Jam and walnuts: recipe, benefits and harms

Have you ever tried jam nut? You know what the twist is one the banks of the hostess would sometimes spend a few weeks? And all this time they actually conjure ever-present raw material of the future dessert… And doing so, in order to obtain the most valuable for health product. Despite the apparent complexity, the recipe of jam from walnuts is easy even for cooks-beginners.

5 min 1 portion. Very easy to prepare

Tatiana Loginova 20 Jun 20171006

Why do so many people have never heard of peanut jam or only vaguely remember the taste of childhood? The answer to this question in the geography of growth walnut. And it grows in the Caucasus and in the Talysh mountains, in the Tian Shan and the Balkans, China, India, Iran, Ukraine, Greece and Asia Minor. The inhabitants of these regions are lucky and they have the ability to procure young fruit for the future. The population of the rest of the world to do is to enjoy the Mature nuts, which is also good. But why is it so useful green walnuts and how they differ from ripe?

What’s useful about the product

Walnuts — an inexhaustible source of essential substances, vitamins, minerals. They are rich in protein and healthy fats. But with the maturation of the fruits of their chemical composition changes. The value is unripe nuts that peel, which then hardens, contains huge amounts of iodine. Insufficient intake of this element with food threatens the oppression of the thyroid gland, and, therefore, hormone-dependent disorder of all metabolic processes. With the maturation of walnut rind lose significant amounts of iodine, and the remainder to solid shell becomes virtually impossible.

Except for iodine, walnuts are rich in b vitamins, C, PP, A, E, and K. Plus they contain: magnesium, iron, fluorine, cobalt, zinc, sulphur, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, selenium, sodium. High content of essential acids: stearic, oleic, palmitic, linoleic. The structure also includes tannins, flavonoids, quinones, essential oils. This list is comparable to the description of the pharmacy multivitamin complexes, isn’t it?

This gives the nuts a rich range of useful properties:

  • improve cerebral circulation, memory, concentration of attention;
  • strengthen blood vessels;
  • have a pronounced anthelmintic effect;
  • have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action;
  • restore muscle after exercise;
  • stabilize the nervous system;
  • strengthen bone, teeth, joints;
  • help the work of the heart;
  • able to establish the function of the liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • improve the metabolism.

In addition, nuts are useful for women in the process of recovery of reproductive function. Benefits for men invaluable during sexual impotence and prostate.

People who use jam nuts in the cold season and during epidemics, noted a significant decrease in cases of respiratory diseases and much more rapid recovery. Those who suffer from arrhythmia, tachycardia and other heart ailments, unstable blood pressure, indicate an improvement in health and overall body tone.

When treat — taboo

However, so many advantages do not lose your head and start blindly absorb the product — walnuts have its contraindications. With caution should eat nuts women during pregnancy and lactation, because they are quite a strong allergen. The exception is women whose pregnancy is complicated by the lack of iodine. For them, such a treat will bring invaluable advantage, of course, assuming no allergies to nuts.

The calorie content of nuts, and it is about 654 calories per 100 grams, makes people control their weight, refrain from excessive consumption of treats. Do not forget that excess iodine is also harmful for the body, as the lack of it.

Make jam from walnut, rather, as a medicine. Yes, insanely delicious, but the drug. And harmless the daily amount is only two or three tablespoons. You can taste it, for example, as an addition to tea or to add to desserts — it’s a matter of taste. Even this small amount will saturate the body with vitamins, minerals, iodine and courage.Walnut jam: start training

Preparation of jam from green walnuts, whatever a prescription
the process is long and laborious. The value for the end-result is even not the recipe and preparation of fruits for further cooking. Due to the fact that unripe fruits are so rich in iodine, they have a bitter taste and get rid of it will only long, and most importantly, proper soaking. The quality of raw materials is a decisive factor.

Choose fruit

For jam fit only the young nuts: their peel is green, it is soft with a slight waxy coating and the core has a texture close to gelatinous. Such a degree of maturity, the fruits grow towards the end of June, and boil the jam from walnuts begin in early July, after careful preliminary preparation of raw materials.

For preserving fit just perfectly smooth nuts, no stains, dents and other external damage. Therefore, they are taken directly from the tree. It is desirable to choose fruits are medium sized about the same size. Their willingness to become raw material for jam checked: wooden needle or a toothpick to try to pierce the nut through. If you managed to harvest.

What should be the dishes

Not each receptacle is suitable for making peanut treats. Copper utensils to give metal ions on materials. And aluminum does not fit — acid can disrupt the oxide film and metal particles can get into your workpiece. As shown, the best is enamelware. Suitable stainless steel. Keep in mind that the green nuts while soaking will allocate iodine, which bright enamel can be painted in an undesirable shade, which is unlikely to get rid of. It is better to use cookware with dark color coating.

To prolonged soaking the raw materials do not ferment, treat the capacity of such a solution: one liter of water add one teaspoon of baking soda. After that, rinse the bowl with boiling water.Features soaking

After harvesting, nuts are washed and peel a thin layer, as when cleaning potatoes. Now they can pour into prepared container and fill with clean water. But then you can choose one of three ways of raw material preparation.

Before you start cleaning nuts be sure to wear new rubber gloves, otherwise your hands will turn a deep brown color. Why the new gloves? Because if there is the slightest hole, all of your efforts for the preservation of the hands will be in vain.Method # 1: with lime

  • Maceration lasts two to four days, the duration depends on the size of the fruit. Don’t forget to change the water for fresh at least twice a day.
  • First water will be dark due to the allocated iodine, but with each subsequent change of the liquid will become lighter.
  • The next stage is the preparation of lime water. You will need 100 g
    slaked lime per liter of water.
  • The solution need to settle to fell a precipitate. Next, the nuts for a day fill the top with water, filtered through a loose cloth.
  • Wash thoroughly raw materials.
  • Each fruit pinned with a fork in three or four places.
  • Again steeped in clean water. And again, at least twice a day change
    fluid fresh. Enough two day.
  • Then the nuts are boiled for ten minutes.
  • The water is drained, the fruit cool.
  • Method # 2: with citric acid

  • The fruit is pierced with a fork immediately after cleaning.
  • Steeping lasts from seven to ten days depending on size of nuts. You need to change the fluid at least twice a day.
  • In this recipe do without lime — cooked lemon water. On half to two liters of water diluted with one teaspoon of citric acid powder. Pour raw on the day.
  • Further proverjaem the fruit in the lemon water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Not pouring lemon water, survive another day.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Some Housewives put the item with the addition of citric acid and boil the fruit in clear water. And, according to reviews, the taste of the jam does not suffer the bitterness does not appear.Method # 3: cloves

  • Cleaned nuts pierced with a fork.
  • Full of fruit buds of cloves.
  • Soaked for four days, changing the water every four hours.
  • Further the raw materials are then heated for about half an hour, cooled and washed.
  • Surprisingly, even multi-day soaking of the fruit use jam from walnuts did not decrease. But a prolonged stay in the water allows you to remove the excess iodine and bitterness of the finished product.

    Proceed to cooking

    Cook a proper jam from young walnuts is a challenge. Exercise is time-consuming, long and responsible. You will not be able to go somewhere or even to go for a long time out of the house throughout the cooking, from the preparation of raw materials to spin the cans.

    Yes, the endless washing of fruits and frequent change of water is tiring. But the result is worth all the effort. Before you start cooking the jam, please carefully read the following step by step recipes and choose the one that is suitable and most convenient for you.

    In the network there are many variations on the theme of walnut jam. However, if you thoroughly grasp, you get only a few fundamentally different ways of cooking. Everything else — playing with the proportions.In Armenian

    This method of making jam is conventionally called the recipe in Armenian, but in fact it can be attributed to the majority of the peoples of the Caucasus.

    What you will need:

    • pre-prepared fruit — 100 pieces is about 1-1. 2 kg depending on the fruit size;
    • sugar — 1 kg;
    • water — 0.4 l;
    • lemon — two citrus;
    • cloves — 10-12 flowers.
    • cinnamon — 10 g.

    Your actions

  • Cook the syrup of water and sugar. Cool.
  • Seasoning can just pour in the cooled syrup. But, if you do not like to chew cloves, you can also create a small gauze bag folded in it spices and in this form, dipped in syrup.
  • Then there is added to the main ingredients: soaked nuts and squeezed lemons.
  • Bring jam to simmer over a slow fire, turn it off and forget about it exactly a day. The next day, again bring the mass to boil, cool. Third day — the same.
  • And only on the fourth day after boiling, boil the nuts until tender. The pouch with seasonings remove.
  • How to determine that the jam is ready, in fact, different recipes specify different cooking time? In fact, it is possible to learn only, occasionally trying nuts. The fruits have to save the form, but not to be solid. That is, outer shell easy to crack, and the nucleus has the consistency of jelly or marmalade. Bitterness in the taste to not be.

    In Bulgarian

    Bulgarian recipe is quite complicated and troublesome, but the result is unforgettable.

    What you will need:

    • soaked fruit — 1-1,1 kg;
    • sugar — 1 kg;
    • water — one glass;
    • citric acid syrup — 10 g;
    • citric acid for provarivanija — teaspoon for every 1.5-2 liters of fluid.

    Your actions

  • Prepare a solution of water with citric acid and bring it to boil.
  • Dip the soaked nuts in there for four or five minutes.
  • Then the fruit is extracted and immediately put in cold clean water. This sequence was repeated five to seven times.
  • Next you need to boil the syrup of water and sugar, and bring the jam until tender.
  • In Ukrainian

    This is perhaps the easiest recipe, as it does not require long pre-soaking of the fruit.

    What you will need:

    • green fruit — 1 kg;
    • sugar — 1.2-1.3 kg;
    • lemon — citrus 1;
    • cloves — 10-12 buds.

    Your actions

  • Young nuts are delicately peeled, washed and pierced.
  • They are then immediately immersed in water and heated.
  • After boiling, you should boil them at least 20 minutes.
  • The fruit pull out and immerse in cold water for further cooling.
  • At this time, cook the syrup of water, sugar, lemon juice and cloves.
  • Then immerse the cooled nuts.
  • Boil the jam for five minutes and allowed to cool naturally for one hour.
  • The procedure should be repeated three times.
  • And only then bring the fruit until tender.
  • The hostess can vary the ratios of ingredients, trying to achieve the same memorable taste. Try to add in the jam of green walnuts, for example, vanilla or ginger, and you will see how a new way to play the taste treats.

    Reviews: “taste like candy”

    According to my mom this recipe saved me in childhood from chronic bronchitis For me is the taste of childhood And a big sorry grandma took the recipe with him to the world of ina, Now it’s my rose…

    lebedewa alena2016, http://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/57987/

    Last year we decided to make jam with lime and missed-get soft mushy drain(the cooking process lasted 3 weeks).And before I was treated to jam with lime,it was like unusual but delicious chocolate candy.

    Alina, http://www.russianfood.com/recipes/recipe.php?rid=118980

    “I love this jam, lived in the Caucasus, cooked his whole family! It’s very original and tasty, and the fingers are painted from the iodine, if clean nuts, Oh, Oh, Oh! But delicious is worth it. 5+!”

    Maria KMW, https://www.edimdoma.ru/retsepty/24598-varenie-iz-zelenyh-ne-spelyh-gretskih-orehov

    “We in Azerbaijan love this jam, but a lot of fuss, not all of his doing……..”
    Sabine, http://ovkuse.ru/recipes/varenye-iz-zelenyh-greckih-orehov/

    “I don’t like the recipe with the lime, do as you are without it. Better to spend more time. So the taste is completely different turns out.”

    Daria, http://chudo-povar.com/varene-iz-greckih-orehov-recept-varenya-iz-zelenyh-greckih-orehov-s-foto.html

    Jam and walnuts: recipe, benefits and harms

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