Is it possible to leave the baby alone at home and how old?

The issue of concern to all parents – because everyone wants to get a chance to go to the store, not to mention the longer absences…

The website will tell not so much about how old to leave child at home alone (because one of suitable age is not and can not be), but about how to monitor the time when your baby is ready.

How to understand what the child is already able to stay home by yourself?

Here the question is more associated not with age but with mental maturity. If you ask your friends with children, then certainly there is as fearless supporter of early child independence, which says “And I with three years left, and nothing!” so “crazy mother”, not daring to leave unattended and the school.

There is no such age when it is necessary at any cost to teach a child to sit alone in the house, if you see that it is objectively not ready. What is the psychological readiness?

  • The child is sane and more or less obedient (i.e., adequately fulfills the requirements and requests, able to listen, remember and do what he was asked). If he even in normal circumstances “in one ear flies, out the other”, and you’re never sure what he’s gonna do what to talk to him – there is no guarantee that it will be without you to behave properly.
  • It is never unreasonable or biased provoked by causes of panic attacks, fear or other strong emotions, during which he loosely controls their behavior. Small children can really be afraid to be alone, to cry and to feel strong emotional discomfort.
  • His usual behavior and actions more or less predictable, he rarely creates obvious stupidity and oddities.
  • He is able to secure at least the minimum the comfort of home – to go to the bathroom, to get food where for him left to get dressed, if cold, open the window, if it is warm to wash, if soiled, etc.

What the law says about whether to leave a child home alone?

The law is strict – and in Russia, and in Ukraine it is impossible to leave without supervision of parents or other responsible adults (relatives, teachers) of children under the age of 14 years. In other countries this age varies in the range of 12-16 years.

What does this mean in practice?

If a child is younger than this age something happens while he is alone at the place of actual residence, the incident would be considered a result of the negligence of the parents and of their violation of the law, not just an accident.

How to prepare to leave the child alone at home?

Few kilometer to issue instructions in writing and to read a two-hour notation. Important:

  • Make sure that the child is able to behave safely.
  • To make every effort so that it was not potential sources of danger.
  • How to implement it in practice? Before you can leave the child truly one’s home, take a few test attempts:

    • Tell them that you were leaving at a certain time (e.g. half an hour), but return ostensibly due to unforeseen circumstances or for a forgotten thing in five minutes. Let’s see what happened during your absence and what your child.
    • If there is a possibility of remote monitoring of baby – fine. Install a webcam and watch a movie Home Alone with your child in the lead role, not far from the apartment.
    • During the trial the absent arrange the test for the child in one of the situations about which you were instructed. For example, at the door a stranger (ask one of your friends to play this role). Or friend – say, a neighbor. How to react to the baby according to the instructions, or begin to improvise?

    But deciding whether to leave a child home alone anyway, you cannot rely on its obedience and responsibility. Do everything possible to minimize the number of potential sources of danger.

    • Get in a really inaccessible place knives, scissors, sewing supplies, matches and lighters, etc.
    • If there are products which the child absolutely can not do is hide them, lock or try to time your absence in the house of such products was not. From gourmet bans, the children do suffer the most and usually sincerely believe that “if I eat a small piece, it will be unnoticed.”
    • Hide away the drugs and alcohol. Not always, but sometimes kids fool around with fellow crazy idea to try what adults drink.
    • If you are not sure that your child knows how to use a stove, turn on and off faucets – better to just shut off before the outlet valve of the gas pipe and valves on the water pipes. Of course, leave the supply of drinking water and water “technical” (e.g., hand wash – basin), and some food that does not require heating.
    • I am afraid that the child in the absence of parents wander into what is not such a site on the Internet – turn off the Internet or put a password to log on to the computer. Just keep in mind that visiting teen sites can easily take place at a time when the child is not at home one…

    Best of all – leaving the son or daughter first or second time in my life one at home in front of absent to hand him some gift, which it certainly is: a new sketchpad, a box of clay, a book… or at least try a new game on his tablet. Employed new thing the baby will not have time and enthusiasm for pranks!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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