Is it worth buying on Aliexpress?

Markets, shops, boutiques literally crammed with goods of Chinese origin. They differ affordable price, but why pay more when you can buy it all directly from the suppliers from China? Women’s website “” held “expertise” most popular international online store and find out how to buy on Aliexpress.

How to buy goods on Aliexpress: features

Before you discover AliExpress, get ready because it will delay you into their network. The variety of goods is huge, and the prices are ridiculous. You will feel that you buy cheap, and the total amount can hit and be tidy.

And all because to abandon the acquisition of such “necessary” and cheap things very difficult.

So, if you decided to buy goods on Aliexpress, for a start register on the site. To do this, select your language, which in the future will be displayed in the interface. When you register, you can enter data in Russian: the site itself will do the translation.

Be sure to check your data, if you correctly entered the code, address, name and surname, this will depend on how quickly it will arrive and your parcel will arrive whether.

Lost in translation

The same place where you changed the language to Russian, you must set the currency.

You are now ready to choose the products. And then you will have the first surprise – the automatic translation of the website. Some names and descriptions will be absurd and ridiculous, that’s just some of them:

  • A man comes in the bike is on motorcycle jacket;
  • Women over knee tattoo – we are talking about pantyhose style stockings;
  • 2015 hot spring autumn again talking about the tights, but warm.

To understand what it was about, better to focus on pictures, reviews and full description on the page of the product.

Prepare to be that some familiar names for us on AliExpress will be interpreted differently. For example, if you’re looking for uggs, the majority of the site will produce original Australian products. But to find them cheaper counterpart, it is better to enter “snow boots” or simply “boots”.

The quality of Chinese goods

The main reason for doubt about whether to buy on Aliexpress, is the stereotype that all Chinese is sure to be of poor quality. On the website you can find the products are not worse than in Russia, but may not be so lucky, and you did not send it, what you expected. If this lottery is not for you, buy at the Mall.

Mall is the virtual Department brand items. We are talking about Chinese brands, but all that is posted here is guaranteed high quality. Buying in the Mall will not be cheap, but here you can grab a really exclusive products, which will cost much more expensive.

Sending the order is faster, the seller gives a quality assurance, and if a dispute arises, it is solved promptly.

If you on AliExpress just for the sake of the low prices, you might be interested in Hot deals section, which laid out the goods with impressive discounts.

The benefits of buying on Aliexpress?

I would like to say everything! But it’s not. Although AliExpress is called a hypermarket, it is possible to consider a large market where prices are not always set right.

And unfortunately, there’s a big cost does not always mean better quality (not counting the goods in the Mall).

Because if you see multiple identical items at different prices, we recommend you to pay attention to the reviews and seller rating.

So, here is a small list of what is advantageous to buy on Aliexpress:

  • Clothes;
  • Shoes;
  • Gadgets;
  • Phone accessories, tablets, computers;
  • Decor items;
  • Bags;
  • Underwear sets;
  • The baby stuff.

Note that you could buy as cheap, and expensive: it all depends on specific things and the seller.

But the fact that buying on AliExpress quite profitable:

  • Bed linen;
  • Underwear separately;
  • Dishes;
  • Children’s toys;
  • Cosmetics.

Regarding the last point I want to mention that you’re sure to find cheap cosmetics, but the quality will be very low.

How to buy on Aliexpress?

Profitable to buy on Aliexpress because here you can choose the free shipping. Before choosing the sort sellers by rating, so you are more likely to get a quality product.

Carefully read the reviews, people will tell you how to choose the size, upload photos of things in real life.

So you have chosen your desired product, you now need to order it. Be sure to go under your name. Now select your size and the color you want.

Pay attention not only to the picture color, but also for his signature, sometimes they diverge.

Be careful when choosing size, Chinese girls are “smaller”. Please contact the seller or read the feedback, maybe someone bought on Aliexpress the product you are interested. They will tell you whether to buy something a size larger. tell how to buy on Aliexpress.

After you made the order, it must be paid. For beginners this point is a concern for two reasons. First, there is a need for the introduction of SV code on the reverse side of the Bank card. The Bank always warns that to give out this information to unauthorized persons is impossible, but very soon, AliExpress will be to you as native, and you will learn to trust him. But seriously, the hypermarket is an international organization which cares about its reputation and will not cheat customers.

The second caveat is fear of deception from the seller. But he completely excluded, because the money that you pay will remain on the account AliExpress until then, until you receive your item and make sure its satisfactory quality. But more on that later.

Processing of payment takes up to 24 hours. Then the order is transmitted to seller. On the product page indicate how much time is spent to collect your parcel. Often ending with a period of 7 days (usually 1-3 days), but the number can vary, both in smaller and in a big way.

During this time, you can cancel or change your order.

Go to your profile and click “Cancel order” next to the desired position. You will see a dialog box in which you want to choose. In the same way you can change the color or size of already paid goods. Money back on your card within 2-3 days.

Before you buy through Aliexpress, think — are you willing to wait for the arrival of the goods from 45 to 60 days. He can come much earlier, but the probability to wait 2 months is always there.

If you have any questions to the seller to ask of English. Don’t know the language, use an online translator.

Once the item has arrived and you are convinced that this is exactly what you ordered, click on the website confirmation of receipt and, optionally, Express a useful opinion.

Whether to buy on Aliexpress: exchange and return goods

Ordering products online is always a risk. Fortunately, those who decide to buy on Aliexpress, the site protects, while remaining unbiased referee in disputes between buyers and sellers. But to resort to the “giant” need not immediately.

The site provides the function “Open a dispute”. This can be done in several ways:

  • The item came, but the quality is not satisfactory (scratches, breakage, cracks or improper appearance).
  • Buying has arrived, but does not correspond to the order (wrong model, size, grade).
  • The item is not arrived on time.

Click on the button “Open a dispute”, describe the problem, be sure to attach photos that testify to the veracity of your words. Next, you will answer a few questions, and mark whether you want to return the item (most likely at your expense) what indemnity you want to receive (full or partial, specify how much).

The seller will have 4 days to accept your terms or propose your own. If you don’t come to a consensus, you need to escalate the dispute, then the cause will take a team of AliExpress.

Is it worth buying on Aliexpress to solve certainly to you. For its part, say that there need at least to look, and the desire to buy will appear by itself.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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