Jam of sea-buckthorn berries: recipes, seedless and without cooking

Sea buckthorn stands out among other berries are not only bright orange and lots of useful components. It ripens, unlike other cultures, in late autumn, and especially good after the first frost. Therefore, to eat it fresh for a long time will not work. On the bushes it will freeze, and in the warmth after frost will deteriorate. And here comes the recipe of jam their sea buckthorn. More precisely, the variety of recipes. This is a great way to keep useful properties of berries and use them for medicinal purposes.

5 min 1 portion. Very easy to prepare

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The content of the article

  • 1 Valuable properties
    • 1.1 Composition
    • 1.2 Indications and contraindications
  • 2 raw materials Preparation: 5 tips
  • 3 a Compilation of recipes of jam from sea buckthorn
    • 3.1 Classic method
    • 3.2 orientation Meeting
    • 3.3 the Most useful
    • 3.4 Option seedless
    • 3.5 apples
    • 3.6 With honey and nuts

Itself sea buckthorn is a storehouse of nutrients, the assistant in various health problems. From it, in addition to the jam, make sea buckthorn oil. It heals burns, inflammation, sores, wounds, having directed local action. Jam also has a General effect on the entire body. Improves the condition in diseases of the digestive system, heart and blood vessels. Enriches the diet with vitamins. Is prophylactic against some diseases.

There are many ways on how to cook the jam of sea-buckthorn. Make jam, juice, marmalade, filling for pastries. The berries also can be stored frozen.Valuable properties

Especially recommended to include in the diet is a treat in the season of colds. It and prevention, and treatment in case of illness. Just a few spoons of jam for tea — and a supply of nutrients is replenished.


Useful properties of sea buckthorn jam due to contained in the berries, vitamins and other elements.

  • Vitamin C Has an antibacterial effect, fights colds.
  • Provitamin A. a Positive effect on the vision. And also on the skin and mucous membranes, reproductive function, which is especially important for women.
  • B vitamins are Necessary for growth and development of various organs and systems. Improve the condition of the blood. Positive effect on reproductive, endocrine, immune system.
  • Vitamin R. This is the common name for various flavonoids. Together with vitamin C they have a beneficial effect on blood vessels.
  • Vitamin K. Essential for protein synthesis, metabolic processes, renal function.
  • Vitamin e has a Positive effect on reproductive function. Is immunomodulator.
  • Potassium. Good for the heart, kidneys, brain.
  • Magnesium. Necessary for muscle function, nervous system and metabolic processes.
  • Calcium. Needed for muscle and bone, hormones.

Indications and contraindications

Sea buckthorn and manufactured products useful as a tonic and as a medicine. Sea buckthorn jam has a beneficial effect on various systems of the body. Helps with a number of conditions and diseases.

  • Vessels. Lowers cholesterol due to unsaturated fatty acids. Thus serves for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Digestive system. Cleanses the intestines, improving peristalsis. Recovers useful microflora and cells of the liver.
  • Immunity. Strengthens it in the first place, thanks to the vitamin C.
  • Diseases of the oral cavity. Stomatitis, and inflammation are faster while consuming the jam of sea-buckthorn.
  • Colds. Due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates recovery.

In diseases of the stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, duodenum seeds of sea-buckthorn can be irritating. In the case of such diseases need to consult with your doctor. This may be a contraindication to the use of jam.

If the jam will be allowed by a doctor to use the product without bones. In addition, it can cause severe allergies, especially for children’s age, lactation and pregnancy.Preparation of raw materials: 5 tips

To the jam of sea-buckthorn in the home is to be maximally useful, it is necessary to properly prepare the very berry. To collect it is not so simple. There are five tricks.

  • The time of collection. Become orange berries in mid-summer, but not in a hurry to take the basket. Real ripening sea buckthorn will gain by the fall. In the warmest regions, it may be August, but usually September-October.
  • Sweetness. It is best to collect sea-buckthorn after the first light frost. Then a rather sour berries will be sweeter.
  • Caution. When the berries are poured juice, they are easy to damage. So you need to be as careful as possible, otherwise the juice will flow out. You need to protect your hands and face — buckthorn bushes have sharp thorns.
  • Way with twigs. Using a knife or clippers, cut the small branches profusely covered with berries. At home you can gently on the Cup to break the berries or cut them off with scissors. Another option is to freeze the branches, then fruits can be picked without damaging.
  • Adaptations for collecting. Craftsmen have come up with different products for easy pickup. Someone takes a regular plug, removing the single prong in the middle. And through this hole passes a branch on the tree. There is another option. Stick is attached to the wire loop of elongated shape, its top is a sharp corner, like the flame of a candle. The loop is put on the branch. The collector pulls on the branch, the berries fall. At the bottom you need to spread cloth or plastic.
  • Collected one way or the other berries should be free from stalks, choose leaves and pieces of branches. To wash and to cook jam.A selection of recipes for jam from sea buckthorn

    For cooking you can use any convenient utensil made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and also enameled. It may be a Cup, a basin, a pot. Store the jam in plastic or glass utensils rather small volume.

    The classic way

    Features. The easiest recipe of sea buckthorn jam. Pros — easy to prepare. Cons — the bones that meet in sweet weight. According to the reviews, not everyone loves them, although they are also useful. But people with gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system, they cannot be swallow.

    You will need:

    • 1 kg of berries;
    • 1 kg of sugar.


  • Rinse the berries, remove debris, leaves.
  • Place in a bowl, cover with sugar.
  • Let stand for a couple of hours.
  • Berry the capacity to put on the fire.
  • Mix the mass, slightly flexing the berries.
  • Cook for about ten minutes until thick.
  • Similarly, you can make this stock in a slow cooker, use the “Cooking”.
  • Cool, spread along the banks, close to clean in a cold place.
  • Five minutes

    Features. Traditionally, all jam-five-minute aim to preserve nutrients, which are destroyed during heat treatment. There is a five-and sea buckthorn. It is a little more complicated, but it turns out very tasty and healthy.

    You will need:

    • 2 kg of sea buckthorn;
    • 2.3 kg of sugar;
    • 500 ml of water.


  • To prepare the berries by washing and exhausting.
  • Cook sugar syrup.
  • In syrup, removed from the fire, put sea buckthorn and leave it for two to three hours.
  • When the mass has cooled, put it again on the fire.
  • Rapid boil without boiling for five minutes.
  • To pour on hot banks.
  • Tighten sterilized lids.
  • Most useful

    Features. You can cook the jam of sea-buckthorn in the winter without cooking. It will be the most useful option. However, as a preservative requires a large amount of sugar. As well as proper storage.

    You will need:

    • 800 g of sea buckthorn;
    • 1 kg of sugar.


  • Prepared the berries are dry and put them in a container for cooking.
  • Add sugar.
  • Wooden pestle well-crushed mass.
  • Allow to stand until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Again go pick it up.
  • Spread in a clean jar.
  • Put into the refrigerator.
  • Such a mass can be used in pure form. You can prepare this compote, jelly. If the drink is for children, then you first need to boil a lot of water to drain from the bones, then add sugar and other ingredients.Option seedless

    Features. In this recipe, only some pluses. First, there is no seed, so the jam can be consumed in diseases of the stomach, gall bladder, pancreatitis. Secondly, there is less sugar. So, the product can be there are those who are afraid of excess weight. As well as patients with diabetes, for whom the sea buckthorn is very useful, but too sweet jam could hurt.

    You will need:

    • 1 kg of sea buckthorn;
    • 500 g of sugar.


  • Cooked berries need to dry out.
  • Make them mashed, pitted (you can use juicer).
  • Connect pressed puree and sugar, stir.
  • Boil until the sugar is completely melted.
  • Pour into sterilized jars, roll up, put into the cold.
  • Juice-puree can be used for preparation of compotes, kissels, jelly. The easiest recipe of Morse — from the workpiece. It just needs to be diluted with water to desired consistency.With apples

    Features. The combination of orange berries and all your favorite apples has long been known. In Soviet times, even selling Apple-sea buckthorn juice with a pleasant taste and great benefits. Of these products, you can also make jam.

    You will need:

    • 1 kg of sea buckthorn;
    • 1 kg of apples, better not sour and not too loose;
    • 1.5 kg of sugar.


  • Prepared from sea buckthorn need to make the smoothie and clean it.
  • Add sugar, stir.
  • Apples to clean, cut into slices.
  • Place the apples in a saucepan, add half a Cup of water and boil for ten minutes.
  • Grind with a blender or grinder.
  • To connect buckthorn and Apple pieces.
  • Boil together a few minutes.
  • Spread along the banks, close and store in the refrigerator.
  • With honey and nuts

    Features. This recipe is a real drug for cough, inflammation in the oral cavity, sore throat. Useful properties of sea buckthorn are complemented by the healing effect of honey. Nuts rich in nutrients to strengthen immunity and repair the body in case of illness.

    You will need:

    • 1 kg of sea buckthorn;
    • a glass of shelled walnuts;
    • 600 g of sugar;
    • a Cup of honey.


  • To the berries add half a Cup of water.
  • Warm up for five minutes (do not boil).
  • Wipe to separate the bones.
  • Add the sugar and leave the dish for half an hour to dissolve.
  • Nuts cut with a knife, not too finely (you can grind in blender).
  • Pour nuts in sea buckthorn weight and bring to boil.
  • Boil for a few minutes and turn the gas off.
  • After five minutes, add honey, stir it completely.
  • Pour into sterile jars, screw.
  • To use sea buckthorn treat just like any jam, it can be consumed with tea, spread on bread, biscuits. Add to cakes as a filling. To prepare it the fruit drinks, kissels, compotes.

    Knowing how to cook sea-buckthorn jam, you can use this preset to vary your menu. But most importantly — to Supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals. It will be a good prevention of many diseases. In the case of the disease jam from the berries of sea buckthorn speed up the recovery.

    Jam of sea-buckthorn berries: recipes, seedless and without cooking

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