KAMFUR — quality winter coats at reasonable prices

For the winter season it is better to prepare in advance — now is the time to decide what coat to buy for cold weather. Mink or marten, Fox or luxurious sable?

In Russian conditions the coat is simply irreplaceable — it will not allow to freeze in any cold weather, while remaining very lightweight and beautiful to look at. It is a natural fur with good care a very long time — the coat is completely worth all the money You will spend.

Producer of high quality fur coats, fur company KAMFUR – offers coats of all types fur, with long and short hair, different style, allowing you to choose a model to suit every shape and every taste. What features clearly distinguish the brand from other manufacturers of fur?

KAMFUR — professional approach to fur

First of all, KAMFUR is self-production at all stages. Purchase fur, modeling, tailoring the brand is fully responsible for the quality of its products and carefully controlling even the smallest details of production. In particular, real fur is procured only from reliable domestic and foreign suppliers, allowing buyers to not be afraid of counterfeits and poor quality fur products.

KAMFUR specializiruetsya it on fur coats and short fur coats. This means that the technology of fur processing, cutting and tailoring to perfection. The company shall fur is confident and knows how to produce from it high-quality clothing, while not causing harm to the material itself.

And finally, the company KAMFUR ready to sew a coat for any of their customers individually. The designer brand will listen to all suggestions concerning the style and the model coats, and suggest how to implement the plans in practice of Your chosen fur.

By the way, KAMFUR gives a guarantee on all fur coats — for a year. During this time, You are free to contact the manufacturer with any questions — for example, to clean the coat, replace the lining, if necessary order small restoration.

Fur coats from KAMFUR available to all

There is no denying that real fur is expensive. But to save on the coat without compromising quality however, real — KAMFUR provides such an opportunity.

The manufacturer can afford to set lower prices — unlike chain stores. Therefore, buying a fur coat in KAMFUR, You pay only for the fur and tailoring products and not pay, without knowing it, rent expense fur salon or the cost of advertising.

KAMFUR — quality winter coats at reasonable prices

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