Is it bad to lose virginity “late”?

“Good evening, female site I am 20 years old and I’m still a virgin. I’m not shy about it, I’m cute, not a bookworm, and I don’t have archaic views. But as soon as men learn about it, they speak about its respect for, immediately rolled up “shop”. Maybe I’m old virgin? To lose virginity later — is that bad? What men think on this subject and why are we afraid of? Question to Igor Kolosov! Thank you. Vika”.

Vic, Your question consists of two parts, which, though related, but still different. And so I’ll answer in order. But I promise: with the “fear” men we “deal” ?, and the “bad late” I will find for You a comprehensive and unbiased answer.

No problems though, because You said yourself that You are ashamed of virginity, and the views You have are not outdated, You are attractive, lead a normal lifestyle. Summary: a few pages ?

Every virgin has their own destiny!

Vika, short introduction. Each of people is unique and has their own destiny. So own destiny every virginity!

Once our fathers and grandfathers, “wedge” to the side of virtue and decency: women needed to marry virgins. People tend to go to extremes, and now often hear that he became a “need” to do IT quickly.

But the fact that You, Vic, the last thing you need to look towards “fashionable”, and to live itself. Any time frames – ephemeral (illusion). Imagine it becomes fashionable to lose virginity in 15 years. So, in a 16 – old virgin? And in 15 years and 3 months? Or at 15 and 8 months? This is just ridiculous!

Bad later?

Frankly, I do not know what I would say if You are 35 ? But You are only 20! With the position of my 36 You are all only begins. But even with the 18-year-old to retirement You still have a gap of time ?

The age of majority in most countries of the world – 21. So You are still a minor ?

You raised the issue of “bad late” to lose their virginity. But the fact of the matter is that the concept of “later” is very vague. Unfortunately, people are exposed to patterns in all spheres of life and even in respect of such absolutely individual question, the first time to do IT.

If in some forum put the bar in 18 years, it appears that 18 and a half the majority of virgins are stupid, ugly and useless? Yeah… Against these iron arguments even have nothing to say ?

The concept of “later” may be only in Your head, but in reality You do THIS for the first time in that moment, when the circumstances and the man would be the most appropriate ? was Not until this moment? So, there was favorable circumstances (and men), and it is not the female beauty depends!

Men afraid of virgins?

Vika, what men learn about Your virginity”, as You say, turn to the “shop,” partly says that You come across men not without feeling some responsibility ?

Understand, if a man should become for You first, it imposes on him (purely nominal) any duties. Let You do not require from him any that does not help. Well, not people (not only men) to unnecessary obligations ?

Only don’t misunderstand! If someone backtracked, this does not meanthat You are interested in it only as sex. Rare man in the beginning of a relationship absolutely confident in the plans in relation to this girl. Because of frequent fluctuations.

Believe me, Vic, don’t be men of respect for You as a person, Your virginity would not have stopped many. This is not true in every case, but for the most part.

Although for some men virginity is a hindrance for the normal (usual) sex, because they give back. But such a man and didn’t need You as a first ?

An example of life

Finally, Vika will give You an example from personal experience. My future wife was 20 and a half when she met me. She was a virgin (I didn’t make this up! just a coincidence) and also wasn’t shy about it.

And she never wanted the husband was the first on the contrary had planned for someone else. But somehow all was not the case. This isn’t a manicure at the beauty salon to do ?

As a result, she and I are all happy. And although for me it didn’t matter whether I have a future wife first now I’m grateful to her, and in the soul there will arise pleasant feeling ?

So, Vika in any case, You are now in the black, not the red. Let “loads” more. And to You it happened at the highest level ? and your man from me to You talisman:

After meeting you I’m still interested in women. I look at them. And more!

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