Jealous of friend husband: choosing the right tactics

We women by nature are terrible possessive. If we love the man, wish he was wholly ours, the manual and home! And only a good education, forcing to shut up the voice of the ego, allows us to let go of our husbands “in the kebabs” or in the pub with their friends. And what if (gasp!) the husband is friends with a woman? To the proprietary “anywhere I won’t let you go” surreptitiously mixed into the commonplace jealousy of a friend’s husband! What to do if you ‘re jealous of friend husband?

Is there friendship between a man a woman?

And, particularly disturbing for the wife of this man version – the friendship between a married man and an unmarried woman?

Since started this discussion, as you know, not the authors and it happened not today, but one answer can be found, it remains only two choices – either to debate endlessly, or to say “Yes“.

Because if the situation described is jealous of friend husband familiar to you, then this is a good example of friendship between the genders.

And since jealousy does not negate the presumption of innocence, the friendship between a man and a woman should consider a very real fact! Rare, of course, but the fact!

Reason for calm

To finally convince you there is no stained of friendly relations between a man and a woman, will give some reason for calm:

  • Husband set you up with a friend, sometimes talks about her, her Affairs, their friendship, you know where and how to start these friendly relations, etc. If he does not hide the fact of communication with this person at all – hence, there is nothing to hide!
  • This woman has their own personal life. Jealous of friend husband if she is married – not too much? By the way, this “maspaloma” friendship sometimes is also based on the discussion of the Affairs on the personal front, from a friend of the opposite sex you can get this Board which will never receive from a fellow man (if your man)!
  • There are witnesses to the relationship of the husband with his friend, who will certainly be amazed to hear that you were jealous of a friend of your husband!
  • He’s known her longer than you. If it at least a little interested in love Affairs with his friend, why would he start a relationship with you?
  • Their friendship is based on common activities (working in the same office, for example). Although many women are most jealous to the friends of her husband, who carried with him a lot of time! But on the other hand, this office safe a friendship that almost never develops into joint leisure. And the man who is in the same team day in and day, you can understand – do not sit him sullenly in the corner due to the fact that most of the fellow women! With someone and want word to spread, and in the Smoking room to go…
  • This is not friendship, but just friendship. More or less supported by familiarity. Your husband can be a few dozen of acquaintances-friendships, and you cling to the only female name mentioned all of them — just because it’s a woman. And the husband may be genuinely surprised – “we just crossed occasionally, and no more – what’s wrong?”

The cause for alarm

And what can be considered a real reason to worry?

  • Her husband spends with his girlfriend too long, and alone, and not in the overall company. Of course, “too much” is a relative term, but still, if he prefers to communicate with her family leisure activities more than half the nights a week or plays with her all weekend is somehow disturbing…
  • He evades any questioning, hides the fact of meetings, conversations, Internet correspondence at all possible pretends almost no contact with that person. And easy be jealous of a friend of the husband, if suddenly it turns out that their communication is much more extensive than was represented to you!
  • If the friendship started violently and suddenly. That is, until a few weeks ago and they are familiar with-it was not (or was, but very “superficial”), and now do not spill water! And your pious talk only about her, but all in glowing colors! Maybe he still doesn’t understand that this behavior – one step to love?!

But if she is like him?!

You’re a woman, and was well aware that the first step to ensure that you to attract the attention of men – often to communicate with him.

But because a woman will not be the first to run to her cute man with confessions, especially if you know that he is not free? On “direct attack” the man, most likely, will say our decisive “No, I’m married!”.

But to have communication (not forgetting ogle) is a good way! After some time the naive man will know how interesting it is to communicate with such an extraordinary girl, and to say “no” to him will be difficult

What to do if you’ve obviously noticed that this cunning method I decided to use pretending to be “just friend” person?

Just don’t show her how much you jealous of your husband to “just a friend”!

After all, if your man is interested in other women, it is an occasion to once again realize what a wonderful, handsome, and smart husband you got!

And the jealousy and the tantrums — the worst way of holding her husband in the family. Instead, arrange a “second honeymoon” — raduy, surprise, spoil a loved one, invent interesting joint leisure, show itself in different ways, so he once again realized how lucky he was with his wife!

And if he loves you, you treacherous rival in love left with nothing!

Is it worth it is sure to become a friend of a friend of her husband?

Many wives, feeling jealous of friend husband to go on is a logical step – trying to “make friends Threesome“. Asking for friendly gatherings, try to minimize the possibility of the communication of the husband with his friend tete-a-tete…

The logical basis for such action is, and very durable! You are a couple, it is normal your desire that you pair and took.

Besides, what’s wrong with turning “personal” friends in General friends of your family? And calmer somehow – under the close supervision of wife such a friendship is unlikely to turn into any other “hazing” of the relationship!

It is something like that. And in some cases attempt – a wife is the friend of a friend of the husband, even can grow their own, female friendship, and the man-friend will depart on the second plan…

But there is a risk that events will go in a different scenario.

Usually friends choose “personal taste” — not even going to try to understand on what grounds it is, after all, friends come in and “two boots are a pair”, and completely different personalities, however, keeping a long friendship! Friendship is not a less difficult combination than love: almost impossible to make friends with someone, because “as necessary”, without this mysterious attraction shower!

And it may well be that you and a friend of your husband, this attraction will not occur. You will encounter different life situations, about friendship or a real friendship between you and the speech would not have gone!

But for the reasons described above, jealous husband to his girlfriend, a woman arranges a”friendship by necessity”.

First, perhaps, active resistance on the part of a friend’s husband will not be a polite attitude, caused by the understanding the provisions of the married friend. And then… Friends sometimes still want to talk, to communicate without other people, even relatives!

Especially it good women who also have PAL-male – to introduce him to her husband, of course, possible, but to go under her husband’s “escort” at all meetings with one another and constantly feel that her husband is jealous of him, absolutely frustrating!

A similar situation with a friend of her husband, your jealousy will start to annoy her husband, who must guess what it is, and maybe his friend!

Perhaps the friendship will wither on the eyes and will soon come to naught – it is difficult to maintain a relationship of trust when a friend always goes under the “escort” jealous wife, and Oh just nowhere and no time!

If you think to ruin a friendship – the only way to keep your peace of mind, then go ahead!

Constant monitoring of poorly concealed jealousy of a friend’s husband and the inappropriate attempts to become the “third friend” — perfect for this method!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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