Is it possible to save money on clothes and look stylish?

New clothes – one item of expenditure, which most girls tend to uncontrollably grow and spread… we All want to treat the Closet, but not to upset the Wallet! How to save money on clothes? The website “” knows the answer!

What kind of clothes to economise?

Nobody wants to pay more for things if it’s unclear what caused this margin. On the other hand, say that the miser pays twice and it is absolutely right, if the thing wears out quickly and you have to buy a new one.

Where is the line between reasonable “Indian giving” and wish to wear quality stuff – how to save money on clothes without losing the comfort?

The website “” offers you a conditional division of all things wardrobe into three groups.

This do not save!

The first group – clothing, save where it is not necessary if you plan to wear it for a long time:

  • Outerwear. Coats, jackets, cotton (fluff), coats, leather jacket. Natural materials are not cheap if the price is unusually low, wait a trick! However, artificial fur, imitation leather, imitation sheepskin etc materials are also higher quality and more durable than the more expensive, the difference is usually visible to the naked eye.
  • Things made of natural wool, silk, linen , etc. If properly care for them, they are “eternal.” I do not need to explain what the many advantages are natural fabrics to wear!
  • Casual shoes. Boots that will slap all the puddles and snowdrifts, barefoot, “in the feast and in the world”, etc. If too cheap, you will have to buy again.
  • Minimum basic wardrobe is sitting on you things: jeans, cotton shirt, fleece turtleneck, maybe something else in your casual style. This is the basis that will go with you “fire, water and copper pipes”; the things you wear, don’t hesitate, because they know that they perfect and universal.
  • Sports and tourist clothes and shoes (if you really do sports or Hiking). It is a question of comfort, and sometimes health! If to save money on clothes at this one!

And this one save!

The next group of things that will help you to save on wardrobe.

The clothes, which is virtually identical in quality and appearance, whether it is bought in a regular store or an expensive boutique. The case when the “why pay more?”.

  • Cotton things – shirts, sundresses, etc. cotton is a cheap fabric, it is sewn and “mass consumption”, and product design. If you buy something “100% cotton” in an expensive boutique, you do not pay for cotton, and for the name of the designer, the rental and decoration of the showroom, advertising, etc. You agree to it?
  • Jersey. The quality of the knit is different, it is natural or artificial. However, the vast majority of cases, you can determine the quality of the knitwear to the touch – what you see and feel, this is it. If you like a t-shirt on the market – trust me, the same t-shirt in the boutique is fundamentally no different. By the way, the cotton knit is quite inexpensive.
  • Faux chiffon , etc. fabrics made of polyester or viscose. The only difference in the design that is sewn from natural fabrics. If you like a thing a common style and type, it is unlikely that you will feel the difference of quality by paying a higher price – that’s a reason to save on clothing! Unless you fancy something unusual in cut or finish not with cheap ones.
  • Clothing of unnatural threads. They are covered with the “pellets” exactly the same, same stretch and “sit” — their durability depends not on price, but proper care.
  • Underwear, socks, tights , etc. Here is the boundary of the price that you must determine by your feelings. Cheaper – you will be uncomfortable. And more – you won’t feel a significant difference, and unless you entertain the thought, “Oh, I have today set Victoria’s Secret!”. There are very cheap clothes – usually, it is quickly torn, stretched, hard dirt. But it is necessary to figure out what price level is acceptable to you starts with quality – and will be, significantly above this bar “to jump” is almost useless, nothing very special there. Of course, we are all different. I know women who buy regular underwear on the market, but acquire the original French pantyhose and stockings – even though they are five times more expensive, but the “arrows” they appear five times at least! Some ladies take an inexpensive panties for every day, but are willing to spend money on beautiful lingerie for special nights, others prefer an upscale casual linen and save on the “pampering” because “will Pokrass three minutes, and men still do not understand that how much cost”.
  • Vacation clothing. To save on clothing that can only be worn on vacation. it’s easy! We all have shawls, tunics razletayki, waistcoats and hats, shorts and other pieces that are worn 10 days a year. Trust me, beach pareo from the nearest stall and scarf from an expensive catalog look completely equivalent. Yes, and you would not want to think seriously about the price of what you’re lying on the sand and splashing in the waves!
  • Home clothing. Pajamas, knitted sets, bathrobes, etc. If will find something pleasing at a low price, take it. Perhaps the store you find fault with every uneven shovchik, but after a week of wearing at home will feel fantastic in a Chinese nightgown and rejoice that it is Sponge Bob, and the ketchup stain is almost not noticeable!
  • Dressy clothes for a special occasion. You’re probably not a movie star, and you will not get any headlines in the style of “Scandal – Masha Ivanova came to Oscar in the Turkish dress on sale!”. But in ordinary life we all have experiences that when you need to appear in fancy dress – birthday parties, wedding (we aren’t talking about their own), etc. to Carry from year to year to every party is the same dress that spent a lot of money is pretty silly. “Masha again will wear a blue dress” — unless you want to of your designer treasure has responded this way? So buy something suitable at the same sale, wear three times, zapechatlena in all the photos and throw out when they start to paryatsya sequins or put spot from Olivier on the faux silk!

This – do not buy!

How to save money on clothes – what not to buy at all, if not absolutely “free” money?

  • Something very extravagant, though inconvenient and impractical. It will hang in the corner, not to be worn. Either will trigger a series of equally strange purchases “in kit”.
  • Cheap plastic jewelry. She always looks cheap and stupid, believe me.
  • The latest trend things in the past-last season. “And suddenly the fashion will come back?”. Here come back then and buy. And if you’re going to wear it now – that no one will understand that the new, think – shaken from last year’s archives…
  • Uncomfortable shoes (though expensive, even a cheap one). If there is a suspicion that the Super Shoes you cross will not give up (and to be honest, then three steps will do just relying on the shoulder of the cavalier) – put them in the store!

In General, to economize on clothing you can, if to pay less attention to ads and brands!

Several concepts how to save money on wardrobe

We already wrote how to make a dressing (for example, you can read about the capsule wardrobe). Now offer several concepts to suit different tastes, allowing you to save on closet — to have what you really need and avoid unnecessary spending.

  • Honey Bazis – cheap add-on. The Foundation of the wardrobe is versatile for you things are very good quality that you can wear for a long time. A lot of them. But they can be supplemented as your financial capacity – accessories, jewelry, extra things, etc. Well-fitting jeans and longsleeve can be supplemented with inexpensive scarves, beads, vests and other items that you can throw any top – you are unlikely something will spoil the image! If there is no money to buy supplements, nothing to worry about, you already have everything you need! This concept is how to save money on clothes, good for lovers of office, classics, for women, who by the nature of the work, adhere to the business dress code, or students.
  • Cheap basis – awesome. Concept for lovers of boho, style, hipster, casual and other free creative directions. The fundamentals are simple, inexpensive things – maybe the same jeans-tops-sweaters. But “taste” will give non-standard additions – handmade jewelry, ethnic handbags, branded sunglasses etc. If you get one definitely not a cheap thing-the accent – you just second even dropped the “basis”, because it is not pathetic attempts unsuccessfully to save on wardrobe and creative approach and individual style! So do many celebrities, by the way!
  • Ethno, boho, hippie… If you close these areas, then you probably know that here price and brand of things play no role, and an important good taste when it is combined incongruous – vintage, hand-made, “consumer goods” and somehow wormed his way into your closet “the company”… an Outlet for creative individuals who and do not seek to demonstrate “high cost” of his appearance!
  • And another tip how to save money on clothes.

    Go to the cheap seats (the usual shops, drains), but carefully think of what you like as sewn what feels like stretches etc. Most defects can be detected through a thorough inspection before you buy!

    Trust me, if you don’t chase brands, it can be very pretty to dress in cheap and quality items – and you will impress others taste in selection and combination of things, not to shock spent on clothing amounts!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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