Is it harmful eyelash extensions: 5 facts you need to know about

Is it harmful eyelash extensions? How to minimize the negative effects of the procedure? And whether they, in principle? And that is important to consider when planning to make eyes irresistible? Will talk about the details of correction the natural lash is in the details.

When deciding on eyelash extensions, the pros and cons should be weighed carefully. There is no need to heed the advice of “experienced” and those who only know something about the modern techniques of application of false eyelashes, but they never used them. We suggest you consider the 5 most common views about the dangers of the procedure. And to know the opinion of cosmetologists.

5 myths about eyelash extensions and reality

  • Your lashes will fall out. Will definitely drop out, even if you will carry out the building in the most fashionable licensed salon. The fact that the lashes fall out by nature. The life cycle of each hair is 200 days. And how quickly they grow and regenerate, dependent on the care of the skin of the eyelids and the presence in the body of essential vitamins. Visually the damage of your lashes very noticeable: when you’re shooting overhead, and you think that the eyes are “bald”. The reason here lies in the fact that you have become accustomed to watch on your eyelids thick and luxurious hair.
  • Adhesives are very harmful. To the question of what is harmful eyelash extensions, often the answer is: the influence of glue. If you use the cheapest, bought at the supermarket, the consequences will indeed be serious. In the best case for centuries remain film, at worst you will develop swelling and allergic reaction. If the procedure is performed in the salon with the license, use professional adhesives, no adverse effects on the skin and hairs. But in this case the likelihood of allergies, no one is immune.
  • Your lashes will break. This fact is one of the most negative effects of eyelash extensions. But there are nuances. The kink family of cilia in the majority of cases is an indicator of the lack of professionalism of the wizard. If the original was selected as the hairs of a suitable structure, and the application of them is made according to the rules, the fracture is extremely unlikely.
  • When removing always suffer their eyelashes. With this fact involves a lot of controversy about how harmful false eyelashes. But in this case there is features. If you conduct the removal by yourself, more than likely to remove their hairs together with artificial. If it will make the master in the cabin, he will use special tools, quickly and safely dissolves the glue. In this case, all your hairs will remain in place.
  • The effect lasts long. It depends on the skills of the master. Unprofessional application will provide the result only for a week. An experienced professional will guarantee that the hairs will stay at least 3 weeks. Ideally, the correction is performed 1 time per month.
  • The pros and cons of the procedure

    Given these facts about the eyelash extension pros and cons can be weighed more consciously.

    Eyelash extensions — pros

    • Your look is irresistible, even if nature has deprived you natural eyelashes.
    • You don’t need to touch up the eyes. This way you save time and money usually spent on buying prismatica. By the way, great mascara is no less than the correction procedure of the eyelashes.
    • You look perfect, whatever the time of day — morning and evening.
    • You can change! This allows different variants of the cilia, providing different effects glance: Fox, squirrel, natural…

    Eyelash extensions — cons

    • Increases the risk of allergic reaction — redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids.
    • False eyelashes require self — discipline will have to give up the habit of rubbing your eyes or sleeping on my stomach.
    • You should regularly perform the correction, otherwise your eyes will look ridiculous because of crumbling beams.
    • Need to find a good master is probably the most important factor in the durability of false eyelashes and unproblematic.

    For whom the procedure is clearly not suitable?

    Be sure to consider individual characteristics when planning the eyelash. Harmful or not this decision, you should check with your doctor.

    • You wear contact lenses. In this case, the risk of allergic reactions is greatly increased. Moreover, apart from the usual allergies may develop inflammatory processes. Neglected inflammation poses a risk for eye health destroys the retina.
    • You suffer from a chronic conjunctivitis. In this disease in the centuries does not stop the sluggish inflammatory process. Any intervention can lead to its aggravation, to cope with which will be much harder than usual.
    • Your native lashes are very thin and weak. Of course, the correction will mask this defect. But the mount slips on a thin native hairs may completely destroy them. Ask your cosmetologist how to strengthen your lashes. Most likely, you will be advised to undergo a one-month course of therapy with castor oil, and only then to perform the procedure.

    So, is it harmful eyelash extensions? Reviews show that most faults can adjust the professionalism of the contractor. It is also necessary to consider the contraindications for this cosmetic procedure.

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