Is it worth to pretend to be silly in front of a man, how to play the fool

Remember the famous “catch phrase” about the fact that women are either “the beauty of what a fool”, or “the horror what fools”? Is it not a shame?! It’s a shame! Why is it so strong in the public mind a stereotype that is not too smart a lady is easier to gain success with the opposite sex? This stereotype cultivated by many books and movies – is enough to recall images kinogeroi the famous blonde Marilyn Monroe! And whether to “play dumb” in life? Deal with Beautiful and Successful!

Why is it that gentlemen prefer “blondes”?

There is firmly embedded in the minds of many girls of the view that to win the sympathy of men and to build with him a long-term relationship it’s easier for the silly – naive, not too educated, not trying to delve into the complex male things… It’s not! shatters stereotypes about the relation of men to fools!

Stereotype 1

Men are more willing to get acquainted with a cute fool, because subconsciously you don’t want to be next to a woman who may be smarter and stronger than him.

A certain number of men sometimes really talk like that! But not all!

Think about it – if you need a man who value themselves so low that you are specifically looking for a fool, in order not to have a “pale view” with a clever self-sufficient woman?

Stereotype 2

Men fall in love with fools like crazy, and clever-Razumnitsa are usually more pragmatic, without the crazy romance.

Perhaps this stereotype is an invention of those very jealous “girl” who put pressure on the root of the desire of men to romantic actions!

And men and really don’t want to bust my ass if the lady actively demonstrates their own strength to stop the horses gallop and the entry into burning huts!

Stereotype 3

Men more willing to marry a fool, because they do not climb into their lives and agree on the traditional role of “homemakers” — without any feminist vzbrykov and creative research.

In fact, these homemakers can only become wise and patient womanwho had consciously made a vital priority of family and the home.

“Bareware” man does not need – by nature he is a lone wolf, and is unlikely to let into your life “free maid”. On the contrary, worthy of our attention men looking for a wife friend, wife, partner, wife, who becomes for him the same support as he did for her!

A marriage with dorks usually end in divorce.

 You still want to “play silly”?!

How to “play the fool”?

But still, for the sake of building harmonious relationships with the young person sometimes is to be “the beauty of what a fool” — this will significantly reduce the number of quarrels and insults!

For example, if:

  • If the man does “finely floats” to some specific issueswhere you – as. Well not read it “Poetics” of Aristotle, and that’s it! But if you suddenly break out a lecture about this work (brief, 40 minutes), the male is unlikely to admire your erudition – rather, feel idiot and will regard all this as a deliberate attempt to convict him of ignorance!
  • If it’s not real. It is a classic kind of flirtation is the game in the “big and clever” man and “a little silly” girl. You’re not going to answer: “I make more than you and I’ll do it all myself” to the sentence: “Kid, want some ice cream?”?
  • If we are talking about very masculine and very important for your man business – for example, tuning cars, fishing, football… not to destroy the aura of “male activities”, it is better to pretend that do not distinguish the worm from the spinners — you’re not important?

And in General, constantly “push intelligence” and seek out gaps in the knowledge of men is not necessary – he’ll think you are either “walking encyclopedia”, which has nothing else to attract the attention of the opposite sex or a bitch that tries to humiliate and insult!

When not to hide their own intelligence?

In fact, if intelligence is, to hide or to downplay it is very problematic for any game and flirting men remarkably see the real essence of a woman!

Anyone, even an innocent act has its own line that the switch is not necessary – either the guy will become boring to constantly talk on “light” topics and astonished by the naivety and ignorance of the girls or, God forbid, he will think that she considers a fool of himself, and therefore deliberately “down to his level”!

So seriously, pretending to be silly is not worth it, especially do not try to create a sort of “blondinochka” image (we are not talking about hair color, and stereotypical assessment of mental abilities svetloseryj the ladies)!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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