Just sex: why do we sometimes not need anything more

About it removed a lot of movies and many books written, but this recognition rarely hear from women friends. And for good reason! To declare publicly that you decided on a relationship with a guy that you want nothing more than sex – is tantamount to stick to itself indelibly stamped “dishonorable women”! However, on the women’s pages of the website ToKnow365.top we could all use pseudonyms and openly chat on the delicate subject of relations, based on sexual attraction, and find out why it happens and what to do about it?

Why so?

But really, why? Why with another muscular macho max together I want to write a quarterly report, and one look at some undistinguished big-eared nerd calls a storm of obscene fantasies?..

Why one man go six months for a pen and trembling with delight when he read you the verses about the “good girl Lida” – and on the other I want to crawl into bed the day we first met?

Actually, the answer depends on a huge pile of many different factors: how men smell, how it looks like your the first guy as he holds her fork, laughs or keeps my hair from his forehead, does he have a resemblance to johnny Depp, if he smokes the same cigarettes as your dad, etc.

What’s more interesting is what is the feature of female psychology is, in principle, provokes the girls to “not serious” sexual relationship?

Let’s analyze the most typical situation.

“One hundred years of solitude”

This is familiar to many women: in the absence of the intimate life within a certain period thoughts increasingly spill over into Duma “about IT”, and the body is clamoring for his!

No matter how rough the physiology is not explained, but it is in this condition female is able to “fall into depravity” and make a man for sex! And there, staring, and Prince charming on the horizon draw!

Stormy sexual temperament

Sometimes it happens that married or having a guy the girl suddenly “thrown into the deep end” and starts a lover.

Not because didn’t love her husband – just a difference of sexual temperaments: it is easier to have the same oversexed man on the side and get him the desired five orgasms in a day than to torment native and beloved, which is enough times a week.

Particularly acute this problem is for couples where the man is much older than the woman.

“He wants me, then — I am completely nothing!”

This is the case when it comes to sexual attraction from men. The woman sees and understands what is happening, but agreed to such a relationship for the sake of suppressing its own set of unattractiveness – times it at least someone is interested in, so it’s not so bad!

Although, of course, possible to have at least a dozen admirers, and the root causes of the complex and not to get rid of!

Boredom in marriage

Love crawls out of your home, like rats from a sinking ship. Looming divorce or a long and very happy life together (that’s how you wish!).

Against this background, woman gets lover to spice up their life if not a new love, then at least vivid sex!

It’s fun!

Some ladies of progressive views often decide to such relationships without any life dramas and conflicts – just for fun.

For them it is a way of exploring the world, new varieties of ice cream in the store!

In principle, this perspective on gender relations close to the male – known fact that men more often and are more likely to become initiators of”sex without commitment”.

This is immoral!..

I foresee that many readers sympaty.net will give it a rating any relationship based on sexual attraction without a “spiritual” component. And they have reason to think so is a point of view on sex without love is inherent in most cultures of the world, both in the past and in our days!

However, let me suggest that the phenomenon itself exists as long as humanity itself.

Unfortunately, because of this “good” morality women who dared to feel sexual attraction to the man with whom they are not married and do not expect a “serious” relationship, or suppress your desires in the Bud, or dared to make a public condemnation – until the rejection of society, the disgrace, and in some cultures – and physical punishment!

Thank God we beat the stones (although oblique views of well-wishers you can earn easily!).

Personally, I think that to call immoral intimate relationship between adults, not based on deception or cheating, it is impossible. And the reasons for betrayal are different…

So the question is how immoral you need to solve only by the partners!

What would come of it?

Can get a fabulous set of memories for your 100th anniversary!

And you can make a good gossip to friends, colleagues and acquaintances (if not to take care of privacy).

But most importantly, of course, this new life experience, which is sold with all what is happening in life events. Although, maybe not the same, because the experience is what remains once the event moves into the past tense…

And it is better to enjoy what is happening here and now!

Ideally, if a partner understands what sex is the essence of your relationship, and he likes it. Of course, every woman is nice when falling in love with her ears – the courtship of sex will not spoil! ?

But in the long term, if a woman wants to terminate this relationship, unrequited love from the man shes able to spoil the ending of a beautiful story!

Another scenario – a woman begins to suffer pangs of conscience on the topic “And the mother said that without love, no, no!..”. And instead, to enjoy relationships, to enjoy sex and give it to the man, she turns a major campaign to try and make these relationships “normal”.

That is, with declarations of “love to the grave”, borscht, cutlets, and there, staring, and Mendelssohn’s March.

Sometimes it works – the man agrees to such a turn of events, and women’s conscience sighs with relief!

And then… and then time passes.

Sex is becoming less the “forbidden fruit” is converted into an ordinary zucchini in their own garden. And it turns out that other unifying factors, other than sex, no, and initially it was not! Should painful breakup of a relationshipfrom where the woman often makes a moral: “All men are bast…, they besides do not need anything! And I to him with all my heart!..”.

Or, if both partners are not too many irreconcilable contradictions, and they had to simply get used to each other, it turns into an ordinary marriage – not that that would be very calculation, but without the African passions.

In General, to decide or not to sexual relations in the absence of other converging factors – to decide you. The main thing that it brought pleasure and was not the cause of the suffering of another human being!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Just sex: why do we sometimes not need anything more

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