Is it worth buying a slow cooker: for and against

Today more and more women are thinking on the question of whether to buy a slow cooker, and because women’s website decided once and for all sort out this issue.

What is slow cooker?

The slow cooker is a pan that heats up not only the bottom but also the sides. She tightly closed with a lid, but leaves the possibility to free the pair.

Thus, the inside of the slow cooker are always supported by not only a certain temperature, but also humidity and pressure required for cooking various dishes.

The slow cooker able to fry, simmer, bake, boil and cook for a couple.What, for example, can be cooked in a slow cooker, read this article on the women’s website ““.

With some of these tasks, it handles great, other is slightly inferior to the traditional pan and the oven. And because you need to think carefully about whether you specifically buy the slow cooker.

Is it worth buying a slow cooker: pros

  • The slow cooker just copes with the preparation of various cereals, especially those that require long cooking time. In modern devices of porridge prepared technically correct — first slow cooker dish to bring to a boil, then reduce the temperature and allow him some time to potamitissa.
  • If you are rarely home and do not find on a full-time cooking, the slow cooker will easily help you out. Thanks to the delayed start she’ll make a soup or stew just in time for your return home.
  • The slow cooker is perfect for busy or absentminded people who have always something to boil over or burn. That’s why most young mothers to question whether to buy a home multivarku-cooker, always respond positively.
  • The slow cooker is a great solution for cottages or apartments with a small kitchen. If you are unhappy with your stove, but for some reason not ready to change it, the slow cooker also comes in handy.
  • Buy slow cooker: the cons

  • The slow cooker may be you don’t need if you already have the necessary kitchen equipment, performing similar functions. We are talking about pressure cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, bread maker, good oven, and just a special pot for stewing.
  • Slow cooker dishes are prepared at times longer than the traditional stove. Therefore, if you need to cook something quickly it is better to use the old proven ways.
  • In a slow cooker if you are attracted to solely function a delayed start of cooking and automatic off, that is no reason to fork out for another appliance. Today exactly the same functions can boast of a electric oven.
  • The slow cooker can replace many household appliances, but not all. For example, it will never make a ruddy juicy steak, because the liquid at the bottom of the tank will not evaporate and the meat will have braised, not fried. On the other hand, if you prefer to eat cooked food, you have enough and quality food steamers. Thus, their usual menu you also need to consider thinking whether to buy a slow cooker.
  • If you have a large family or you love to cook for several days ahead, then the answer to the question of whether to buy a slow cooker, will be more negative. The volume of the inner bowl of the slow cooker is rarely more than 4-5 liters. And you can fill it a maximum of two-thirds. This means that the number of prepared food in a slow cooker will be very small.
  • About slow cooker reviews from users with experience

    If you are still puzzled whether to buy a slow cooker, reviews will help you to finally determine with the choice. In the web you can find a lot of different reviews left by the owners multivarok after prolonged use. The website offers to get acquainted with some of them:

    • Breadmaker five months ago. Don’t know how I did without it before. With two small children I just saved it. I don’t even remember when was the last time I turned on the stove. Anya, 28 years.
    • I love to cook and am in the kitchen quite a lot of time daily. Slow cooker for me is not replaced, neither the stove nor the oven, but rather complements them. For example, while in the pan I fried the meat, put in slow cooker to prepare porridge. So I find it easier and not have to worry that you will not have time to shut down or prevent the mess in time. Irina, 35 years.
    • The slow cooker has received from her husband on my last birthday and since then this device sitting in my kitchen cupboard. Than to wait for it to cook, for example, soup, it’s so much easier and faster to cook it in a regular saucepan. It takes twice less time, and result is way better. But each decides whether to buy a slow cooker, for himself. Kate, 42 years old.

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