Jealousy: a disease or complexes?

Every person who has ever experienced the feeling of love, knows what jealousy is. Its appearance in the form of light is considered normal. But if painful uncertainty the loyalty partner is constantly chasing a man and prevents him to think about anything else, it can even get sick.

For those who have heart pain lingers jealousy is a disease, today women’s site “” dedicates this article.
The solution to any problem psychologists recommend to start with the identification of its causes.

Why are people jealous of each other

Jealousy is often interpreted by us as one of the main manifestations of love. But psychologists claim that the jealous man is not always the one who is in love. As a rule, an alarming distrust of the partner occurs in people suffering from some complexes.

Causes of jealousy may be several:

  • The desire to possess a person like a thing. Often jealousy is a disease that appears in people-owners. Jealous to see their partner thing and tried his best to protect her from the encroachments of others. This attitude is not connected with love. On the contrary, with the selfishness of the jealous type.
  • Inferiority complex. Distrust of the partner are more likely to experience people who are not confident. They always think that the partner would like to have a relationship with more beautiful, more intelligent or more successful person.
  • Design your own behavior. Paradoxically, often morbid jealousy affects men who are constantly cheating on their partners. They think: “If I was acting this way, so my mate could do the identical”. Jealous traitors hurt partner constant questioning and strict control, don’t trust her and you see an opponent almost every man in her life. The website found out that this behavior is not typical for women at the same time, reunifica-essensity sometimes found among representatives of the fair half.
  • The disease of delusions of jealousy, regardless of the cause, ruins the life of the person who is under the pressure of suspicion on the part of incredulous partner, but also very jealous.

    How jealousy hurts partners

    Accepted that love without jealousy does not exist. However, actually, jealousy not only strengthens the relationship between loving people and destroys them.

    The worm of jealousy gnawing at a blossoming tree of love, depriving it of strength and beauty. Strong, heavy feeling of distrust of the partner can destroy not only the Union but also take life energy in both lovers.

    Scientists have found out that morbid jealousy robs people of health. Jealous often suffer from sleep disorders, various diseases of the stomach and intestines, headaches. Partners of jealous people, too did not differ good health.

    Constant psychological pressure a loved one or beloved causes them to feel guilt, but a necessity all the time to justify leads to the development of insecurity. Due to continuous stress from the partner jealous weakens the immune system, it begins to undergo a variety of diseases.

    Therapists and doctors say that jealousy is not a disease, but all of that not quite healthy feeling need to get rid of.

    Jealousy: how to treat the disease

    The solution to the problem of excessive alertness to the partner depends on the cause of this painful, depressing feeling.

  • Those who suffer from thoughts that they are not worthy of your partner and he may soon find a replacement, you need to do to improve their self-esteem. To do this, you can start to play sports, learn a foreign language or, for example, to master the art of any dance. Such methods not only get rid of complexes, but also help to displace the head from the sad thoughts about the possible change: because the brain is busy assimilating new information.
  • The Othello syndrome — the name of the disease of jealousy in psychology — emerging many jealous people on the grounds of his own infidelity, difficult correctable. In such cases, the jealous need to change your lifestyle and learn not to succumb to temptations.
  • The desire to hide their partner from all over the world, which so often torments the jealous proprietors, you can win by eliminating the fears. Many jealous people are afraid of losing your loved one. This fear and forces them to behave with a partner is not entirely correct. In such a case, the jealous need to understand that the frequent reflections about the possibility of losing a partner did not help to save the relationship, but rather is able to bring their final because thoughts materialists. Psychologists advise: stop all the time to myself to mentally predict the loss of a loved one – in the relations settled trust and peace.
  • To combat the distrust of the partner it is also important to work on relationships. Try to become for your loved one is not just a partner, close friend, someone he can rely on in any life situation. In pairs who manage to get together, there is no place for suspicion, because each of the partners knows about all the thoughts and feelings of his beloved.
  • The question of how to treat morbid jealousy, paranoid, often more concerned with partners jealous than themselves.

    How to help your sweetheart to get rid of jealousy-disease

    Psychologists recommend in such cases to try to help his troubled beloved to gain internal balance by resorting to simple methods.

  • Try not to give your loved one any cause for jealousy, avoiding flirting and flirting with the opposite sex. Introduce him with all of your friends, colleagues and relatives he has not encountered too many questions like: “who were you walking on the street today? Who was that with you in a cafe? With whom you just say Hello?”.
  • Often talk with your partner heart to heart. It so happens that the question of what in fact is jealousy is a disease or a selfishness occurs in relationships in which both partners lack of sincerity. Therefore, it is important to let the jealous man or jealous woman to speak out, to talk about their experiences. This will help him to remove the internal stress and to calm down a little.
  • Tell your jealous lover about how he is important to you, how much you like being with him, remind him of his advantages. It will help him be calmer, and his jealousy will not turn into the disease of low self-esteem.
  • Of course, there are times when the jealous person starts to haunt a haunting, painful ideas about infidelity in a partner, from which he can not get rid of. If a jealous man does not realize the absurdity of their behavior and not even trying to curb the boiling emotions, the relationship with him better to break up. After all, history knows cases when jealousy is a disease brought to the death of one partner, or even caused the death of both of them.

    Psychologists say: do not allow jealousy to take away from the joy lovers feel the same. Those of you who manage to overcome their doubts and fears, the real reward will be a long, unclouded happiness.

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