Kefir diet for 7 days on 3 days: reviews and results

How effective is kefir diet for 7 days? That includes diet diet Larisa Dolina? How to make menu less rigid? How you can lose weight in a short period? Types and characteristics of kefir diets, nutritionists and advice on compliance.

Kefir is exclusively a domestic product. It is a result of “kefir grains” whole or skim cow’s milk. “Kefir grains” are not all identical. This term is called a symbiosis of microorganisms, including yeast, lactic acid Bacillus and streptococci, acetic acid bacteria. In total on creation of a dairy drink “work” about two dozen bacteria.

Fat product is normalized GOST. It should be one or two and a half percent. Dietary recommended to choose a drink with minimal oiliness, but “zero” yogurt is not the ideal choice. There are too high in starch, which reduces dietary effects to a minimum. Therefore, the best product that will help you diet for weight loss can be considered one percent a drink.

Features diet

Yogurt — the product is available and is often used in the diet. Therefore, options of diet on it, a great many. Most of them are similar. According to therapist and nutritionist Tatiana Violet, every technique combine three features.

  • Short duration. There is a kefir diet for 3 days, it increased the analogue for 5 days. Optimal efficiency is considered to be a seven-day course diet. That is, each short-term option. And for a short period you can lose up to five pounds of excess weight.
  • The main product is kefir. In each case it is considered the basis of nutrition. With a minimum duration of the diet, for example, within three days, allowed the use of only yogurt and non-carbonated water or herbal tea. If the diet consists of seven days or more, it contains other products. They can be selected at the discretion of, do not have to sit, for example, kefir-buckwheat diet. Supplement can be meat, fish, and cottage cheese but minimal fat, low calorie.
  • Periodic food intake. During the day you can drink a half liter of yogurt and eat a certain amount of low-calorie products. The total volume should be divided into six receptions. And eat them in equal parts during the day. The final meal should be scheduled at least two hours before bedtime.

The abundance of reviews and sufficient regularity method, draw attention to it. But it is important to consider the pros and cons of this system of losing weight.


Diet on kefir differs utmost simplicity. It is among the best budget ways to lose weight. If you stick to it for three days, your cost will not exceed three hundred rubles that will be spent on the purchase of the main ingredient. Seven days cost is not much more expensive.

Other positive aspects of the method are also attractive.

  • A rapid weight loss. Like most types of mono-diet, kefir ultimately cuts the amount of calories in the diet. This is achieved by rapid weight loss: the body has to use its own fat reserves to make the necessary energy, drawn previously from the food. How you can lose weight, a diet yogurt? For reviews, the results range from three to five pounds in seven days.
  • The possibility of improvisation. The main component of weight loss is yogurt, but you can add other products to reduce nutritional and psychological discomfort. It may be buckwheat, cucumber or Apple, low-fat poultry fillets, baked potatoes. For each product developed its own version of diet, but fundamentally they are not much different.
  • Cleansing of the body. Is achieved by drinking large amounts of fluid. Per day it is important to drink at least six litres of water — two liters. The digestive organs thus work with a minimum load that allows you to clean the intestines and get rid of toxins.

However, these advantages do not mean that kefir diet for a week is able to bring the body’s unique benefits. It is important to consider the cons of the diet and its potential harm.


What’s dangerous about this system of weight loss, said the physician, dietitian, Tatiana violet.

“The normalization of the bowel when consumption of large amounts of yogurt — not more than a myth, — said the expert. — Because yogurt is a dairy product of double fermentation. It is produced by fermentation of sour milk and yeast organisms. Once in the body, this product does not stop fermentation. The concentration of alcohol from yeast fermentation in the intestine may reach three percent.”

— Yeast fungus — not safe, continues nutritionist Tatiana fialkova. — It stimulates the development of fungal microflora in the gut and mucous membranes. Thereby causing not only discomfort in the abdomen, called flatulence, but also triggers thrush.

Other disadvantages of the method expressed by nutritionist Natalia ashikhmina.

  • The result is short-lived. “Any mono-diet, but only temporary. The human diet is becoming unstable, and to maintain a healthy weight, you need consistency in food”, — says Natalia ashikhmina. A high probability that lost during the diet pounds back. This is confirmed by the reviews of those who tested the method on himself. So the expert medical portal “Be healthy” Elena Uvarova followed the diet for seven days. During this time she lost four pounds, but on the third day after the course have noticed an increase in weight. Pounds start to come back with a return to the usual diet.
  • Mono-heavy psychologically. One of the most significant difficulties mono — right out of her. Rigid dietary restrictions for several days cause the body to want everything. Man begins to eat more actively, believing that already thin enough. This leads to even greater weight gain than to the entrance of the diet. Extremely important the self-discipline to save the result.
  • It is dangerous for your health! “To use mono should only be for medical reasons and always under the supervision of a physician, — says nutritionist Natalia ashikhmina. — If, during the limited power you have abdominal pain, feels weak and dizzy, with this diet it is time to finish. Health not to be trifled with, it can bring serious harm to the body”.

According to Natalia Ashihmina, the diet should not be seen as a temporary phenomenon, and become a way of life that includes physical activity, eating a low-calorie, “right” products. “The diet should be complete, continues nutritionist. — A mono-diet is always a limit, not inherent in the body. That is why all mono useless.”

Dietitian Tatiana violet advises those who still trust reviews and results diet and wants to try it, replace the main product. “Although I am not a supporter of rapid methods for weight loss, but if you really wanted to get a beautiful figure, replace the kefir starter culture or yogurt on the basis only of lactic acid bacteria, — says the expert. — Can’t have milk fungus”.

Types of diets yogurt

There are several varieties of diets based on kefir. Consider the features and technology the most popular of them.

For three days

The likelihood of weight loss is two to five pounds. The maximum limit is achieved by severe restriction of diet. It only include the yogurt in the amount of one and a half liters, which is divided into equal portions and drink throughout the day.

The less strict option allows you to add to the diet unsweetened berries, fruits (except bananas and grapes). A day is allowed to consume up to pounds of additional ingredients.

If during the first day of the new diet you started having digestive problems (diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain), the diet should be discontinued.For seven days

Kefir diet for 7 days is the most common weight loss yogurt. It allows you to lose up to five pounds. The diet includes baked potato, low-fat cottage cheese, fruit, meat.

The menu for each day of this diet as follows.

1kefir — 0.5 liters, baked potatoes — 400 g;
2kefir — 0.5 liters, low-fat cottage cheese — 400 g;
3kefir — 0.5 liters, fruit — 400 g;
4kefir — 0.5 liters, boiled chicken — 400 g;
5kefir — 0.5 liters, fruit — 400 g;
6mineral or purified water — 1.5 liters;
7kefir — 0.5 liters, fruit — 400 g

For power, you should choose kefir with fat content of one percent. Eat any fruit except bananas and grapes. Before boiling chicken remove the skin. All the products divide into an equal number of snacks throughout the day.

Approximate variants of the seven-day diets allow to include in the diet more products.

  • “Protein”. The diet remains the same, but instead of using fruit for two days, eat lean meat, chicken in the same amount.
  • “Hungry.” Food reduced to one hundred grams per day. The volume of the yogurt increases to two liters.
  • Kefir-Apple. Allowed to drink one glass of buttermilk is one green Apple. These snacks is repeated six times throughout the day. Nutrition are contraindicated for people with infringement of functions of digestion, gastric acidity, gastritis and ulcer.
  • Kefir and cucumber. The diet for the day up a half liter of yogurt, a kilo of cucumbers, one hundred grams of boiled fish. Foods to eat for six approaches. Daily lose up to a pound of weight.

In each case, the diet is quite uncomfortable. To enter it is recommended in the hot season, as due to the lack of calories the body will experience a demand for heat. In addition, in the heat of the appetite decreases in a natural way. Between meals drink plenty of fluids. It can be ordinary water or warm herbal tea.


Its name striped kefir diet received for the presence of “dark” and “light” days.

  • “Dark days”. Allowed use of low-calorie foods: lean fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy. The total caloric intake per day should not exceed 1500 calories. Banned alcohol, salt, sugar, sweets and flour. It is important to eat only healthy foods — boiled or baked meat (fish), vegetables and fruits to the maximum fresh.
  • “Bright days”. These days only kefir. During the day you can drink up to one and a half liters of drink fat content of one percent.

This diet is more safe than all the previous ones. First, it contains all the basic foods that the body must get to preserve health. Second, it teaches the correct diet allows you to find new facets of flavors for products with a minimum content of animal fat or the usual vegetables (cabbage, beets, tomatoes), cooked a little differently.

Striped kefir diet requires eating fruits rich in fiber, vitamins, which eliminates the negative effects of mono-diet. And finally, every second day, such a diet is not hungry, which minimizes the probability of disruption. Adhering to a balanced, low calorie diet you will begin to lose weight gradually and without damage to health.

But there is a method and disadvantages. According to nutritionists, one a fasting day is not able to give the body a signal about the need to burn calories from “fat stores”. The alternation of full and hungry days will not bring harm, but also result in minus 10 kg in the short term you are unlikely to get. To adhere to such a system power supply recommend 7 or 21 days.

From Larisa Dolina

It is believed that the famous singer has lost on this diet for more than twenty kilograms, so weight loss and named in her honor. Itself Larisa Dolina this information was never confirmed, and the author is not. Created “kefir diet Larisa Dolina” doctor-psychotherapist Dmitry Saikiv.

Using a special approach to nutrition and other techniques of impact on the body, including psychological, is achieved weight loss. Distinguish the technique.

  • A positive attitude. “I want to be beautiful — whether it”, — says the author. Without a positive attitude to start the struggle with weight is unacceptable.
  • Exercise. It is important to maintain the tone, to give the body additional energy and the ability to burn calories properly. Fiznagruzki is extremely important, and they complement the diet and make the body healthy. Dmitry Saikiv notes the need for daily activities at home or in the gym. At home you can do jumping, rock press, squat and bend. Gradually increase the load as your weight begins to decline. Effective and useful fitness, running, walking, swimming, and water aerobics.
  • Eating the right foods. Follow a restricted diet for seven days. During the month stick to it twice. Between “sets,” do a two-week break. Stop restricting the diet when you reach your desired weight.

Every day should be consumed a half-liter of kefir and a liter in winter and summer. By the way, the author allows the replacement of the main ingredient plain water, tea and even coffee, if the taste of yogurt you don’t like. But more than the total of fluid per day is impossible. The exception is the diet of patients with diabetes who are unable to drink according to thirst.

Doctor Dmitry Saikiv offers the following diet. The specified volume of products divide into 5 equal meals.

1baked potato — 5 pieces medium size;
2boiled fish fillet or cheese — 500 g;
3fruits and vegetables — 1 kg;
4lean boiled chicken — 500 g;
5fruits and vegetables — 1 kg;
6refusal to eat or to repeat the diet every day;
7fruits and vegetables — 1 kg.

A complete rejection of food on the sixth day is recommended in obesity and need to lose more than twenty pounds. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten fresh.

Besides diet it is important to follow other recommendations of Dmitry Sykova.

  • Do not drink more than they should. To fight hunger will help the biting tip of the tongue and ears massage.
  • Do enemas while on a diet. For seven days do a cleansing enema of two liters of water adding two tablespoons of lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar. Replace the daily enema can taking a laxative of plant origin (cellulose, oat bran).
  • Control the weight. The minimum weight loss on this diet is four pounds a week. If you lose less, increase physical activity. You need to weigh before the diet and after its completion, and at the end of each month.
  • Do not drink alcohol. It is prohibited during the observance of diet composition. On the other days, use it in limited quantities.
  • Complete the stage correctly. When you exit the dietary eat diet little and often. Optimal six meals, which includes vegetables, fruits and lean meat. If possible, do not eat salt, flour and sugary foods. Do not dwell on the appetite.
  • Praise yourself. Losing excess pounds makes you more attractive. Boldly say to yourself about it, coming to the mirror. Do you become better, prettier, sexier. Tell yourself about it often, to avoid the temptation to stop the diet.
  • Help the digestive system. Good support for the stomach and intestines will be herbal to take which should within a diet and between courses. Mix equal parts of calendula, chamomile and St. John’s wort. The daily brew tablespoon of the mixture glass of water. Share infusion for four doses and drink fifteen minutes before meals.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, should be familiar to you after reaching your desired weight. Follow their habits to unwanted pounds to you back.

Diet yogurt an effective, but not all its types offer a long-term result. After quick weight loss weight back, so when you exit it, you should form correct eating habits and make sport a way of life. Eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of fluids, reduce the amount of fat in the diet and alcohol. This will help to reduce, stabilize the weight and keep it unchanged for a long time.

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