm. As a result gastric juice begins to stand out more intensely, corroding the stomach wall. It causes pain and discomfort in the entire abdominal cavity.
  • The irritable stomach may also be a manifestation of disease of some other organ of digestion, which provokes failures in the process of gastric juice secretion.

    With irritable stomach symptoms may be the same as with many other diseases: nausea, pain, heartburn, etc. to determine Exactly what is causing the discomfort, it is possible only with the help of modern medical equipment.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    If you suspect this syndrome doctors prescribed the following tests:

  • Electrogastrography. How do I find the website this examination is the main diagnostic method for detection of diseases of the stomach. Irritable on an empty stomach or showing reduced normal electrical activity, and after eating increases the activity almost doubled.
  • Intragastric pH-meter. This procedure allows to determine the change in the level of acidity in the stomach within 2 hours.
  • An x-ray. It helps to see the level of gastric juice in the absence of food in the stomach. In a sick stomach this level will be quite high.
  • If studies show increased secretory activity of the stomach, treatment to normalize this function.

    Irritated stomach: treatment

    The main method of treatment of the disease is diet. Patients suffering from irritable “too active” of the stomach, should be deleted from the diet of a very hot, cold, spicy, fatty or sour food.

    In addition, people suffering from this disease, it is recommended to eat without haste, carefully chewing it.

    Beneficial effect on irritated and tired stomach have a variety of cereals, especially oats and buckwheat and millet, rice, linseed. In them in varying concentrations contains mucus that coats the stomach wall, soothes irritated mucous membranes and also contributes to its healing.

    Food in irritable stomach should be modal, preferably a fractional. Alcohol, coffee, smoked meat and other pleasures under the ban.

    To cope with the disease quickly will help a well-established mode of the day with a full bed, a walk in the fresh air, emotional calm, reasonable physical activity. In case of strong discomfort, the doctor may prescribe the patient with such a problem drugs that block the activity of the secretory function of the stomach or antacids.

    Will help razdrajennouu stomach also folk remedies, drink honey water, juice of potato or carrot in the morning on an empty stomach, intake of herbal infusions with chamomile, calamus, calendula, fireweed and other herbs that have the ability to reduce inflammation in the stomach.

    The key to the problem with the stomach – don’t ignore the disease and not to delay the visit to the gastroenterologist. Otherwise there is a risk of escalating this disease in such diseases as chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer or erosion of the stomach. And to deal with them much more difficult.

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