Jewelry 2016: what is fashionable?

Fashionable image made up of little things, skillfully matched to the main along, isn’t it? Today women’s site “” let’s talk about trends in jewelry!

Openwork ornaments: cute and romantic

One of the trends is the filigree attention to detail. Yes, lace is relevant today not just for lingerie or garments, but also in jewelry. The fashion – laced jewellery: bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings. For example, will look stylish wide gold ring with an openwork weaving of the girl on the thumb of either hand. It is suitable even for those who have small hands, because despite the width, the ring looks gentle. And Yes, the price of such products is not exorbitant.

Floral and animal motifs in jewelry

2016 is replete with floral prints. Dress nails with a delicate floral manicure and, of course, jewelry. Blossoming flower buds and a scattering of precious and semiprecious stones, laid out in the form of plant ornaments, and indicate femininity and tenderness. These products choose a delicate and sensitive nature. However, it is necessary to observe moderation in everything!

  • Was not fashionable to collect a whole set, which will be and earrings and rings and pendants with the same flowers. The focus should be exclusive.
  • In clothes you already have any floral prints? Then decorations should not choose with floral motifs.
  • Animal stories too – at the height of fashion. Want to preserve memories of a journey to India or Bali, Thailand, maybe going to an exotic country is a dream that you cherish? An elephant on a brooch or ring will be a nice reminder. Or maybe you like the ring with the snake? It is also the embodiment of fashion of the season.

    Massive jewelry: bracelets with stones, eclectic

    The real hit of the season 2016 – large bracelets, which are used in design an eclectic approach. In addition, each can always choose a model that is appropriate to the case, along, own handle. After all, there are fashionable and monolithic bracelets-hoops, and light webs, woven of gold and precious stones.

    In fashion large earrings lemon gold, like Angelina Jolie in “the Tourist” or Samantha from “Sex in the City”. Yes, it’s two movies in 2016, but the fashion of screens for so long “flows” in ordinary life that becomes like ripe and juicy fruit. Ready to use immediately, but then what pleasure!

    These products recommends to choose for special events and not worn daily in everyday life. By the way, they will decorate the clothes even the most simple silhouettes, without further details. Get “expensive” look at a reasonable cost, especially if you look in the online store Aloris It features all of the latest model 2016. In the catalog you will find trendy and festive decorations, and stylish products for posednevnoy images.

    Oh Yes! Brooches!..

    Do you love brooches as much as she loves them our grandmothers and great-grandmothers? Do not answer: rhetorical question! If you recently revisited the ancient albums of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers, found there a picture of them with brooches, this does not mean that accessories are now gone. On the contrary, the trend of this season are heartwarming, charming, small brooches with colored or transparent stones, pearls (and it is also one of the trends 2016!). These products go well with blouses of silk chiffon. In fashion again – the romance and sophistication.

    The details of a fashionable image does not have to be expensive to look amazing. However, they can not do without. It’s like the finishing touches of your masterpiece!

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