Jerky at home: recipes from beef, pork, chicken, cooking dry method and the brine + reviews

Beef jerky — favorite of many a delicacy, featuring spicy aroma, a distinctive pleasant taste. This product has many names — basturma, ham, prosciutto, polendina, speck. To prepare jerky at home is easy. For harvesting suitable for both beef and pork and lamb, elk, chicken, Turkey.

7 hours
8 servings
Medium complexity

Natalie Feofanova

18 Mar 2018

Homemade pastrami bypasses nutritionally even foods such as fish and seafood. On average, cured in a well ventilated area or the dryer takes three to seven to ten days. Subsequent storage in the refrigerator allows to increase the shelf life to one month.

Cured meats: key equipment cooking

Homemade beef jerky — only the natural product, which lacks any chemicals and flavors. Moisture from the pieces released through proper processing and drying. For the preparation of delicacy will use two methods, dry method and soaking in a salt solution (brine).

Dry method

Features. By dry way to make jerky from pork or beef is simple enough. You can experiment with spices, condiments to enhance the flavor and degree of prosol pieces. It is better to use fresh cut with no fat.

What to prepare:

  • beef or pork — 1 kg;
  • ground black pepper two-three tablespoons;
  • hot red pepper — one teaspoon;
  • sea salt (coarse) — 0,7-1 kg;
  • ground pepper — three tablespoons;
  • minced dried garlic — one teaspoon;
  • brandy — two tablespoons;
  • herbes de Provence one tablespoon (or more);
  • coriander powder — optional.

How to do

  • Strip the meat from the fat, wash, cut a large piece for a couple of parts.
  • Dry with a paper towel.
  • To prepare the mixture for salting. Mix flaky sea salt with black pepper, add to the softness of the cognac. Pour half the mixture in the bottom of a wide container.
  • To put pieces, completely cover them with the remaining salt.
  • Tightening capacity in plastic wrap or tightly cover.
  • The beef put into the refrigerator for a day, pork — for 72 hours. Periodically drain the liquid and add some salt.
  • Dry the meat, coat with the fragrant mixture of the remaining ingredients. You can add any herbs (rosemary, thyme, Basil).
  • Wrap the workpiece with several layers of cheesecloth, tie the thread.
  • Hang in the refrigerator or on the balcony (at a temperature of 4°C and above).
  • Jerk beef from ten to 14 days, the pork is about three weeks.
  • If it is not possible to arrange cold drying in a well-ventilated room, hanging meat, you can just put it on the shelf of the refrigerator. But I have to turn the piece every day, several times.
    Soaking in brine

    Features. To pork, lamb or beef jerky at home, turned out tender and flavorful, will have to spend about two weeks on its preparation. It is necessary not only to soak the pieces in brine, but good proselyte, provaliti in a cool place. Frozen food is better not to buy, you need to take only fresh meat from reliable sellers.

    What to prepare:

    • meat tenderloin — 1 kg;
    • sea salt — 170-200 g;
    • filtered water 1-1. 5 l;
    • black pepper is one teaspoon;
    • burning red pepper flakes — one teaspoon;
    • dried garlic and a half teaspoons;
    • mustard powder — half tablespoon;
    • ground pepper — two teaspoons;
    • other spices to taste.

    How to do

  • Cut pieces with streaks, rinse them and dry.
  • To prepare the brine — concentrated salt solution. Boil water, cool to lukewarm, gradually add a spoonful of salt and dissolve it. Once the crystals will no longer dissolve — the brine can be used for pickling.
  • Drop in salt solution the pieces of meat, wait for the cooling fluid. To remove a day in the fridge.
  • To get changed the color of the meat, put on slightly tilted cutting Board. Top to squeeze the yoke.
  • A couple of hours until drain the liquid to make a fragrant mixture. Mix all seasonings, adding more spices to taste.
  • Roll the piece in the mixture, RUB it with your fingers. Wrap the workpiece in cheesecloth, tie with twine.
  • Hanging beef in the fridge for 12-14 days, pork — at least 20.
  • For reviews, to jerk the pieces may not in the fridge, on the balcony or on the summer terrace. However, the temperature in a ventilated room should not be high for the hot summer, this method will not work.
    Delicious variations

    Delicious, flavorful and hearty meat can be served as a separate dish for the cold beer, strong alcohol, and add to salads, combine with cold meats. The following recipes will help you cook extraordinarily delicious product using ancient methods and modern kitchen appliances.

    In Armenian

    Features. To cook a dry cured meat at home recipe Armenian cooks will need a minimum of products. Basturma in Armenian from other snacks will feature a mouthwatering aroma of spices and good taste. Better to buy dry-curing pork by selecting a long strip along the back (splint).

    What to prepare:

    • splint — 0,8-1 kg;
    • salt — a tablespoon with a slide;
    • garlic — five Zubkov;
    • sugar — two tablespoons;
    • spices (Laurel, ginger, fenugreek, pepper, marjoram) — to taste;
    • grain dry pomegranate;
    • the house red wine — one bottle.

    How to do

  • Cut the meat into pieces with a length of about 40 cm, a width of about 10 cm, a thickness of 5-6 cm.
  • To prepare a special marinade. Stir in homemade red wine condiments and spices, pomegranate seeds, sugar, salt.
  • Pour the marinade meat strips, pressed them oppression.
  • Soak for about a week in the fridge.
  • Remove the pieces, let the liquid drain out, put them between two wooden chopping boards, press down oppression. Leave for 12 hours.
  • Spread the meat with dry spices, diluted wine to the consistency of thick puree. Repeat the procedure three more days.
  • Send wrapped gauze pieces in a cool, dry place to dry, to dry-cured for about ten days.
  • To cut the finished Armenian basturma need a very sharp knife into thin, translucent slices. Gauze it needs to be removed just before eating.
    In Belarusian

    Features. To their hands to cook a delicious polendina (so called cured in Belarusian meat) no preservatives other than salt, do not use. It can be stored for long periods without fear of ruin. For drying it is better to choose the loin or lumbar spinal cord of a pork carcass.

    What to prepare:

    • sirloin, pork loin or pork chops — 7 kg;
    • coarse sea salt — 350 g;
    • ground red and black pepper — to taste;
    • garlic — two heads;
    • finished seasoning two packets;
    • cumin seeds, coriander.

    How to do

  • Slice the loin into pieces, cutting off fat, rinse, dry.
  • Holding the pieces over a bowl, sprinkle them with salt, then RUB the grains with your fingers. It is better to wear gloves if hands have wounds.
  • Fold the pieces in a basin, pot, cover, towel, squeeze the yoke. Put into the refrigerator or stand on the balcony.
  • To hold under the weight of five days, turning meat daily, drain the water.
  • Remove and dry the pieces.
  • Mix all spices, crushed garlic, coat with paste polendina.
  • Again to shift into a bowl, cover with a towel for a day to clean the refrigerator.
  • Now wrap in a piece of cheesecloth, tie with twine, hung from the ceiling on the veranda or loggia.
  • Wait seven to ten days, making sure the room temperature does not rise above 17-18°C.
  • Keep gauze on the shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Some Housewives ask is it possible to use for dusting nitrite salt. Better not to experiment with such supplements, buying a product without content of impurities, iodine, and fluorine.
    In the oven

    Features. This recipe jerky at home is suitable for those who do not like to wait long for the moment of tasting. The whole process might only take five or six hours. Try beef jerky, dried in the oven, it will be possible immediately after cooling.

    What to prepare:

    • veal or beef — 0,9-1 kg;
    • Worcestershire or soy sauce, a third of the glass;
    • coriander or dried coriander — two teaspoons;
    • ground red and black pepper — one teaspoon;
    • dried garlic — one teaspoon;
    • salt — to taste;
    • liquid smoke — optional.

    How to do

  • Mix all the spices, grind until smooth in a mortar.
  • Beef cut into slices thickness of 0.5, see If it is frozen, pre-thawed in a natural way.
  • To shift the slices in a dish, mix with sauce, salt, to introduce spices.
  • Marinate for at least 40 minutes.
  • Set the pan on the bottom of the oven. Pieces to hang on the grate, allowing the marinade to drain.
  • In convection mode to cook the beef for about an hour at 80°C.
  • Reduce the temperature to 50°C, cook for another two or three hours, until dry.
  • Zavyalit meat at home this way even inexperienced hostess. You can change the spices, increase or decrease the amount of salt, pepper to taste. Feeding a snack it is better to light alcoholic beverages.
    In a slow cooker

    Features. In the kitchen “helper” — a slow cooker can also be zavalit homemade pastrami. Suitable pork, Turkey, but it’s easier to cook in a smart device is dried chicken meat. The only disadvantage of the method — even in the most multimarochnaya the Cup will not be able to accommodate a lot of pieces.

    What to prepare:

    • chicken breast or skinless fillet — 0.8 kg;
    • sugar — 60 g;
    • salt — 50 g;
    • garlic — two cloves;
    • vegetable oil;
    • aromatic herbs;
    • spices.

    How to do

  • Fillet wash, dry, coat with mixture of salt and sugar on all sides.
  • Transfer to a glass bowl and put on three days in the refrigerator.
  • Rinse the chicken. Mix in a bowl, herbs and spices with garlic paste, vegetable oil, RUB this mixture all over the fillet.
  • Wrap in cheesecloth, a couple of days to dry in limbo.
  • To shift the pieces in the oven bag, wrap, make three four puncture with a toothpick.
  • Cook in multivarka mode “Fighting” not less than 60 minutes.
  • From spices to give the chicken basturma spicy flavor you can use cloves, all kinds of pepper, fenugreek seed, herbes de Provence, thyme, sumac.

    To jerk meat at home any way, but it is better first to try the pastrami in the guests to experience the taste and aroma of this delicacy. If the ratio of salt, herbs and spices like to repeat the recipe is not difficult.

    Reviews: “simply Delicious.”

    I any meat is rubbed with salt, pounded in a mortar spices, but I try to not take a thick piece, chop, divide in half lengthwise. Grated meat for a couple of days in the package hanging on the shelf of the refrigerator, then take it out, covered with cheesecloth and hang out on the street. Trying to do so the meat February – April as not very hot and in the sun a lot of ultraviolet light, flies do not fly yet. Meat, purchased on March 22, ate on Easter, wizened like a pastrami, yummy just.


    I have several times made the pork tenderloin and can share a few of nuance.
    1. Sol we have to take only sea coarse. It is very well permeates Masr not perezalivat it.
    2. Time proselki depends on what you want to get the meat. Softer or drier. If softer type of prosciutto, then 1 kg of meat is enough for 12 hours, if drier type of pastrami that day. After all, the salt prolivaet as meat, and removes moisture from the meat.
    3. Spices, it’s all your imagination. The markets are many different vendors selling all sorts of spices. They will help you choose according to your taste and give advice.


    Breast wash, dry, RUB with spices, to take on the day in the cold, it will allocate the water via the day to get it, wash, dry, RUB with salt and spices in a new cheesecloth and another day in the cold, that’s the whole recipe a breeze, but the meat is tough, it’s what we love. Take spices: black pepper, red pepper, garlic, salt.


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