Is it worth it to do permanent makeup eyebrows reviews

There is no woman who does not dream about beautiful eyebrows which have always been considered the object of attention of ladies of Fashion. One time in Central Asia were popular thick eyebrows. To get such girls, they were drawing juice of usmi. The juice of this herb is used for coloring the eyebrows and eyelashes until now.

We are sure that readers of women’s website “” even if you want to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, change their color, are unlikely to turn to such methods. After all, today there is no effective technology to make eyebrows look the way you want them to see. But most importantly, it will be enough to spend only once to a minimum of 2 years to forget about the everyday make-up and eyebrow correction during the day. Today’s article is for those who want to do permanent makeup eyebrows – permanent makeup.

What is permanent makeup?

In recent years, the permanent makeup eyebrows reviews collected all sorts – from enthusiastic and positive to abysmally negative.

After reading a lot of opinions, website understand: this question all depends on the quality of the tattoo, more precisely, from the artist who executes it!

And if you’re lucky enough to get to a professional, you never think how much it costs to do permanent makeup eyebrows – after all, successful performance of the work will allow you for a few years to forget about eyebrow correction and save time on daily makeup.

Many alarming is the sad experience of women who are faced with the unfortunate tattoo eyebrows does not look natural, turn blue after a time, spreads and eyebrow curves – in General, the horror and mockery!

The lack of reliable information about the procedure of tattooing has led to the fact that many people are afraid to spoil yourself. And if we consider that the removal of tattoo eyebrows (reviews of which you will find in the article) to hold is not easy, not everyone has the courage to go for it.

Let’s consider in more detail what is the procedure? What about those who wrote in the forums: “I Want to do tattooing eyebrows, but greatly feared”?

We offer you to read the reviews about the eyebrows, which describe ways of applying the permanent.

  • I read about hair permanent makeup eyebrows reviews, and realized that tattooing is is when under the skin in the eyebrow is injected pigment. There are two ways: the first is feathering, when the skin under the eyebrow is painted with paint so if you do it in real life, done in pencil and ink. There is also another way how to make beautiful eyebrows – tattooing in this case, in my opinion, is a more natural hair. Pigment is drawn, rather, simulates hair: you can choose the best length and direction of growth. Lena.
  • Paint for tattooing do not stain the skin. In a few years (years 2 – 3) pigment fades due to the natural changes that occur in the skin, and then disappears. These are permanent inks not cheap. You need to carefully choose the wizard in order to save negligent beauticians mixed: acrylic paint, perpetuating it on the eyebrows for life! Because of this, there is a terrible black color eyebrows, and eventually emerges around her with a bluish tinge. Lily.

What changes happen to the skin?

From the reviews it is clear that tattooing eyebrows is a cosmetic procedure, which under the skin of the eyebrow with a special needle introduced natural pigments — paint. They is chosen individually for each client, depending on what color and shade is preferable.

Since tattooing is done with a needle, then the skin damage will be mandatory, and the healing process will not be quick. The result will be noticeable after about a month. Why this is so, you will understand the main stages of the changes that occur to the skin when tattooing.

  • Phase 1 – inflammation

Is a needle shallow puncture of the skin up to 0.3 mm. In response to the damaged skin inflamed, red, swells, hurts. At the site of injury appears blood and lymph. Drying up, they form a crust which protects the skin while healing.

  • Phase 2 – reproduction

Approximately 3rd day restored blood supply in the damaged area and starts the healing process. On the 4th day, a new layer of skin cells that cover the wound.

  • 3 phase – epithelialization

5 – 7 day process is completed. The number of new cells increases significantly, begins to grow younger skin. Eyebrows can begin to peel off – so fall off of necrotic tissue. In their place, now formed the young skin that has a new color because embedded in the process of tattooing pigment.

Thus, after the eyebrow tattoo will be what you would like to see them immediately. Necessary time until the recovery process will take place as usual. But this does not mean that those who have done permanent makeup, you need a week to sit at home.

The most “scary”, according to masters, day 2, when the skin is severely inflamed, you may receive the swelling and puffiness.

  • What I saw in the mirror, after returning from the eyebrows, I was shocked: the wide black eyebrows – I certainly did not order. I wish I knew how it would look the next day! Eyebrows are not only wide, but also swollen. “The way it should be! — reassured the wizard. — In any case it will be impossible to remove the crust which appears a little later. You should also avoid the sun, do not go to the bath – to prevent pore expanded”. Some days I smeared eyebrow “Rescuer” and moistened with cream. After 3 weeks I went to correct and saw in the mirror what you wanted to see: eyebrow steel brushed, lighter and very beautiful. Eugene.

The procedure of eyebrow tattooing lasts about one and a half hours and is conducted in conditions of absolute sterility. Needles, as well as other consumables — just the disposable.

Be used local anesthesia (most often, the ointment “Elma”), and after treatment superimposed bactericidal gel that relieves inflammation.

Video how to make permanent makeup eyebrows:


Since tattooing is closely connected with the violation of the integrity of the skin, there is a risk to not immediately obtain the desired result. In Germany, where permanent makeup is recognized as the official procedure stated that the required 3 sessions of tattoo to reach maximum effect.

After the procedure after 2 – 3 weeks must seem like a master. Correction tattooing in this case it does not work on the bugs, and revision.

The wizard will look like it came from the tattoo, whether it is evenly applied to the skin, there are no flashes. As mentioned earlier, tattooing involves skin damage. Because of this, possible defects, which previously was not visible, for example, due to swelling or bleeding.

A good master requires 1 correction, very rarely – 2, to correct.

If to speak about the correction, how about working to correct the mistakes of previous masters, it is quite another question. To redo someone’s work is always harder. Moreover, if you want to remove permanent makeup eyebrows reviews say that this can only be done with a laser.

Substandard tattoo: video compilation

Tattoo removal

As they say themselves permanent makeup artist: “a Tattoo is that you can always increase, but it is not always possible to reduce”.

Reviews about tattoo eyebrows that you can find on the Internet suggests that often after his eyebrows “a La Volochkova”, or plotted black continuous strip, or skew curves and the like. Willy-nilly you look for ways on how to remove eyebrow tattoo.

The most effective method today is laser removal. It should immediately be noted that in order to display the tattoo, especially if it’s made: acrylic paint (which is not acceptable!), you need multiple sessions.

  • In order to remove that terrible tattoo “ecstatically surprised” eyebrows, done foolishly in his youth at home tattoo gun, it took me a year! I just wanted to cover a new tattoo, but the master did not go for it, sending me into laser removal of eyebrow tattoo. Over the 5 sessions they are much lighter, but still not gone. Marina

So, before you do permanent makeup eyebrows reviews, find out about the wizard, see photos of his works, to ask, what experience, how much do tattoo eyebrows, what kind of paint, etc. the Indicative price range – not less than $ 60. Paint for permanent make-up darling, and don’t forget the price includes the work of the master. It is useful to weigh all the “pros” and “cons” of permanent makeup in General.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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