Jeans 2010: what to wear

Jeans is so firmly entrenched in our lives that are of their everything from small to large. But since there are so many options for jeans, it is easy to get lost and confused, what to wear with jeans in 2010 to look fashionable and stylish.

Female site will tell you today about fashion trends in jeans-2010 and the ways of their socks. Complement our story examples in the photo.

Famous designer Tommy Hilfiger believes that jeans can not save. They need to sit perfectly, to be versatile and very high quality. After all, we wear them more often leather jacket. And as you know, the best person to look when he’s comfortable in what he wearing.

However, in order to be fashionable in 2010-m to year, jeans have to choose fashion. While choosing jeans, don’t forget to make the whole closet so that it all fit together.

To look good in jeans-2010, you should take a responsible approach to their choice: they should sit, not hang, not to be too narrow, etc. And do not forget to properly care for them.

How to wear fashion jeans 2010

Denim is extremely popular among designers, especially in the collections of the summer season-2010. It’s used in everything: hats, dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, handbags and even shoes.

But today we talk only about the jeans-2010 and how to wear them.

In 2010, the fashion following styles of jeans:

Super-skinny jeans

They are the same – jeansskinny. These jeans 2010 look great on slender girls.

If skinny some neutral colors — blue, black or gray, with their help you can easily create a variety of styles: from casual to glamorous without a strong impact on the wallet. These jeans look great with a white shirt and a chiffon top.

Jeans-2010 men’s cut

In General, in 2010, men’s style is very appropriate in a woman’s wardrobe.

Men’s cut jeans are best worn slightly rolled. They are good because they are free enough and represent free style in clothes. But the designers gave these jeans a charm. Distinctive feature – loose fit from the hip.


Jeggings — half jeans and half leggings. They are much narrower than skinny jeans. It is believed that the main difference of jeggings from skinny jeans – elasticity and material thickness.

Choosing a pair of denim leggings for, refer to the General rules socks leggings. Arriving at the store, look for the words “Second skin fit“.

Ripped jeans-2010

In 2010, designers strive to break all — ranging from tops and jeans ending ?

If you decide to choose ripped jeans, the main thing is to carefully choose things to wear, so as not to look messy and groomed.

Do not assume that jeans go well with just t-shirts. You can easily play with the images and styles: casual, hippie, glamorous, chic 80s etc.

Classic jeans-2010

Slightly flared jeans go with all, so no fashion they do not move ?

In conclusion, female site advises: to be stylish, most look with fresh eyes at your reflection in the mirror!

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